The Purpose Program
The Purpose Program
An Inter-generational* Retreat
March 11-13, 2021
*This is an inter-generational retreat which means it is open to all ministry partners, supporters, charism carriers, associates, past leadership program participants, mentors, sisters from sending communities, Giving Voice,Nuns & Nones.
“Meaning matters. The most human need is to find and fulfill meaning in our lives.”
 – Richard Leider, author

Do you sometimes feel a little lost? Uninspired? Unsure? Unmotivated? Maybe you have felt a shift in your energy, or maybe your previous sense of purpose doesn’t quite fit anymore. Maybe you feel you’re stuck in a pattern and aren’t sure how to break out. Maybe you feel fine, but just a little…blah.

The Purpose Program is a guide to showing up differently and living an authentically fulfilling life at any age. It will help you uncover (or rediscover) the gifts, passions and values that make you light up from the inside. The Purpose Program reconnects you to what matters most, and helps you honor those things so you can live intentionally on purpose, with purpose.  

In this program we’ll explore:

  • What happens because of you?
  • What motivates you to embrace each day?
  • What do you stand for?
  • How do you make people feel?
  • What gifts do you share with the world?
  • What gives you a sense of purpose?
Nancy Fisher is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach and certified Leadership Circle Consultant who offers coaching and consulting to individuals, teams and organizations who value their people and personal development. Using a variety of creative techniques, she helps people, teams and leaders embrace their strengths and shine. Her business is called “The Good Life Revolution,” because she believes in taking a stand to live a happier life! - coaching | workshops | consulting

My own revolution started when I realized that parts of my life were clashing with my personal values. I was working hard to live up to corporate expectations of "success," but underneath it all, it just wasn't me.

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Registrations deadline
January 19, 2021

Cost $ 75.00