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Perspective Comes from Encountering Something Completely New...

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to our 2022 season! Spring has arrived, and we have ten days of exceptional weather ahead! We continue to discover Vermonty enclaves in fabled places that have something for everyone. Sometimes it’s about the journey, sometimes the destination. But with our day-trip itineraries to interesting places, it’s decidedly both! The property is beautiful and the gardens are poised to deliver beauty and tranquility.

All our best – Kay & Glenn

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Duck Fat Tortillas
Caramelo Sonoran-style flour tortillas are made with four simple, non-GMO ingredients and contain no preservatives. The duck fat tortillas are made with fat from cage free ducks. Our neighbor’s daughter and son-in-law, Andrée & David, introduced us to this Spanish delicacy—the only problem, Kay must figure out how to introduce this into our breakfast lineup.
Birds of Vermont
MARC PARNELL is a lifelong naturalist and critically acclaimed author with a ceaseless passion for birding. Marc is currently the second most published ornithologist in the world by number of books in active print. Marc was born in Greenville, North Carolina, and presently resides in Cleveland, Ohio… The best part, Marc is our nephew, and at twenty-six, he has written 41 books with an incredible story of perseverance and determination like no other we’ve ever known! 
John Singer Sargent
John Singer Sargent, Fumée d'ambre gris (Smoke of Ambergris), 1880, Oil on canvas.
A woman holds part of her elaborate garment over a silver censer to capture the perfumed smoke of smoldering ambergris. A waxy substance extracted from whales, ambergris was used in some religious rituals and was also said to have aphrodisiac qualities.
lu•lu Ice Cream Cake

The Most Amazing Homemade Small-Batch Farm-to-Spoon Ice Cream in Vermont! lu•lu made Yankee Magazine’s “Best of New England” in 2014—we say it’s even better today! Located on Main Street in Vergennes, we just had their Toasted Coconut ice cream cones last week, shortly after dining at Black Sheep Bistro just down the street, which has now become one of our favorite new restaurants!
The Greyhound Cocktail

Kay just discovered this cocktail—it’s a delightful warm-summer-day drink that may even rival the ubiquitous Gin & Tonic! The Greyhound origins date back to about 1930, but took off in popularity fifteen years later. It wasn’t until 1945 when Harper’s Magazine officially named the cocktail “greyhound” given its popularity at Greyhound bus terminals…
The Best Fried Clams in Vermont!

Fried Ipswich Whole Belly Clams with Tartar Sauce is a New England delicacy—not typically found more than a few miles from the shore—until now! These Vermont fried clams are just as good as those found in Massachusetts. 
Paired with golden onion rings or fries, fried clams are the perfect summer vacation treat. Before you can order though, you’ve got a decision to make – will it be clam bellies or clam strips? There’s no choice—get the whole bellies! However, there’s one additional consideration… if not cooked long enough, whole belly clams can cause some intestinal discomfort several hours later. It’s well worth the gamble!
The Shelburne Museum
The Circus Building and Carousel
The Circus Building and carousel are favorite attractions for families visiting Shelburne Museum. The fanciful, horseshoe-shaped Circus Building was specifically designed to showcase the hand-carved miniature Arnold Circus Parade, which stretches nearly the full length of the building’s 518 feet. The Circus Building is also where you will find enchanting, hand-painted carousel figures—horses, tigers, giraffes, and more—made by the renowned Gustav Dentzel Carousel Company. We visit a few times every year—it's the best museum in New England!
National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame
No Interest Whatsoever—Then...
Where the History of Thoroughbred Racing Comes to Life!

Saratoga is one of our favorite day trips and the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame is an absolute must visit even if you have no interest in the sport—the facility is magnificent! The sixteen-minute movie is incredible—make sure to ask for Matt on arrival! 

Led by Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney, a group of people prominent within the sport of thoroughbred racing founded the National Museum of Racing in 1950. The Museum’s location of Saratoga Springs, N.Y., home of the oldest thoroughbred racetrack in America, proved to be an ideal setting.

We visited the museum a few weeks back and we were rewarded with an experience of a lifetime! The facility is not only state-of-the-art, but offers something for everyone—trophies, sculptures, antique paintings, photographs, works on paper, racing memorabilia, juried photo exhibition and so much more! We’re going back again during the season for a more complete visit... this was incredible!
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15 Best Lake Towns in the U.S.
Look who made the list!
Vermont's first and smallest city, Vergennes is a short drive to both Burlington and Middlebury. Vergennes and the area bordering Lake Champlain have an old-world New England feel - which stands to reason, as Vergennes was founded in 1788. Those looking for history and a well-preserved downtown will enjoy the heart of this city, while those keen on a lake vacation can head straight to Lake Champlain. We were just there last week having dinner at the Black Sheep Bistro and ice cream at lu•lu… 
The Barn Restaurant
Last weekend’s guests celebrated their first night in Vermont at “The Barn”—over 90% of our guests have dined at this quintessential Vermont restaurant. Just ten minutes from Pond Mountain Inn, it’s normally the first place our guests experience when visiting. Thank you, Mark, LeAnn and Lauren for always welcoming our guests so graciously! 
The Black Sheep Bistro
Only a recent discovery after a full day that took us to Middlebury, Shelburne and Vergennes… exceptional food combined with exceptional service with a French bistro ambience, and a wine list that met the challenge. The Black Sheep Bistro was the perfect end to a perfect day. We’ll be back again when spending the day north of the inn…  
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Hildene, The Lincoln Family Home

Robert and Mary Lincoln built Hildene as a summer home at the turn of the 20th century. Robert was the only child of Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln to survive to maturity. He purchased 412 acres of land to build what he would call his ancestral home. At the time, Robert was president of the Pullman Company, the largest manufacturing corporation in the country... The Pullman Car, Sunbeam and The Formal Gardens are Magnificent, especially when the more than 1,000 fragrant peonies bloom in late spring and early summer!

Shelburne Farms • The Coach Barn

Located on Lake Champlain... we strolled through four miles of pastures, open-field trails up to the hotel and along Lake Champlain. A magnificent day... and a magnificent property!
Some History… From 1886 to 1902, William Seward and Lila Vanderbilt Webb consolidated 32 farms into a 3,800-acre agricultural estate. Its landscape design was inspired by Central Park landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted.

Calvin Coolidge Homestead 

Calvin Coolidge was born 1872 across the street from the homestead in a house attached to his father’s general store at Plymouth Notch, Plymouth, Vermont. The homestead was purchased four years later by Calvin’s father Colonel John Coolidge, where he connected the big house, little house, back house and barn—this was a typical New England style. President Coolidge lived in this house until he went away to college 1887 -1895.

Enjoy the pleasantly languid start to each day, then let adventures still unwritten take you further…
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