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A Message from Hospice Vaughan

Why the "Quarterly Quilt"?

Within the walls of the Mario & Nick Cortellucci Hospice Palliative Care Centre of Excellence, we strive to make all who enter feel as close to home as possible. One of the ways we do this is by outfitting each residence room with its own colourful handmade quilt. These quilts provide warmth and comfort and serve as a symbolic reminder that every individual is unique, and their life a mosaic of lived experiences and cherished memories.

The quilt also represents the holistic approach that lies at the centre of hospice palliative care, bringing together a community of physical, psychological, social, and spiritual supports to ensure that people can live fully for whatever time remains. Over time and across the globe, the quilt has come to represent connection, family, and an expression of cultural legacy to be shared for generations to come. And here at Hospice Vaughan, the quilt represents a strong and interwoven community of staff, volunteers, families, donors, and partners all working together to provide the absolute best care.

It is with all of this in mind that we introduce our new e-newsletter, The Quarterly Quilt: An information hub for resources and story-sharing and an opportunity to connect and engage with the Hospice Vaughan community. A common sentiment we hear again and again is, "I only wish we knew about Hospice Vaughan sooner." This message is driving our mission to ensure that everyone across the great City of Vaughan knows about Hospice Vaughan and has access to compassionate and comprehensive hospice palliative care wherever and whenever they may need it.

Help us to spread the word by sharing this newsletter with a friend, following us on social media or reaching out to become involved!


A Summer of Fun-Draising!

Through the support of the Vaughan community, we are happy to announce a total of $140,000 raised this summer for Hospice Vaughan.

Our summer of fun-draising began with the much-anticipated, Hike for Hospice Vaughan, which took place on June 4th. Over 350 people, dressed in a sea of red, descended on Sonoma Heights Park united by their shared passion for Hospice Vaughan. It was a beautiful day spent celebrating the life and legacy of so many that we have had the privilege of caring for. Thanks to our presenting sponsor RE/MAX Premier International and Event Chair, Alex Lombardi we raised an impressive $86,000! For a full recap of the event visit,


Following the Hike, Hospice Vaughan held our second annual Charity Golf tournament at the beautiful Caledon Woods Golf Club on July 11th. Co-Chairs Robert Ursini and Robert Corridore hosted a beautiful day full of friendly competition and raised over $27,000! To see photos from the day visit,


And finally, we cannot forget two incredible events hosted by friends in the community: the first Hearts Racing Invitational Event hosted by VPX Motorsport and Zanchin Automotive Group and the 14th edition of the Circle of Friends' Butterfly Memorial Release. These events raised an incredible $8,500 and $18,000, respectively.

A huge thank you to all donors, sponsors, participants, and volunteers who helped to make these events a resounding success. With only partial government funding, Hospice Vaughan relies on the annual proceeds from our signature and community events to ensure that we can continue to provide all our programs and services, including our residence, free of charge. Thank you!

To get involved with our fundraising events or to connect with someone about hosting your own event, please contact our Events Manager, Andriana at:

[email protected]

Upcoming Events

Community Programs

and Services

Our vision of being a "Palliative Care Hub & Centre of Excellence" is made whole through our community offerings designed for those living with a life-limiting illness, their families, and those grieving the death of a loved one.

What We Offer

This past year Hospice Vaughan supported over 600 individuals and their loved ones in their homes and in the community.

These programs are a lifeline to those with life-limiting illness by providing them with assistance navigating the health care system, offering one-on-one counselling and group support.

Each week we open our doors to the community to attend our regularly scheduled Day Program, Social Club, complementary therapies, and wellness activities, such as meditation and yoga.

In addition to our regularly scheduled group programs, we offer many unique workshops that cover an array of topics including caregiver burnout, advance care planning and implementing mindfulness practices.

If you or someone you know would benefit from our community offerings, please visit our calendar at:

OR contact our community navigator at:

[email protected] OR 905.850.6266 ext. 221

Feature Story:

The Beat Goes On

By: Victoria Di Giovanni RPQ, MTA, NMT

How our in-house Music Therapist, Victoria, uses heartbeat recordings as a therapeutic tool for individuals and their loved ones.

The sound of a heartbeat is arguably the first thing we hear in the womb. The heartbeat is our lifeforce, our built-in tempo that accompanies us throughout life. Every heartbeat has its own unique sound. From its rhythmic cadence, tone and amplitude, no two heartbeat recordings are alike. At Hospice Vaughan, I have the honour to use the heartbeat as a therapeutic tool to help individuals and their loved ones process the difficulties of life-limiting illnesses as well as creating a legacy project that will stand the test of time. 

Thanks to the use of a digital stethoscope, I am able to record a 15-30 second audio recording of an individual's heartbeat which then becomes a rhythmic foundation for a personalized heartbeat song. Through discussion with the individual and/or family, we choose a song of meaning that will be recorded overtop the heartbeat - usually either by myself or with the individual. The beauty of heartbeat songs is that they are extremely customizable and can take form in many different ways. They say that the journey can be more powerful than the destination, and the same rings true for creating a heartbeat song. Discussing music of meaning, lyrical content, memories associated with the music, are all ways one can cope with dying and bereavement, and the creation of a heartbeat song can provide a container for such exploration. 

Some may ask, does one need to be musical to engage in a heartbeat song? The answer is no. In fact, music therapy in general does not have a prerequisite to be musically skilled in any way, rather we are using the act of music exploration and listening as a vehicle to achieve therapeutic goals. I have worked with individuals who have been very hands on in the process, as they sing along overtop their heartbeat. I have worked with individuals nearing end of life and although they may not participate in a direct way, their presence is still marked by their heart’s beautiful rhythm. No matter the avenue taken, the outcome is the same. Individuals can feel comfort knowing a unique part of them will live on, and families and friends will have a piece of their loved one forever. 

It is with great honour that I facilitate heartbeat recordings at Hospice Vaughan, as I am continuously welcomed into people’s lives at such a sensitive time and can offer my support. If you or your loved one may be interested in creating a heartbeat song, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] or by phone at 905-850-6266 ext.202

Are you associated with a community organization?

Would you like to connect with Hospice Vaughan?

Check this out!

To better connect with our community, we've designed informational cards detailing the wide range of services we currently offer including health care navigation, caregiver supports and grief and bereavement workshops. Living with a life-limiting illness or grieving the death of a loved one can be lonely and isolating. Our message is simple - you are not alone.

If you are a business or community organization interested in helping people access information around these programs and services, we would be happy to drop some off!

Contact: [email protected] OR 805-950-6266 ext. 201

Upcoming Grief Workshops

Mindfulness is the practice of purposely bringing one’s attention to the present-moment experience without judgement.

The Introducing Mindfulness course runs for three one-hour sessions, welcoming anyone interested in exploring some mindfulness themes and practices in a beginner-friendly format where each session builds on the previous one.


October: 24th, 31st and November 7th from 3-4pm


Online via zoom

(link sent upon registration)

RSVP & Inquiries to Arianna at:

[email protected] OR 905.850.6266 ext. 221

Our Grief Support Groups provide clients of all ages the opportunity to engage in group discussion, find comfort among peers, and support one another through their grieving process. We are pleased to offer opportunities for different types of groups based on need.

Our next Grief Support Group is an 18+ Mixed Loss Group which starts on October 4, 2023; to get on the waitlist or for information on future offerings, please contact Community Navigator, Arianna at:

[email protected] OR 905.850.6266 ext. 221

Become a Certified Translator!

In partnership with the Elspeth Heyworth Centre for Women, we are offering an opportunity for those fluent in two or more languages to become trained as an interpreter.

Starting February 1st 2024, this 11-Week program hosted on Thursday evenings and Fridays will offer those the opportunity to build a strong foundation in their target language with the goal of supporting more inclusive, client-centered end-of-life care.

For more information or to sign up contact Shareeza: [email protected]

Notes of Love and Gratitude

Every day at Hospice Vaughan we receive messages of love and gratitude from individuals and families touched by our care. Today, we share them with you as a reminder of the role of Hospice Vaughan in the lives of so many.

Love from our Residence Kitchen

"The most indispensable ingredient of all good home cooking: love for those you are cooking for."

-Sophia Loren

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