The RAIN Report
September 2022

Teach a Man to Fish

Teach a Woman to Garden

This season, RAIN partnered with 109 women in Ankaf, Betarmatas, and Torguit to provide training on sustainable agriculture and to implement community gardens.

The gardens yielded more than:

  • 110 lbs of corn,
  • 315 lbs of cabbage,
  • 810 lbs of onions, and a whopping
  • 5,365 lbs of tomatoes!

In fact, the Betarmatas garden produced more tomatoes than any other garden in the region!

People from other villages were calling to learn their secret...

The communities also established management committees to set rules and raise funds to maintain the wells and gardens.

A critical step towards long-term sustainable stewardship of water, land, and infrastructure!

Extreme Weather is an Extreme Challenge

World Food Program Director predicts "Famine of Biblical Proportions"

Recurrent droughts and floods are making life in Niger even harder.

Heavy rains have destroyed or damaged more than 5,800 homes and numerous classrooms, health centers, granaries, and local businesses.

Flooding also leads to crop loss. Nigeriens lose over 60.2 million dollars each year due to extreme weather events.

Between climate and supply chain issues, the cost of staple goods is up 40-100% - pushing struggling families over the edge. (Beans are up 106%!)

Climate-adapted agriculture and local markets are key to ensuring families are equipped to survive.

Community Corner

RAINmaker, Larry Cassidy

"I have a sentence on my desk:

'The satisfied do not know

where the hungry sit.'"

A dedicated supporter for almost 20 years, Larry mails a check every month, along with a handwritten note. 

Recently, the check has been bigger. Larry explains,

"Everybody is swimming in the same desperation.

My wife Janet, thinks I should boost my giving... truly RAIN must suffer the times as much as anyone."

Larry recognizes that with global inflation and rising costs,

families in Niger are struggling even more.

If you are in a position to do so, please consider increasing your donation to ensure the women and children we serve can continue to meet their rising needs.

Donate now to show struggling families they are not alone.
Rain for the Sahel and Sahara forges partnerships with rural and nomadic peoples of Niger to enable enduring and relevant livelihoods through access to education and opportunity.
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