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Climate Change Ministry plans to involve communities to boost forest cover
10/04/2015 -- The Express Tribune
Pakistan's climate change ministry has decided to take private sector and communities on board to boost forest cover in the country besides protecting existing forests. 
Forest degradation as bad for climate as deforestation, says report
08/04/2015 -- The Carbon Brief


Technologies to Support MRV and Track Private Sector Deforestation Commitments 

01/04/2015 -- IISD

The Republic of the Congo enhanced its REDD+ decision-making through the application of technologies for cost-benefit analysis and the mapping of multiple benefits. Read more.

26/03/2015 -- GhanaWeb
Ghana has inaugurated a cross-sectoral REDD+ Gender sub-working group to enhance women's participation and contribution to the forestry sector. 

Tanzania and Kenya signed a pact aimed at improving the effectiveness of steps to tackle illegal logging and timber trade across the two countries' borders.  Read more.

Amazon Forest Becoming Less of a Climate Change Safety Net
23/03/2015 -- New York Times
The ability of the Amazon forest to soak up excess carbon dioxide is weakening over time,researchers reported. That finding suggests that limiting climate change could be more difficult than expected.  Read more.
Reduced global deforestation results in increased carbon storage in world's forests -- helping to fight climate change
20/03/2015 -- FAO news release
"Forests are critical to the Earth's carbon balance and hold about three-quarters as much carbon as is in the whole atmosphere. Deforestation and forest degradation increase the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, but forest and tree growth absorbs carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas emissions".  Read more.

Forest conservation key to combating climate change, say UN officials
20/03/2015 -- Jamaica Observer
The sustainable management and conservation of forests must be considered in the design and implementation of the new sustainable development goals and the new climate change agreement to be adopted this December in Paris, according to UN officials and forest experts.  Read more.

REDD Is In The New Climate Text, But Will It Be An INDC?
"REDD is going to be a pillar of mitigation," said Gus Silva-Chavez, who runs the Forest Trends REDDX  Initiative. "REDD is in there in multiple places as multiple options. There's a lot of support for it.". Read more.




Tropical Landscape Summit (invitation only)
27-28 April 2015 -- Indonesia

UN-REDD Programme 14th Policy Board Meeting (invitation only)
20-22 May 2015 -- Washington, DC
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UNESCO Business and Climate Summit
20-21 May 2015 -- Paris
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Global Landscape Forum on Investment (invitation only)
10-11 June 2015 -- London

14th World Forestry Congress
7-11 September 2015 -- Durban, South Africa 
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Estimar las emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero en la agricultura: Un Manual para abordar los requisitos de datos para los pa?ses en desarrollo.

Publicaci?n sobre las emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero en la agricultura ahora disponible en espa?ol. Download >

Subsidies to key commodities driving forest loss

From the authors' initial review of subsidies to beef and soy in Brazil, and timber and palm oil in Indonesia they find that there are significant opportunities for REDD+ finance to support identification, estimation and designing the reform of these subsidies -- as part of a wider transition to economic development which increases agricultural productivity while avoiding forest loss.

Download >

Tenure and REDD+
The brochure explains the importance of tenure in the context of REDD+ and provides a description of some of the major tenure issues that countries face.  Download >

Forest and Land Use Officer
Green Climate Fund
Songdo, Republic of Korea
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Knowledge Specialist
UN-REDD Programme 
Gender and Social Specialist
Green Climate Fund
Songdo, Republic of Korea
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Various positions
India's Ministry of Environment Forest & Climate Change
New Delhi
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Senior Programme Officer, Climate Change and Biodiversity Programme
Cambridge, UK
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Conservation Coordinator (to scale up REDD+)
BioCarbon Partners
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Investment in forestry is an investment in people 

Tiina Vahanen, Associate Secretary-General, XIV World Forestry Congress, highlights the value of forests in advance of the XIV World Forestry Congress to be held in Durban in September. Read.

The role of the Green Climate Fund in mobilizing private REDD+ finance: progress made and challenges ahead
Remco Fischer, Climate Change Programme Officer with the UNEP Finance Initiative sees cautious optimism for a global climate agreement and points to the Global Climate Fund as one indicator. Read.

Partnership forged in Argentina to realize REDD+ 

Tim Boyle of the UN-REDD Programme, Leandro Fernandez of Argentina's Ministry of Climate and Sustainable Development, and Marco Chiu of the UN-REDD Programme share their experiences in the successful REDD+ readiness coordination of the government of Argentina, UN-REDD Programme and the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility.


UN-REDD Programme launches new REDD+ knowledge hub and community of practice

The UN-REDD Programme has launched a upgraded version of its Online Collaborative Workspace -- with new functionality that supports REDD+ practitioners to learn, share knowledge and connect with each other.

Join the community today.

New "Legal preparedness for REDD+" email forum launched by FAO
The simple, moderated email forum allows users to share information and ideas related to broad sustainable forest management legal issues, including REDD+.   Learn more.

Stakeholders convene to explore REDD+ and green economy opportunities in DRC

A national workshop on REDD+ as a catalyst for sustainable development in the DRC brought together nearly 100 stakeholders from various sectors and ministries, civil society and indigenous peoples -- including a dozen women.   Learn more.

Community-based REDD+ launches in Cambodia, Sri Lanka and DRC

Cambodia and Sri Lanka became the first of six pilot countries to launch their Community-based REDD+ initiatives after issuing calls for proposals for community grants, and have now been followed by DRC. 

Apply and learn more.

Progress update on Paraguay's UN-REDD National Programme and links with the country's National Development Plan 2030

The contribution of Paraguay's REDD+ National Programme to the country's development policy has been highlighted during an inter-agency mission in Asunci?n, while a workshop has helped advance work on developing the country's REDD+ strategy.

Learn more.

REDD+ cost-benefit analysis launched at Congo workshop

The Republic of Congo's National REDD+ Coordination agency and the UN-REDD Programme co-hosted a launch workshop for a "potentials of REDD+" study, followed by parallel working sessions on REDD+ cost-benefit analyses and mapping REDD+ multiple benefits. Learn more.

REDD+ TV programmes air in Cambodia

A series of 10 TV programmes produced by the REDD+ Cambodia Programme is being broadcast monthly with support from the UN-REDD Programme and the FCPF, and with inputs from several NGOs in Cambodia. The TV programmes are designed to inform the public about REDD+. Learn more.



UNEP hosts REDD+ dialogues at Global Landscape Forum in margins of COP20

UNEP organized three REDD+ events at the Global Landscape Forum in the margins of the the 2014 global climate talks in Lima, Peru. These focused on the impact of fiscal policies on forests, forest economics, and using spatial information to inform national REDD+ strategies. Learn more.


Nigeria's consultative PGA linked to Parliament, statistical offices, safeguards and national REDD+ strategy for greater impact and sustainability

Nigeria has taken a step forward in the engagement of stakeholders through its participatory governance assessment process for REDD+. Learn more.


Free webinars: Online climate change mitigation and forestry conference connects foresters 

Six REDD+ webinar presentations are now available free online, as part of FAO's online conference Economics of Climate Change Mitigation Options in the Forest Sector

Learn more.



Ecuador submits reference levels to UNFCCC
Ecuador has submitted its forest reference emission levels to the UNFCCC, becoming the fifth Latin American country to meet this requirement of the Warsaw Framework for REDD+ Learn more.

Free e-course: Building integrity in REDD+
The UN-REDD Programme has supported the development of a new free UNDP/ Transparency International REDD+ Governance e-course.  Enroll.

This two-day course provided journalists the knowledge they need to report on the science and economics of REDD+ and included presentations by topic experts, Q&A sessions and a workshop. Learn more.

Nigeria's national forest monitoring capacity strengthened through technical training
Twenty-four Nigerian national tree and biomass assessment experts receive national forest carbon inventory training in Cross River State.  Learn more.

Cambodian communities address tenure with help of new tool

The new FAO-developed tool Open Tenure is being used by communities in Cambodia to address tenure issues. Learn more. 

Asia-Pacific regional expert consultation held on REDD+ safeguards

Experts from six Asia-Pacific countries exchanged experiences and lessons learned on the topic of REDD+ safeguards and safeguards information systems in the region. Learn more. 



Paraguay define lineamientos para medidas de protecci?n social y ambiental en el ?mbito de la REDD+ 

Miembros del Gobierno paraguayo, representantes de los pueblos ind?genas y expertos de FAO, PNUD y PNUMA se definieron los lineamentos estrat?gicos para la implementaci?n de un sistema de informaci?n sobre las medidas de protecci?n social y ambiental. Learn more.

Improving national forest biomass estimates in Latin America

International forestry experts from Latin America, Europe and the US convened in Costa Rica to share knowledge and participate in the workshop  Bridging the Gap: Using allometric equations National Forest Inventories in Central and South America

Learn more.

Congo strengthens reporting capacity on GHG inventories for agriculture and land use sectors

Experts met for the first greenhouse gas inventory workshop in Congo to develop credible and transparent greenhouse gas inventories in the countryLearn more.


Video: Global Landscape Forum session: 
Financial forces in the landscape-- Can fiscal and trade policies reduce deforestation?

Video: Global Landscape Forum session: 
Making forest information systems work for REDD+ and beyond
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