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Building the capacity to deliver REDD+
Our goal is to support developing countries to build the capacities necessary to design and deliver REDD+ strategies that are aligned to the Warsaw Framework for REDD+. This is supported through the convening role and technical expertise of our collaborating UN agencies: FAO, UNDP and UNEP.

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GCF side event asks 'what makes a good project?'
03/12/2015 GCF Newsroom
A side event at COP 21 hosted by the Green Climate Fund on 2 December brought together over 500 participants for a discussion on how to create good low-emission and climate-resilient projects. The meeting focused on how the Fund identifies and prioritizes investment opportunities, and set out the criteria the Board uses in making its funding decisions.   Read more.

Speaking at the UN climate talks in Paris, Charles also called for large-scale restoration of forests, warning the world would need much more forest "as all the horrors" of global warming started to bite.  Read more.

Heads of Government from major forest countries and partner countries joined together today to endorse forests as a key climate solution.  Read more.

Norway, Germany and the United Kingdom entered into a joint agreement pledging US $5 billion to reduce carbon emissions caused by tropical deforestation, known as REDD+. The countries intend to shell out around $800 million per year starting in 2015, with finance reaching $1 billion per year by 2020.  Read more.

19/11/2015  Christian Science Monitor
Ending deforestation is widely seen as important for curbing greenhouse-gas emissions - mainly carbon dioxide - that are driving global warming. By some estimates, deforestation accounts for roughly 10 percent of global carbon-dioxide emissions from human activities.  Read more.

16/11/2015 Ecosystem Marketplace
The public sector now accounts for most of the money that industrial countries are spending to help forest nations slow climate change by saving forests, but that government money is meant to prime the pump for private-sector finance. A new report shines a light on how that funding is being spent - and what it means for the future of private-sector finance.  


UNFCCC COP21 Climate Summit

French and Spanish in production

French and Spanish in production

The Financial System We Need  

Cartographie des bénéfices multiples de la REDD+ en République du Congo

Success Story: Ecuador Successfully Positioned to Implement its REDD+ Action Plan

Report: Africa safeguards regional workshop
In memory of Dr. Shahzad Jehangir, Deputy Inspector General of Forests for Pakistan
It is with deep regret that we announce the passing of Dr. Shahzad Jehangir, Deputy Inspector General of Forests for Pakistan, and the leading counterpart for the UN-REDD Programme in Pakistan. Read more.
Helen Clark on the Paris Climate Change Conference: COP21
Helen Clark, Administrator for the United Nations Development Programme and Chair of the United Nations Development Group shares her ambitions for the Global Climate Conference in Paris in this video statement. Watch.

Achim Steiner video message to participants of new REDD+ Academy online e-course 

Achim Steiner, Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme and Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations shares his perspective on the value of REDD+ with participants of the UN-REDD Programme's new online REDD+ Academy e-course.  Watch.
New global study captures initial country experiences and emerging lessons on REDD+ safeguards
Steve Swan, Safeguards Coordinator with the UN-REDD Programme, and Daniela Rey, Director of Climate, Law & Policy, Ltd. share key findings of a new study that captures REDD+ safeguards country experiences and lessons. Read.
Invitation to COP21 High-level official side event on REDD+ hosted by UN-REDD Programme

REDD+ at COP21 -- full details of all events
The UN-REDD Programme has launched a "REDD+ at COP21" web page that includes full details of events taking place in and around COP21. 

The 15th meeting of the UN-REDD Programme's Policy Board took place in San José, Costa Rica this week, during which three new National Programmes were presented by Chile, Myanmar and Peru, and support for the Programme's 2016-2020 phase was reaffirmed by its three collaborating UN agencies (FAO, UNDP, UNEP).  Read.
REDD+ Academy goes global: Launch of free online e-course and Learning Journals
The UN-REDD Programme is pleased to announce the launch of the first online version of its  successful  REDD+ Academy courses and accompanying Learning Journals, making this valuable knowledge resource available to REDD+ policymakers, practitioners and communities worldwide.  Learn more.  
Uganda marks launch of its UN-REDD National Programme with high-level inception workshop
Uganda's UN-REDD National Programme was officially launched on 30 October at a high-level inception workshop attended by 70 representatives from ministries, county government, the private sector, civil society, indigenous peoples and media. The launch was chaired by the Minister of Water and Environment, Hon. Prof. Ephraim Kamuntu and the Director of Environmental Affairs, Mr Paul Mafabi. 
International Peat Land Management Conference in Indonesia results in proposed roadmap
Indonesia's Ministry of Environment and Forests, with support of UNDP and participation of UNEP, organized an i nternational conference to define sustainable pathways for peatland management  as an answer to Indonesia's haze crisis. 
High-level REDD+ briefing to 10 Ministries builds multi-sector approach in Myanmar
a high-level dialogue meeting on Climate Change and REDD+ was held on 4 November in Naypyitaw, to strengthen stakeholder representation and consultation, and to improve involvement of key line ministries while designing and implementing REDD+ activities in Myanmar.  Learn more.
Training local communities on REDD+ in Cambodia
Fifty participants from communities representing all 13 Community-based REDD+ grantees in Cambodia were invited to attend a three-day training to learn about climate change and how the role of forests could help leverage and improve livelihoods of communities and indigenous people in seven target provinces in Cambodia.  Learn more.
Community-based REDD+ is now operational in all six pilot countries -- Cambodia, Sri Lanka, DR Congo, Nigeria, Panama, Paraguay -- and is disbursing grants of up to US$ 50,000 to stakeholders at the local level.
Stakeholders in Africa sub-regional knowledge exchange on Tenure and REDD+ say: "We need to address tenure issues if we want REDD+ to succeed"
REDD+ stakeholders convened for a sub-regional Africa knowledge exchange on tenure and REDD+. Participants represented government, academia and local communities from Madagascar, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Uganda, and Kenya.  Learn more.  
More than thirty representatives from national institutions, civil society organizations and the private sector gathered in early July to discuss and identify potential policies and measures to address drivers of deforestation and forest degradation and barriers to sustainable use and enhancement of forest in Sri Lanka.  Learn more.
As part of its UN-REDD National Programme, the Government of Côte d'Ivoire is partnering with the Millennium Institute to build a modeling instrument that will support sustainable development planning in the country. From 12-16 October, the Government of Côte d'Ivoire organized a first training and designing workshop in this regard.  Learn more.
Les parties prenantes de processus REDD+ au Côte d'Ivoire valide une feuille de route juridique pour pouvoir favoriser la mise en œuvre de la REDD+
Les diverses parties prenantes nationales ont validé une feuille de route d'actions à mener dans le cadre du Programme National d'ici 2017. Cette feuille de route conclut l'appui ciblé juridique qui visait à favoriser la mise en place d'un cadre juridique promouvant la REDD+, conditions au succès de sa mise en œuvre concrète.  Learn more.
Pueblos indígenas colombianos, socios estratégicos en la protección de los bosques // Colombian Indigenous Peoples: Strategic Partners in the Protection of Forests
Unidos en un mismo objetivo: la lucha contra la deforestación y la defensa de los territorios indígenas, representantes de varios pueblos convocados por la Organización Nacional Indígena de Colombia, se reunieron el pasado 19 de noviembre con el Gobierno Nacional.

Joined under the common objectives of fighting deforestation and preserving indigenous territories, leaders and representatives from ethnic groups that integrate Colombia's National Indigenous Organization came together on 19 November 2015, with members of the National Government.   Learn more.  
Stakeholder participation key to development of Chile's National Strategy on Climate Change and Plant Resources
Participation and constant feedback are key pillars for building Chile's National Strategy on Climate Change and Plant Resources, a process led by Chile's Ministry of Agriculture through the National Forest Corporation. Learn more. 

Multiple benefits of REDD+ in Congo validated at multi-stakeholder dialogue  
The national workshop for the validation of the
 report, Multiple Benefits of REDD+ in the Republic of Congo was attended by fifty stakeholders representing various ministries involved in the national REDD+ process as well civil society and indigenous people organizations. Learn more.
Joint FCPF/UN-REDD Programme 2015 Global REDD+ Knowledge Exchange -- session videos
Session videos and presentations from the Joint FCPC/UN-REDD Programme 2015 Global REDD+ Knowledge Exchange are now available. Learn more.
REDD+ Safeguards resources at UNFCCC COP21
In support of stakeholder participation in the UNFCCC Global Climate Conference in Paris this month, the UN-REDD Programme has put together a library of REDD+ Safeguards resources.  Access resources.
El Programa ONU-REDD y sus agencias FAO, PNUD y PNUMA, llevaron a cabo el primer evento de laAcademia REDD+ para América Latina y el Caribe, el cual tuvo lugar en el Parque Nacional Iguazú, Argentina, del 5 al 10 de Octubre del 2015 y contó con la presencia de 45 representantes de 12 países de la región.

The UN-REDD Programme and its agencies FAO, UNDP and UNEP successfully held the first regional REDD+ Academy event for Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), which took place in Argentina's Iguazú National Park, from October 5-10, 2015, with the presence of over 45 participants from 12 countries.
Learn more.

National REDD+ Academy sessions held in three Asia-Pacific countries
In the Asia-Pacific region, national REDD+ Academy sessions were held in Vietnam, Bhutan and Myanmar during the months of October and November 2015.

La République Démocratique du Congo publie les résultats de son analyse historique de changement du couvert forestier du pays pour la période 1990-2010
Le Ministère de l'Environnement, Conservation de la Nature, et Développement Durable de la République Démocratique du Congo (RDC) a récemment dévoilé à la communauté internationale les premiers résultats de son analyse historique de changement du couvert forestier du pays pour la période 1990-2010.   Download.
REDD+ safeguards and multiple benefits activities advanced in Paraguay // Actividades de salvaguardas y los múltiples beneficios de REDD+ avanzaron en Paraguay
UN-REDD Paraguay National Joint Programme (NJP) held a working session to develop and agree a work plan for the national interpretation of REDD+ safeguards and the design of a safeguards information system (SIS) from 29 September to 2 October 2015. 

Entre el 29 de septiembre y el 2 de octubre de 2015 se llevó a cabo en Asunción una sesión de trabajo sobre salvaguardas de REDD+ en el marco del Programa Nacional Conjunto (PNC) ONU-REDD+ del Paraguay.
A national workshop advances the development of Bhutan's approach to the Cancun safeguards
Bhutan's country approach to safeguards was advanced at the National Workshop on REDD+ Safeguards, held 5-9 October 2015. The knowledge event supported the identification of benefits and risks of candidate REDD+ actions in the context of the Cancun safeguards and the analysis of Bhutan's existing policies, laws and regulations.

Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Solomon Islands advance national satellite land monitoring systems as part of regional capacity-building initiative 
Four recent training initiatives were held in Sri Lanka, Fiji, Myanmar and Bangaldesh over the last two months to advance regional forest monitoring capacities.
Video and workshop report profile experiences on safeguards from Africa
A video and a workshop report have been launched highlighting experiences on REDD+ safeguards from Africa captured at a workshop attended by 31 participants from 19 African countries and three participants from Costa Rica, Mexico and Viet Nam.

La République du Congo et l'Institut national de recherches spatiales brésilienne renforcent leur partenariat pour améliorer la surveillance des forêts au Congo
Une équipe d'experts de l'Institut national de recherches spatiales brésilienne s'est rendu en République du Congo pour renforcer la coopération entre les deux pays en matière de surveillance satellitaire des forêts.

Webcast: Joint FCPF/UN-REDD Programme 2015 Global REDD+ Knowledge Exchange
More than 100 participants from 30+ countries took part in this country-led REDD+ knowledge exchange held in San Jose, Costa Rica in November 2015. All session videos are now available


Video:  Experiencias prácticas hacia la implementación del Marco de Varsovia para REDD+ 
Este video y el reporte de Intercambio Sur-Sur complementario, consolidan las principales experiencias y lecciones REDD+ compartidas por los países de LAC


Video: (English subtitles/Spanish language) Experiences and Challenges in Latin American and the Caribbean towards the Implementation of REDD+ 
This video and the accompanying South-South Exchange Report gather the main REDD+ experiences and lessons shared by LAC countries.


The video provides key lessons learned and experiences from participating countries in the UN-REDD Programme Africa Regional Exchange on Country Approaches to Safeguards.  The workshop brought together 33 participants from 19 African countries, and 3 participants from Costa Rica, Mexico and Viet Nam.  


Video: Country experiences developing REDD+ National Strategies / Action Plans in the Asia Pacific Region 
This video presents country experiences in developing National Strategies / Action Plans within the Asia-Pacific region, as well as in Brazil and Ecuador. 


Video: Academia REDD+ para Latinoamérica se realizó con éxito en Argentina  
La primera Academia REDD+ para la región de Latinoamérica y el Caribe tuvo lugar en Argentina entre el 5 y el 10 de Octubre de 2015. Más de 45 representantes de gobierno, sociedad civil y pueblos indígenas de 12 países miembros del Programa ONU-REDD en la región participaron en el evento de "entrenamiento de entrenadores" con el fin de usar los conocimientos y metodologías aprendidas en los procesos de formación de capacidades de REDD+ en sus respectivos países.

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