This edition of The REDD+ Resource includes a look into the challenge of tenure issues, the latest airborne imaging spectroscopy, and advances in Safeguards work from Sri Lanka and Nigeria.  
Forest Update: Resources, Projects Showcase Progress in REDD+ Initiatives, SFM
16/02/2017 | IISD

4th meeting on REDD+ held
14/12/2016 | Pakistan Observer

The Landscape of REDD+ Aligned Finance in Côte d'Ivoire
01/2017 | Climate Policy Initiative

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New technology may help identify biodiverse forests, inform REDD+ planning and safeguards
Val Kapos explores how new advances in remote sensing give us new ways to look at tropical forests, and identify and understand their variability. 
It's okay to talk about Tenure
Amanda Bradley looks at the progress made by UN-REDD Programme Partner countries in addressing challenging tenure issues.
ZERO TO HERO! How Sri Lanka went from nothing on safeguards to SIS design in 6 months...
Sri Lanka's Conservator General of Forests, Mr Anura Sathurusinghe, explains what steps Sri Lanka has taken to safeguard the environment and people in REDD+, and what other countries could learn from this experience.
Safeguarding Nigeria's Paradise: Cross River State's experiences and lessons from REDD+
UN-REDD Programme Safeguards Coordinator Steve Swan speaks with Edu Effiom, Chairman of the National Safeguards Working Group, to learn about Nigeria's experiences engaging in a multi-stakeholder process to meet international requirements on REDD+ safeguards.  
In January 2017 the UN-REDD Programme released the following three publications as part of its technical resource series:
Since 2011 Côte d'Ivoire has been involved in the conceptualisation and preparation of REDD+. After three years of support from the UN-REDD Programme, the country has consolidated its REDD+ efforts and is moving into the implementation phase.
The Government of Equatorial Guinea is launching an extensive 18-month project to develop its national investment plan which will position the country to participate in the international initiative for REDD+.
La République Démocratique du Congo presente les resultats des multiples analyses forestiers
Un atelier de présentation officielle des résultats obtenus par la RDC dans le cadre de l'appui de la Programme ONU-REDD s'est tenu à Kinshasa le 24 Janvier 2017.  L'atelier a permis la présentation de l 'analyse de changement du couvert forestier pour la période 1990 à 2014, l e pré-Inventaire forestier national, et  la méthodologie de construction du niveau d'émission de référence des forêts.
Comité Directivo Nacional exaltó los logros de 2016 y avaló los retos que se proponen en materia de consolidación y cierre en el 2017
Technical experts gathered in Abidjan at the fourth and final regional "Training the Trainers" Workshop to share their knowledge on REDD+ Monitoring, and Measurement, Reporting and Verification. The workshop was hosted by the Global Forest Observation Initiative (GFOI) & GOFC-GOLD from 6-10 February 2017.
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