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Building the capacity to deliver REDD+
Our goal is to support developing countries to build the capacities necessary to design and deliver REDD+ strategies that are aligned to the Warsaw Framework for REDD+. This is supported through the convening role and technical expertise of our collaborating UN agencies: FAO, UNDP and UNEP.

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Las regiones se unen contra el cambio climático
18/06/2015 -- El Pais 
Un total de 14 regiones, bajo el paraguas del Grupo de Trabajo del Clima y los Bosques (GCF, en sus siglas en inglés), se han comprometido a reducir en un 80% las emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero para 2050. 

Ethiopia: Climate Resilient Growth - Smart Economy Featured
12/06/2015 -- Ethiopian Herald 
According to REDD+ Readiness Preparation Proposal (R-PP) of Ethiopia, the forest sector is responsible for the emission of 65million tones of carbon dioxide (CO2) and about the 40 per cent of the national GHG emissions
Pakistan: Forest Preservation
12/06/2015 -- Daily Times 
During the UN Forum on Forests, Federal Minister for Climate Change Mushahid Ullah Khan claimed that Pakistan has achieved the target of having 12 percent protected areas but the goal of increasing the forest cover in Pakistan from about two percent to six percent of the total land area is still far from being achieved.  

Deal on forests at Bonn climate talks
10/06/2015 -- Deutsche Welle 
A partial agreement has been reached at the Bonn climate talks on a project protecting forests, seen as crucial in absorbing global greenhouse gases
Workshop on deforestation emissions reduction reviewed
09/06/2015 -- VietnamPlus


PNG Forest Minister expects REDD+ to become law 

27/05/2015 -- Radio New Zealand

Papua New Guinea's Forestry Minister says PNG is close to bringing into law a UN programme aimed at reducing emissions and conserving forests.

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10/06/2015 - Ecosystem Marketplace
Indonesia's newly merged Environment and Forestry Ministry completed a major step in its restructuring last week with the inauguration of 13 director-generals. 

Le pays est le tout premier parmi les quarante-sept REDD+ (Réduction des émissions liées à la déforestation et à la dégradation des forêts) à finaliser la phase de préparation de la mise en œuvre de ce mécanisme, selon un rapport d'auto-évaluation

Ghana inaugurates REDD+ Gender sub-working Group
26/03/2015 -- GNA
Ghana has inaugurated a cross-sectoral REDD+ Gender sub-working group to enhance women's participation and contribution to the forestry sector.
UNDP to give Bangladesh $8.75m for climate change adaptation
27/05/2015 -- Financial Express
UNDP has pledged to provide $8.75 million to save Bangladesh's coastal areas from the adverse impact of climate change in three separate projects. The projects are part of the Bangladesh's national REDD+ programme


World Expo Milano 2015
1 May-31 October 2015 -- Milan

Global Landscape Forum on Investment (invitation only)
10-11 June 2015 -- London

Third International Conference on Financing for Development
13-16 July 2015 -- Addis Ababa 
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14th World Forestry Congress
7-11 September 2015 -- Durban, South Africa 
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Global Landscape Forum
5-6 December 2015 -- Paris
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UNFCCC COP21 Climate Summit

The UN-REDD Programme is pleased to launch of the Resource Guide for Advanced Learning on REDD+, produced by UN CC:Learn. The guide includes resources from key REDD+ technical information sources including the UN-REDD Programme and its collaborating UN agencies (FAO, UNDP and UNEP), and the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility. 

Download >

The 2014 annual report of the UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre has just been released, and includes a piece on work under the UN-REDD Programme to support REDD+ countries on safeguards and multiple benefits. 

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This resource supports REDD+ developing countries to strengthen their capacity for grievance resolution in order to respond to contentious issues, complaints and disputes.  Download >

The study presents existing data and information on forests in the DRC for the mapping and valuation of environmental services, both in terms of indirect and direct use benefits.  Download >

The report provides information on certainty over forest areas, fairness over forest resources, forest management transparency and integrity, as well as law enforcement capacity.   Download >

The study was conducted at the request and under the guidance of the Ministry of Forestry as a recommendation from Indonesia's first Participatory Governance Assessment/Forest Governance Index, with the goal to identify and mitigate inefficiencies and corrupt practices in the process to apply and obtain forest licenses. 

Various roster positions
Applications now being accepted until 10 June 2015 for Latin America & Caribbean roster of REDD+ experts. 
Latin America & the Caribbean 

Knowledge Specialist
UN-REDD Programme 
Voices from the Communities: Targeted communication to communities is key to the success of REDD+ in Malawi 

Duncan Chiza Mkandawire, chairman of the Nyika-Vwaza Association -- a community-based organization in Malawi that promotes activities to reduce deforestation, strengthen rural incomes and increase biodiversity -- shares his experiences communicating with local communities on REDD+ issues. Read.

Expo 2015 opens - a global window to the world of food, with forests in the landscape
Eduardo Rojas-Briales, Commissioner-General for United Nations participation in Expo 2015; Assistant Director-General, FAO Forestry; and UN-REDD Programme Strategic Group member outlines the links to food and forests at the 2015 Expo. Read.

Zambia National REDD+ Strategy and the contribution of forests to Zambia's economy  

Two interesting blog posts provide insights to Zambia's road to REDD+. Elsie Attafuah, UNDP Africa Senior Regional Technical Advisor, shares her personal reflections on the Zambia's journey to develop its national REDD+ strategy. She also joins a team of UNEP experts to reflect on the contribution of forests to Zambia's economy. 

Read: Zambia strategy

Read: Forest contribution in Zambia

Are REDD+ safeguards key to financing sustainable landscapes?

Tim Christophersen, UNEP / UN-REDD Programme, explores whether  REDD+ safeguards could benefit developing countries beyond climate mitigation by boosting investor confidence and attracting private and public investments into sustainable land-use.


14th UN-REDD Programme Policy Board Meeting
2014 UN-REDD Programme Annual Programme Progress Report
The 2014 UN-REDD Programme Progress Report has been released and provides updates on key results of the Programme and its country partners. Download today.


Sixty Partner Countries for UN-REDD Programme 

The UN-REDD Programme is please to announce that Burkina Faso and El Salvador have become the 59th and 60th Partner Countries of the Programme.  

Voices Heard: Indigenous Women's Dialogue on Gender and Forests

During the 14th UNPFII session, the UN-REDD Programme organized the Women's Dialogue on Gender and Forests, which brought together several indigenous women leaders engaged in and sensitive to the forest and gender interface. Learn more.

UN-REDD Programme Successfully Launched in Colombia /  Se lanza oficialmente el programa ONU-REDD en Colombia

After a successful inception workshop, and the approval of the first annual plan by the Steering Committee, the UN-REDD National Programme was officially launched in April in Colombia. on developing the country's REDD+ strategy. English Spanish

Watch video.


ONU-REDD apoya evaluación de necesidades en monitoreo forestal en Mesoamérica

A través de un taller se identificaron prioridades de la región en monitoreo forestal con miras a oportunidades de cooperación y se identificaron las contrapartes por país que estarán al tanto de estas actividades. 

Learn more.

El programa ONU-REDD jugará un papel determinante en las directrices principales de la Estrategia al brindar apoyo específico para el diseño piloto de un Fondo Forestal Ambiental. / The UN-REDD Programme will play a key role in the principal guidelines of the national strategy by providing specific support for the pilot design of an Environmental Forest Fund

Learn more.

Madagascar: A National Vision to Drive REDD+ Implementation 

Madagascar has assessed its challenges and achievements, and explored ways forward to address critical issues for the national REDD+ process such as national forest monitoring system, land tenure and collective vision and dialogue for REDD+. Learn more.


This initiative seeks to highlight the economic value of timber resources and also of NTFPs, carbon sequestration, water regulation, soil erosion, contribution to tourism, etc. to strengthen the economic rationale to implement REDD+. 

Learn more.


Community-based REDD+ continues to advance

Nigeria has just completed its call for CBR+ proposals. Learn more about this initiative to deliver grants directly to indigenous peoples and communities to empower them to fully engage in the design, implementation and monitoring of REDD+ readiness activities, and develop experiences, lessons, and recommendations at the local level that can feed into national REDD+ processes. 

Learn more.
Papua New Guinea receives assistance from EU and UN-REDD Programme to develop first NFI and continues building its REDD+ national capacity

The Papua New Guinea Forest Authority has launched a project to implement a multi-purpose National Forest Inventory with support from the EU and UN-REDD Programme. Learn more.

PNG launches Forest Carbon Partnership Facility project built on the REDD+ readiness work undertaken by PNG with support of the UN-REDD Programme and others. 


Technical training for Pacific Island Countries on forest reference levels and "Collect Earth" land use change tool
Technical training was provided by the UN-REDD Programme through FAO for Pacific Island Countries on forest reference levels and the "Collect Earth" land use change tool.  Learn more.

The Tropical Landscapes Summit was held to promote the opportunities presented by Indonesia as a destination for green investment, and to create an enabling framework and incentives for such investment through multi-stakeholder dialogue.  
First joint GHG inventory national workshop for the agriculture and LULUCF sectors in Paraguay
Seventy national experts gained theoretical and practical knowledge for the development of the country's National GHG Inventory.   Learn More.

More than 30 experts and officials from Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal and Viet Nam were provided with forest reference level training by the UN-REDD Programme through FAO. Learn more.

Uganda has significantly progressed its REDD+ safeguards process with a roadmap, taskforce, technical workshop for stakeholders, and ongoing Strategic Environmental and Social Assessment process.  Learn more.

UN-REDD Programme launches Benefits and Risks Tool (BeRT)

The Benefits and Risks Tool (BeRT) supports REDD+ countries to assess the social and environmental risks and benefits associated with potential REDD+ actions and analyse how existing policies, laws and regulations address the Cancun Safeguards. 

 Learn more.

Sri Lanka: Technical trainings in national forest inventory and greenhouse gas inventory skills

Two important technical training sessions were held in Sri Lanka -- one on national forest inventory parameter identification and validation, and a follow-up greenhouse gas inventory training to ensure continuity and sustainability of knowledge on this topic. 

Learn more.

UN-REDD Programme LAC countries reinforce capacities on stakeholder engagement, gender equality and knowledge management through South-South exchange

The UN-REDD Programme regional team in Latin America and the Caribbean organized a workshop in Panama for staff of project management units in the region.The three-day event gathered 41 participants from eight Latin American countries. 

Learn more.

Taller de Monitoreo de Procesos de Degradación en el Bosque Nativo utilizando Técnicas de Teledetección 

Este taller se realizó en el marco de un apoyo específico solicitado por la Argentina al programa ONU-REDD para la implementación de actividades tendientes al fortalecimiento de la estrategia REDD+ en el país.

Learn more.
Satellite Land Monitoring Systems for REDD+ - Understanding the basics by using remote sensing data

This video provides information on how remote sensing tools can help in reducing emissions from forest deforestation and degradation (REDD+) and how UN agencies are supporting countries to get ready for REDD+. Within the UN-REDD Programme FAO along with UNEP and UNDP supports countries to develop tools for remote sensing, satellite data processing for monitoring REDD+ activities and for the measurement of forest activity data to support the design and implementation of national forest inventories as well as greenhouse gases inventories.


Video: Participación de Pueblos Indígenas en el Taller de Arranque del Programa ONU-REDD Colombia / Engagement of Indigenous Peoples during Colombia's Inception Workshop


Video: REDD+ in Costa Rica -- Land Use Change


Video: Safeguards and SIS Lessons and Experiences from Asia-Pacific Countries 

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