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Perú destinará 6,1 millones de dólares donados por Noruega en conservar la Amazonía
28/05/2016 La Republica, Peru
El Gobierno de Perú se comprometió este viernes a destinar una donación de 6,1 millones de dólares de Noruega a la conservación de la Amazonía para contribuir así a la reducción de gases de efecto invernadero (GEI) producidos por la deforestación y la degradación de bosques, informaron fuentes oficiales. 

REDD+ Programme To Enhance Forest Carbon Balance
28/05/2016 Fiji Sun
The Fiji REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) policy has the overall objective of enhancing the natural forest-based carbon balance.
The National REDD+ programme works with the local communities to convert degraded grasslands and idle degraded land into productive forests.
This will help expand forest carbon sinks and restore the forest ecosystem. 

Partnerships for an inclusive green economy are key to achieve the SDGs and the 2030 Agenda
25/05/2016 UNEP Press Release
Achieving the SDGs demands stronger, innovative and multi-stakeholder partnerships to mobilise and share knowledge, expertise, technology and financial resources. 

In Latin America, Forests May Rise to Challenge of Carbon Dioxide
16/05/2016 New York Times
A new study reports that recently established forests on abandoned farmland in Latin America, if allowed to grow for another 40 years, would probably be able to suck at least 31 billion tons of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.  Read more >

Natural regeneration of tropical forests helps global climate mitigation and forest restoration
13/05/2016 National Science Foundation Press Release
An international team of 60 scientists, working together as the 2ndFOR Network, has completed studies on the effects of forest conservation and secondary forest regeneration across 43 regions in Latin America.

European Biomass Satellite To Support REDD+
06/05/2016 Ecosystem Marketplace
"[The] Biomass satellite will provide support to United Nations treaties, notably the Reduction of Emissions due to Deforestation and Forest Degradation," Airbus said.

Zambian community forestry project sells carbon credits to BP Target Neutral, supporting African communities
01/05/2016 Biocarbon Group Press Release
BioCarbon Group, BCP, and First Climate announce a significant multi-year transaction of verified carbon reductions from a transformational community forestry project in
Read more >

Tanzania's Forest Conservation At Risk As Funds Run Out
28/04/2016 Inside Climate News
A report last month from a forest finance tracking initiative called "REDDX", run by non-profit group Forest Trends, said financing to prepare for REDD+ in Tanzania had stagnated, with no new funding announced since 2010. 

US$ 200 million agreement signed between CAFI and the DRC set to prevent tree loss and ensure sustainable development
26/04/2016 UNDP Press Release
The Central African Forest Initiative (CAFI) and the Minister of Finance of the Democratic Republic of the Congo have signed a letter of intent for US$ 200 million to address deforestation and forest degradation in the country and to promote sustainable development.

On Earth Day, FAO Director-General stresses need to protect ecosystems
22/04/2016 FAO Press Release
At a ceremony today marking Earth Day, FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva stressed the need to protect the world's ecosystems, which form the basis of food security.


COFO 23, Committee on Forestry - 23rd Session 
18-22 July 2016, Rome

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REDD+ Sri Lanka News Update, issue 03, May 2016

REDD+ Diversa: Boletín de noticias del Programa ONU-REDD Colombia -- La edición de junio de 2016

Boletín Trimestral: Recientes Avances de REDD+ en Honduras

PSA Consultant - Support on finance monitoring and reporting, FAO Rome
International Consultant on REDD+ Policies and Measures, Mongolia

Consultant to develop Action Plan for National Protected Area Strategic Management Plan, Cambodia

Consultant to develop Cambodia REDD+ Communication Strategy and assess media products

Senior Director, Green Climate Fund Implementing Agency, Conservation International
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Project Manager, Wonegizi REDD+ Project, Liberia
Fauna & Flora International
Helen Clark: Paris Climate Agreement goals impossible without decisive action to protect forest rights
UNDP Administrator Helen Clark shares her perspectives on the need to address the rights of forest communities, including indigenous peoples, to realize goals of the Paris Climate Agreement.  Read.
UN-REDD Programme study highlights significant economic contribution of forests to Ethiopia's Gross Domestic Product
Record number of countries sign Paris Climate Agreement
In an extraordinary show of support for the Paris Climate Change Agreement adopted last December, 175 Parties (174 countries and the European Union) signed up on 22 April to it at a ceremony at UN Headquarters that far exceeded the historical record for first-day signatures to an international agreement.
United Nations Secretary-General Appoints Erik Solheim of Norway as Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme
Following the nomination by the Secretary-General, the General Assembly elected on 13 May Erik Solheim of Norway as Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme for a four-year term. 
Google and FAO aim to usher in new era of environmental literacy for all 
FAO and Google are working together to make high-resolution satellite data an everyday tool in managing the world's natural resources in a joint effort that is changing the way the world goes about pursuing sustainable development.
Viet Nam: Towards faster and more quality-oriented implementation of the UN-REDD National Programme 
An updated work plan for the UN-REDD Viet Nam Phase II Programme was approved in March 2016 by the programme's Executive Group to facilitate an increased implementation pace, while providing a strengthened focus on delivery quality.
Bangladesh: IP and CSO representatives appointed to UN-REDD National Programme Executive Board
One indigenous peoples (IP) representative and one civil society organizations (CSO) representative have been appointed to the Executive Board of the UN-REDD Programme National Programme for Bangladesh. The appointments were made after a self-selection process by IP and CSO representatives that took place during two separate workshops held 22 and 23 March 2016 in Dhaka.
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Webinar series: Moving from reference levels to REDD+ results
The UN-REDD Programme is organizing a series of webinars on REDD+ results reporting, entitled Moving from Reference Levels to REDD+ Results. The webinars will provide an update on recent reference level submissions, BUR annexes on REDD+ results, and the associated processes for technical assessments and analysis.
Learn more.
Joint UN-REDD Programme mission in Cote d'Ivoire leads to accelerated efforts in National Programme implementation
A joint mission of the UN-REDD Programme with the participation of the three regional technical advisers for FAO, UNDP and UNEP took place from 11 -13 May 2016 in Côte d'Ivoire. The aim of the mission was to review the progress of the National Programme (NP) and discuss key technical and operational issues.  Learn more.
New UN web tool demonstrates climate benefits of protecting apes
A new web-based tool, launched in April, shows how protecting great apes in Africa and Asia can help countries fight climate change. The online app superimposes maps of great ape ranges and of forest carbon stocks, allowing policymakers to better identify conservation priority areas.  Learn more.
Advances in development of flexible spatial tool for REDD+ planning in Peru
The UN-REDD Programme is currently supporting Peru's Ministry of the Environment (MINAM) to develop an online flexible spatial tool to help guide REDD+ decision-making through the evaluation and prioritization of potential implementation areas, as part of a Targeted Support request by Peru. 
Peru and Norway sign US$ 6.1m partnership to reduce GHG emissions from deforestation and forest degradation
The governments of Peru and Norway have signed an agreement launching an expanded effort to reduce emissions from Peru's tropical forests.  Learn more.

Launch of REDDcompass brings added MRV development capacity to REDD+ countries
REDDcompass, a new web application to help countries develop national forest monitoring systems and associated greenhouse gas emissions measurement, reporting and verification procedures, was launched in May.

Indígenas de Panamá se capacitan en uso de drones para cuidar el bosque
Representantes indígenas panameños se capacitan en manejo de drones de ala fija para el monitoreo forestal comunitario, con el apoyo de FAO a través del Programa ONU-REDD, del Ministerio de Ambiente y de autoridades tradicionales.  
Opciones de inversión y modelos de negocios ligados a REDD+ en ganadería y palma en Costa Rica
El involucramiento del sector privado para la implementación de la Estrategia Nacional REDD+ de Costa Rica es relevante para lograr implementar una serie acciones que contribuyen a para reducir la deforestación de bosques dentro del marco de políticas trazadas por el gobierno  orientadas a contribuir al desarrollo sostenible. 
Revising Viet Nam's National REDD+ Action Programme - An opportunity to build on experience and recall national commitments on forests
In April 2016, a specialist team of representatives from the Viet Nam REDD+ Office, the UN-REDD Programme Management Unit and consulting experts met to set a roadmap and work plan for the revision of Viet Nam's National REDD+ Action Programme (NRAP). Learn more.

LAC region South-South exchange on REDD+ results-based payments schemes held
With the aim of facilitating a space for discussion on the engagement of LAC countries in different REDD+ results-based payments schemes, the UN-REDD Programme organized a South-South exchange on this topic under the lead of Mexico in Panama City on 29-30 March 2016.
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South Asia MRV Training the Trainers workshop builds regional capacity
A regional South Asia Training the Trainers workshop was held in Bangkok in April on tools designed to support the development of monitoring, reporting and verification systems.
Con lanzamiento de Política Nacional Forestal, Chile fortalece su estrategia para enfrentar el cambio climático
En mayo, el Ministerio de Agricultura de Chile presentó formal y públicamente la Política Forestal 2015-2035, en la cual se establecen los lineamientos del desarrollo forestal bajo criterios de sustentabilidad económica, social y ambiental.  Leer mas.
REDD+ makes advances in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka is experiencing several advances in its REDD+ activities. Updates on these are included in this full article, which originally appeared in the newsletter of the Sri Lanka's National REDD+ Programme. 
Hacia el crecimiento económico sostenible: La lucha contra la deforestación en Colombia
Anualmente se pierden 6,6 millones de hectáreas por cuenta de la deforestación[1], ese es el tamaño del departamento del Amazonas en Colombia. Las emisiones aumentan a 30% a través de los usos que se dan a los suelos deforestados (agricultura, infraestructura, ganadería, minería y otros). 
Resultados de la evaluación de necesidades y avances en el proceso REDD+ de Guatemala
Guatemala está realizando importantes avances en la fase preparatoria del proceso de Reducción de Emisiones por Deforestación y Degradación Forestal (REDD+), por lo que el gobierno solicitó en 2014 al Programa ONU-REDD el apoyo para la realización de una evaluación de necesidades para identificar vacíos y brechas para la construcción de una ruta crítica que permita concluir esta fase preparatoria. 
Paraguay camino a un crecimiento económico amigable con el medio ambiente
La mañana del 17 de mayo de 2016 se realizó la apertura del Taller de Presentación y contribución para el diseño del Plan de políticas y medidas para reducir la deforestación en Carmelitas Center. Al mismo, asistieron autoridades nacionales y especialistas de varias instituciones y organizaciones.  Leer mas.
Milestone reached in implementation of Kenya's climate change agenda: Kenya Climate Change Act 2016
The Kenya Climate Change Act was signed into law by President Uhuru Kenyatta in May 2016, marking a key milestone for the country's climate change agenda.
Primer Taller de fortalecimiento regional en monitoreo forestal de la Estrategia Mesoamericana de Sustentabilidad Ambiental
El Instituto Nacional de Bosques de Guatemala, con el apoyo del programa SilvaCarbon y el Programa ONU-REDD, recibió del 11 al 15 de abril de 2016 a ocho países de la región Mesoamericana en el Taller regional para fortalecimiento de capacidades en análisis de datos de Inventarios Forestales y cálculo de emisiones de carbono.
Leer mas.
Apoyo a la preparación de MRV en República Dominicana 
En el marco del apoyo específico del Programa ONU-REDD a República Dominicana y a solicitud del gobierno, la FAO impartió dos capacitaciones para apoyar el proceso de preparación de MRV en el país. 
Leer mas.

Les politiques et measures de REDD+ (PAMs)- Reunion Annuelle des Coordinateurs REDD+ Afrique- 2015 
La vidéo montre les expériences sur REDD + politiques et mesures capturés au cours de la réunion des coordonnateurs annuelle en Afrique en 2015. Quatre expériences des pays - Côte d'Ivoire, le Ghana, Madagascar et Uganda-explorer les liens entre PAMs dans des secteurs et de la conformité pertinentes avec le cadre de la CCNUCC de Varsovie sur la REDD +.

Africa Regional Knowledge Exchange: Annual meeting of REDD+ focal points   
The video promotes key lessons learned and experiences on REDD+ Policies and Measures in Africa. Four countries experiences - Cote D'Ivoire, Ghana, Madagascar and Uganda -  explore the connections between PAMs in relevant sectors and compliance with the UNFCCC Warsaw Framework on REDD+.

Asia-Pacific National REDD+ Academy sessions   
The REDD+ Academy trains participants in the delivery of REDD+ readiness activities through a long-term and sustainable learning experience. This new video, produced by the UN-REDD Programme, explores the value of National REDD+ Academies.

Expanding Africa's Great Green Wall Action Against Desertification 
Action Against Desertification - Expanding Africa's Great Green Wall Land restoration in northern Niger is making degraded areas productive again, providing economic opportunities in a region where migration has become a tradition. Now, under FAO's Action Against Desertification programme, these efforts are being expanded to six African countries. This success shows that land degradation around the Sahara is not yet irreversible.

Webcast: Joint FCPF/UN-REDD Programme global REDD+ Knowledge Exchange
More than 100 participants from 30+ countries took part in this country-led REDD+ knowledge exchange held in San Jose, Costa Rica. All individual session videos are now available


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