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UN-REDD launches Nat'l Programme
05/08/2016 | The Financial Express, Bangladesh

Towards low-carbon sustainability
20/08/2016 | Dhaka Tribune, Bangladesh

Pueblos indígenas demandan su parte por conservar los bosques
30/08/2016 | Inter Press Service

Stakeholders approve $12m UN-REDD plus strategy for Nigeria
05/09/2016 | The Guardian

Misión africana visita el país con fines ambientales
22/09/2016 | crhoy.com


Marrakech, Morocco

Ensuring Integrity in REDD+ and Forest Climate Finance
12 October 2016
Brussels, Belgium

Info Brief 5: Summaries of Information: How to demonstrate REDD+ safeguards are being addressed and respected

Technical Brief 2: Conceptual framework for country approaches to safeguards

Boletín Informativo: Programa Nacional Argentina
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Experto internacional en teledetección y MRV para el Desarrollo del Plan de Inversión REDD+ (PNI-REDD+) de Guinea Ecuatorial
Asesor Técnico Principal para el Desarrollo del Plan de Inversión REDD+ de Guinea Ecuatorial
The three tales of six billion dollars
Pricing the priceless
REDD+ Beyond Carbon
¿Qué beneficios aporta el monitoreo comunitario a la sociedad?
Reflexiónes sobre los beneficios del monitoreo comunitario en México, escrito por una participante del Intercambio Regional que tuvo lugar en la Ciudad de Panamá del 13-15 de septiembre
The innovative character of REDD+ payments and their potential for change: trends from Latin America
Ordinary lives, extraordinary stories: the secrets of building trust
Comunidades del Pacífico Colombiano intercambian saberes sobre sostenibilidad de los bosques 
El fortalecimiento de la gobernanza y la organización comunitaria han sido las mayores ganancias de la iniciativa Cocomasur para reducir la deforestación y conservar el bosque en el norte del Pacífico Colombiano.
In order to assist Peru's Ministry of the Environment in the implementation of their national programme, the UN-REDD Programme supported the development of Geodecision: a flexible spatial tool to help guide environmental decision-making
Working sessions on spatial analysis and identification of potential benefits and risks from REDD+ held in Costa Rica
In Costa Rica, progress has been made on understanding the potential of four sets of actions from the National REDD+ Strategy to deliver multiple benefits, while taking account of potential risks. 
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Mapping of Mongolia's Boreal Forests informs National REDD+ Strategy Development Process
Mongolia is the only UN-REDD Programme partner country with significant amounts of boreal forest, making it a unique case for developing climate change mitigation and adaption strategies.
On 30 August 2016 in Da Nang city, the Vietnamese Forest Protection Department and Lao Department of Forestry Inspection hosted a meeting to review the implementation of their Memorandum of Understanding for cooperation in 2015 - 2016, and develop a joint action plan for 2016 - 2017.
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A regional knowledge exchange on knowledge management and communications was held from 23-25 August, 2016, in Bangkok. The event involved participants from 10 countries and 5 organizations. 
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A national workshop to validate the final working draft of the Cambodia National REDD+ Strategy was held on 30 August, 2016.
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A self-selection process in July, 2016 facilitated and supported by the UN-REDD Programme resulted in two CSO and IP representatives being selected to serve on Myanmar's UN-REDD Programme Executive Board (PEB).
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Update on REDD+ progress in Bangladesh as the country's UN-REDD National Programme activities begin.
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In a potential  turning point for the future of Vietnamese forests, newly elected Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc urged a halt on forest conversion and the preservation of the remaining 2.2M ha of natural forests, during a UN-REDD Programme-supported conference in the Central Highlands province of Dak Lak.
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In Honduras, the REDD+ Academy has reinforced the capacities of over 400 stakeholders involved in forestry management in various sectors in order to support informed participation in the creation of the country's REDD+ strategy.   
In late 2015, a national REDD+ Academy was held in Myanmar to provide training for trainers using the 12 modules developed by the UN-REDD Programme. The learning journals and presentations were subsequently translated into the national language, Myanma. 
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Ecuador submits its first Biennial Update Report
Ecuador has submitted its first Biennial Update Report (BUR) together with the REDD+ plus technical annex to the UNFCCC.
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Coopération Sud-Sud: échange de connaissances entre Côte d'Ivoire et Costa Rica /
South-South Cooperation:  Côte D'Ivoire and Costa Rica continue Knowledge Exchange
L'échange de connaissances Sud-Sud entre la Côte d'Ivoire et la Costa Rica devra permettre d'explorer un partenariat stratégique et renforcer les capacités devant contribuer à la finalisation de la stratégie nationale REDD+ et la mise en place d'un system de paiement de services environnemental en Côte d'Ivoire.
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Más de 13 países de Latinoamérica participaron en intercambios vía webinar sobre salvaguardas
Como parte de la Serie de Webinars Regionales organizada por el Programa ONU-REDD, 13 países de la región tuvieron la opoturnidad de conocer las experiencias de Colombia, Chile, Ecuador y México sobre enfoques nacionales de salvaguardas y avances hacia la construcción de sistemas
de información de salvaguardas.
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REDD+ process receives a boost during the National Council on Environment high level meeting in Nigeria
On 17 August, Nigeria hosted the 10th National Council on Environment in Nigeria with the participation of over 600 senior government delegates and development partners including UNDP Country Office and UN-REDD Programme team. The Council meeting acknowledged the importance of REDD+ as a vehicle and innovative approach for addressing the challenges of deforestation and forest degradation in Nigeria.
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Experiencias prácticas en procesos participativos para la creación de Estrategias REDD+ en LAC
En un reciente Webinar del Programa ONU-REDD, Chile, Ecuador, México, Perú y Honduras compartieron cómo han estructurado y gestionado procesos participativos para la construcción de sus Estrategias Nacionales y Planes de Acción REDD+.

Cuantificando la degradación forestal: Segundo taller regional de formación de capacidades en LAC
Nueve países de Latinoamérica y El Caribe, entre ellos Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, México, Panamá y República Dominicana, continuaron fortaleciento capacidades para medir la degradación forestal.
In collaboration with the  South Pacific Community, the UN-REDD Programme is  supporting Pacific countries on the key MRV elements of the  Warsaw Framework for REDD+. 
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