16 10th St. | Toledo, OH 
October 26, 27, 28 & N ovember 1, 2, 3, 4
A Christmas Carol
[The Valentine Theatre]
November 30, December 1 & 2
Bus Stop
January 11, 12, 13, 17, 18,  19, & 20
Special Events:
The Rocky Horror Show
- Partnership -
3B Productions
November 9
10th St. Stage
November 10
7:00pm & 11:59pm
10th St. Stage
Elevate Cabaret Fundraiser
- Partnership -
T.H.E. Modern Dance Co.
November 17
10th St. Stage
Bus Stop
October 20
10th St. Stage
October 22
Brown Building
Adult Acting Classes:
Introduction to Adult Acting
(Ages 18+)
Oct. 27 - Dec. 8
** No class Nov. 24th **
10th St. Stage
Young Rep Ed
Classes & Workshops:
Stage Combat
- Workshop -
(Ages 7-17)
November 10
10th St. Stage
The Rep Rocks!
(Ages 7-17)
January 5 - February 23
10th St. Stage
Student Showcases:
Fractured Fairy Tales
November 3
10th St. Stage

Improv at The Rep
November 19
10th St. Stage
The Rep Rocks!
February 23
10th St. Stage
Would you like to enjoy the excitement of live theatre on a budget? Take advantage of our Thrifty Thespian Thursday! 

Simply come to the box office in person between 7:00 pm and 8:00 pm prior to that same Thursday evening's Mainstage performance and if any available seats remain, you can purchase your ticket in person for that evening for just $10.00! That's a 50% savings off the regular ticket price!
This special applies to our Thursday night Mainstage plays only. No other discounts or coupons apply with this special.

Volume 42, Issue 2 / October  2018
Letter from the President
Greetings friends of The Rep,

Our  86th Season of shows and classes is underway and as always, we have a lot going on, including two exciting new partnerships to announce.

I am thrilled to tell you that we are collaborating with the local nonprofit community theatre 3B Productions to present three performances of  The Rocky Horror Show here at The Rep on November 9th and 10th. These are bound to be wild nights, so don't miss your chance to see  Rocky up on the 10th Street Stage for the very first time! Tickets can be purchased at  toledorep.org.

The second collaborative project that I am extremely excited to share with you is our partnership with the recently formed nonprofit, Toledo's Human Experience (T.H.E.) Modern Dance Company. THE's mission is to provide professional dance and performance opportunities for adult dancers in the greater Toledo area. They will be a resident dance company at the Toledo Repertoire Theatre, using our stage to perform several times throughout the year. The company's very first performance will be a 1-hour cabaret entitled "Elevate", taking place on November 17th with proceeds going to benefit both T.H.E. Modern Dance Co. and the Toledo Rep. The event will feature dancers from T.H.E. Modern Dance Co., guest musicians, and other Toledo artists. Tickets can be purchased on The Rep's website,  toledorep.org.

On top of these wonderful endeavors, our second MainStage production of the season is almost upon us. Opening October 26th,  Slasher is a delightfully hilarious satire about horror movies that perfectly complements the Halloween season. Regardless of whether you love or hate horror flicks, you will love this show.  

If that wasn't enough, Haunted Toledo is back for another Ghost Hunt at The Rep, immediately following the  Saturday, October 27th performance of  Slasher. Ghost Hunt tickets can be purchased as a package with a ticket to the show through our website,  toledorep.org.

Shifting gears to education, our Fall session of Adult Rep Ed starts up on October 27th, with an "Introduction to Adult Acting" class taught by the talented Fran Martone. Then,  for the younger aspiring thespians (ages 7-17)we are offering a  one day Young Rep Ed  workshop on "Stage Combat" starting November 10th.

Of course, with all that's happening, we're always looking for extra hands! If you like what we're doing here at the Toledo Repertoire Theatre and want to get more involved, please let us know by filling out our  volunteer form.

And last, but not least, thank you for your continued support. We could not do any of this without the ongoing backing of our wonderful community and patrons!

See you at the theatre!

Christopher A. McAnall

       Alison Bechdel Sends Some
Love to the Toledo Rep
On September 29th, our cast of FUN HOME received a beautiful, appreciative, and encouraging letter of love from Alison Bechdel..... THE Alison Bechdel!

Alison thanked our cast and crew for all of the hard work they put into telling the story of her family and for the care they took with the story and the characters. She also thanked the Toledo Repertoire Theatre for all that we are doing and the positive effect we are having on the Toledo community.

Thank you Alison for your beautiful and moving words. We were honored to tell your story and portray your Maple Avenue family on our 10th Street stage!

The shock, tears, and ghostly white faces of our cast speak for themselves in these photos.

Photo Credit: Sarah Sobel


By Allison Moore
Directed by Nancy Wright 

Sponsored by: The Ability Center

"SLASHER" is presented through special arrangement with  SAMUEL FRENCH, INC.
October 26, 27 & November 1, 2, 3 at 8:00pm
October 28 & November 4 at 2:30pm

When she's cast as the "final girl" in a low-budget slasher flick, Sheena thinks it's the big break she's been waiting for. But news of the movie unleashes her malingering mother's thwarted feminist rage, and Mom is prepared to do anything to stop filming...even if it kills her. The hilarious hit of 2009's Humana Festival of New American Plays at the Actors Theatre of Louisville. "Screaming. Blood. Impalements. Meat hooks. Electric drills. Objectified women. Crazy mother in wheelchair. Whaddaya expect? It's a slasher movie." - Philadelphia Inquirer

If you have questions, please contact us at (419) 243-9277

Photo Credit: Tim & Dawn Fox Photography
2nd Annual Public Ghost Hunt!
Explore the history and mystery of the iconic
Toledo Repertoire Theatre! 

For years, stories of strange activity taking place inside the walls of the Toledo Rep have been whispered among actors and stagehands. Haunted Toledo conducted the first investigation of these claims last year, and returned again over the summer. What they were able to document left them speechless!  Now you can experience the phenomena for yourself!

On October 27th, celebrate the Halloween season in style with a horror movie-themed play and an exploration of a verified haunted theatre!

A $40 ticket gets you a seat to our production of Slasher and a spot in the public ghost hunt that will begin after the show! The public ghost hunt will run from 10:00pm to 3:00am.

ALL proceeds from ticket sales go to the Toledo Repertoire Theatre.

by William Inge
Directed by Sonia Perez

October 20th
10th Street Stage

October 22nd
Brown Building

Auditions will consist of sides from the script. Please find the sides at  this link .
Women interested in auditioning for the role of Cherie should prepare 16 bars to sing a cappella. Men auditioning for the role of Virgil should be prepared to play 16 bars of a song on the guitar (singing is a plus). You may be asked to sing this song at auditions or callbacks. Please be prepared to list all of your scheduling conflicts between auditions and the performances.


Elma Duckworth: Female, 16-19 
Waitress, innocent but bright, high school age, plays Juliet to Dr. Lyman's Romeo.

Cherie: Female, 20's 
A nightclub chanteuse, pretty, fragile, grew up too fast, from the Ozarks, has a southern accent, performs Old Black Magic.

Grace Hoyland: Female, 35-55 
Owns the diner, husband deserted her years ago, has come to terms with life, wise and motherly, but can be a bit of a flirt if the right man is around.

Bo Decker: Male, 20's
Ranch owner, attractive, cowboy, brash, impulsive, naïve, child-like, innocent and simple, determined to take Cherie, his first love, back to Montana.

Dr. Gerald Lyman: Male, 40-60
Former college professor, alcoholic, with a penchant for younger women.

Virgil Blessing: Male, 40-60 
Ranch hand, good-hearted simple cowboy, like a father to Bo, laid back, plays guitar.

Will Masters: Male, 40-60 
Sheriff, big, stern, means business but friendly.

Carl: Male, 40-60 
Bus driver, hearty, a flirt, has seen just about everything.

An American classic by the author known as "The Playwright of the Midwest." In the middle of a howling snowstorm, a bus out of Kansas City pulls up at a cheerful roadside diner. All roads are blocked, and a few weary travelers are going to have to hole up there until morning. Cherie, a nightclub chanteuse, is the passenger with the most to worry about. She's pursued by a young cowboy with a ranch of his own and the romantic methods of an unusually headstrong bull.

Show dates:
January 11, 12, 13, 17, 18, 19, 20, 2019

Questions or concerns, visit www.toledorep.org or call (419) 243-9277

Richard O'Brien's
The Rocky Horror Show
Book, Music and Lyrics by Richard O'Brien
November 9th at 8pm
November 10th at 7pm and 11:59pm
In Partnership with 3B Productions, the Toledo Repertoire Theatre is proud to present
"The Rocky Horror Show"!

One fateful night, Brad Majors and his fiancée, Janet Weiss innocently set out to visit an old professor. A thunderstorm and a flat-tire force them to seek help at the castle of Dr. Frank 'N' Furter, an alien, transvestite scientist with a manic genius and insatiable libido. A cult classic and a loving homage to the classic B sci-fi film and horror genres with an irresistible rock'n'roll score, The Rocky Horror Show is a hilarious, wild ride that no audience will soon forget.

*** A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Toledo Rep ***
May not be suitable for youth younger than 16 years old.
Prop bags will be sold in the lobby for $5.00!

Come in costume and get ready to Time Warp, have fun, and sing along!

If you have questions, please contact us at (419) 243-9277

"The Rocky Horror Show" is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, INC.
"Introduction to Adult Acting Class"
Instructor: Fran Martone

October 27 - December 8
*** No Class on November 24th ***

Saturdays, 12:30pm - 2:30pm


The Toledo Rep's Mainstage and Brown Building

Open to adults 18 years or older

Open to anyone, but geared towards beginner level students!

Let's start at the very beginning. Learn basic tools, techniques, lingo and structure necessary in acting. This is your chance to play and explore. You will be encouraged to let your imagination soar, your tongue to twist and your body to express. We will use games, exercises, and short scenes to get you started.

Please bring a pencil, a folder, and a notebook to class.

*Enrollment Limited to 10 Students*

Questions? Please call us at (419) 243-9277 or email us at education@toledorep.org


Fran Martone has an MFA in acting from DePaul University and is a proud member of the Screen Actor's Guild (SAG) and AFTRA. Throughout her peripatetic odyssey, Fran has acted and directed across a wide range of media, including theatre, film, and television. Spending over four decades bouncing from city to city, she finally landed back in her hometown of Toledo in 2016.

Some of Fran's more recent accomplishments include appearances in the film Observe and Report with Seth Rogen, as well as a starring role in the award-winning short film, Good Luck, Mr. Gorski. Her recent television credits include Breaking Bad with Aaron Paul and In Plain Sight with Mary McCormack. Fran most recently appeared on the Toledo Rep stage in January playing the lead role of Abbey Binder in David Lindsay-Abaire's Ripcord.

If you would like to see more of Fran's work check out her reel at:

"Stage Combat"
(Ages 7-17)
1 Day Workshop

November 10th
9:00am - Noon
at The Rep

How do those actors do it without getting hurt? Learn the art of using your body to tell a story, and practice the skills of fight choreography in a safe and supportive environment.

If you have questions or would like further details about our classes, please contact education@toledorep.org or call (419) 243-9277

Modern Dance Company - Toledo's Human Experience Presents


November 17
7:00 pm

A cabaret partnership with the Toledo Repertoire Theatre featuring dancers from T.H.E.'s company, guest musicians and Toledo artists.

*** A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Toledo Rep ***

T.H.E. Modern Dance Company was created to celebrate dancers in the Toledo and NW Ohio area as well as the artistry of Modern Dance as it relates to the human experience.  Co-directed by Ashley Hill and Allie Batey of Toledo, OH - the company serves the community by providing a place for performing and developing artists. T.H.E. Modern Dance Co. will also be a resident dance company at the Toledo Repertoire Theatre. Keep a look out for other exciting offerings from them throughout the year on the 10th St. Stage!

We are the dancers ... we create the dreams!


Now through October 20, readers can  nominate selections for each ballot category. Who deserves to be considered for each category?  Nominate them online at the  Toledo  City  Paper's "Best of  Toledo" web page. Up to six nominees per category will be included on the ballot.

Starting on November 7, vote for your favorite nominee in each category on the online ballot to determine the "Best of  Toledo".


In Partnership with Bartz Viviano, the Toledo Rep is proud to offer you flower bouquets for your favorite cast or crew member to be delivered to them in their dressings rooms before the show!

Small Bouquet - $15.00
A hand-tied bouquet of fresh seasonal flowers.

Large Bouquet - $20.00
A hand-tied bouquet of fresh seasonal flowers and 3 roses.

Roses - $25.00
A hand-tied bouquet of one dozen red roses.


"A spooky good time: Join the hunt at historic Toledo haunts"

At the Toledo Repertoire Theatre in central Toledo, the ghost of a young girl who was struck and killed by a streetcar haunts the theatre, along with a male and female spirit that roam the theatre's floors.

"Every time I go there with the EVP digital recorder, there's a child's voice following me around, repeatedly calling me 'mommy' throughout the night. I believe the child to be Mary Sullivan, who died after being hit by a car at that location," said Sarah Chelten, of Haunted Toledo, a local organization hosting a series of ghost hunting events during the 
haunting  season.

 Harvey House Donation Drive!
Thank you to our patrons who donated to our Harvey House Donation Drive during our production of Fun Home!

Thanks to the generosity of our patrons we were able to collect two huge boxes packed full of teen friendly snacks and full sized hygiene products as well as cash donations and almost two dozen LGBTQ+ children's books!

Harvey House and the Toledo Rep are humbled and eternally thankful for the endless community support that you have given to the LGBTQ+ youth in our area!

(Photo Credit: Christopher McAnall)
Young Rep Ed Workshop
"Make-up & Costuming"

 On October 13th, our Young Rep Ed students had a BLOODY good time during their "Make-up & Costuming" Workshop at The Rep!  Thanks to out expert instructors, our students learned all the techniques, tricks, and tips they needed to craft the perfect look for Halloween!

To keep up to date on all of our exciting Young Rep Ed Class and Workshop offerings visit www.toledorep.org

(Photo Credit: Chris McAnall and Sarah Sobel)
Improv at The Rep
On October 7th, the Toledo Rep's Adult Rep Ed program started their Fall "Improv at The Rep" sessions!

Come see their combined class Improv Showcase the evening of
Monday, November 19th at 7:00pm at The Rep!

Also check out our website, www.toledorep.org, and our social media sites for up to date information on future "Improv at The Rep" classes and workshops!

(Photo Credit: Sarah Sobel & Christopher McAnall)
Girl Scout B.I.G. Event
On September 29th the Toledo Rep participated in the B.I.G. (Believe In Girls)  Event , which was held at the SeaGate Convention Centre in downtown Toledo and attracted some 1000  Girl  Scouts  from all over Northwest Ohio! Each Girl Scout could design their own day - choosing from the varied workshops, exhibits, and hands-on activities - the idea was to give the  scouts  the opportunity to design their own year of learning and achieving.

(Photo Credit: Bonnie Herrmann )
Big Al's FUN HOME Sketch Pad!
Did you know that our "Big Al", Amber Wilkes, actually sketched nonstop during the live shows throughout our three week run of FUN HOME?

Check out are some of the fantastic sketches she drew during our live productions!

(Photo Credit: Sarah Sobel)

The Rep is Looking For Videographer Volunteers!

The Toledo Rep is looking for qualified individuals to perform freelance videography work for our marketing/advertising team. The goal of our marketing department is to strengthen the Toledo Rep brand and to promote all events, programs, classes, productions and outreach initiatives of the Toledo Repertoire Theatre.

As a videography volunteer, you should be prepared to work in an exciting, creative and fast-paced environment. Candidates should have an entrepreneurial mindset for project development and a strong drive to take on challenges. They must be self-motivated, a strong team player, able to think outside the box, and be comfortable taking the lead in facilitating, planning and executing the digital video productions of the Toledo Rep.

If you are interested or have any questions, please email marketing@toledorep.org

The Rep would like to thank:
Everyone who donated to our Harvey House Donation Drive. The Harvey House youth, along with everyone here at the Toledo Rep are truly humbled by your donations and your outpouring of support to the local organization in our Toledo community!
- The Ability Center for loaning us a motorized wheelchair for our production of Slasher.
- Our crew of volunteers who assisted in the Girls Scouts B.I.G. Event.

Become a Board Member!

Do you have the passion and drive it takes to be an advocate for the Toledo Repertoire Theatre?
Serving on the board of a nonprofit organization is a wonderful, enriching experience and is a fulfilling way in which you can give back to the community that we call home.

Those wishing to serve should have a vested interest in and a strong allegiance to the Toledo Rep and its continuation as a vital part of the cultural fabric of our Toledo community.  The responsibilities for Board and Committee members are different. Due to bylaw guidelines, we have a limited number of Board seats. However, we have many more Committee positions available. If you should have an interest in either area, please complete the online form.
Questions or for more information, please contact president@toledorep.org

Education is one of the central aspects of our mission here at the Toledo Rep and we are always looking for new instructors to include in our program. If you are interested in being a part of our education program, please let us know! A background in teaching is desired, although not necessarily required. We are looking for people experienced in one or more of the many aspects of theatre, with a passion and desire to share those experiences and skills with others. Our program includes classes, workshops and camps for children, teens and adults.
The Toledo Rep Is Seeking Directors !  
Interested directors, please click on the link below to complete the online Director's Application.
Questions or concerns may be directed to  artistic@toledorep.org
or by  calling the Toledo Rep at (419) 243-9277  

Come be a part of "Toledo's Community Theatre"!

Want to be a star without being on stage? Whatever your interest or talent, we welcome your help at The Rep! It's a great way to make a difference and give back to your community. In most cases, no experience is needed - we'll train you!

To get started, please complete and submit the form below!
Please take our survey!

The purpose behind these questions is to help us mainstream our efforts. This survey will also help us get a better handle on what you, our audience, would like to see produced on our 10th Street Stage. 

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Simply go to  smile.amazon.com and  select TOLEDO REPERTOIRE COMPANY to receive donations from eligible purchases before you begin shopping. Products marked "Eligible for AmazonSmile donation" on their product detail pages are eligible for donations.

Thank you for supporting the Toledo Rep!
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Register online at  krogercommunityrewards.comSelect Toledo Repertoire Theatre from the list of organizations.  Members must swipe their registered Kroger Plus card or use the phone number that is related to their registered Kroger Plus card when shopping for each purchase to count.

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