The In-Wall Back-Box Mounting Solution
Standard Product Solution
rp Visual Solutions' Wallmate product line was created to ease the process of integrating a single panel mount. This standard product option is built to be as rigid and smooth in operation as all other custom RPV system designs. 

Key Benefit to Wallmate - SAVING TIME
The Wallmate system was designed to save time at every stage of the construction process from front start to finish: Design, Rough In, Off Site Prep, and On Site Installation. 

Additional Wallmate Benefits
  • Mounts direct to studs = no blocking
  • Removable device mount plates = Allows off site assembly line assembly
  • 0.6” from back of display to wall = Most Panels ADA Compliant 
  • Can Mount displays from 55” to 98”
  • Built to the strength and rigidity that RPV is known for
  • Knock outs for electrical boxes and conduits
  • Lots of equipment storage space
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