Our Perspective on the 2014 Graham Senate Seat...
June 10 - Primary

March 3, 2014
We have taken a serious look at each of the candidates running for the Senate seat currently occupied by Senator Lindsey Graham. Whenever possible, we have personally met with the candidates, spending hours with most of them.


State Senator Lee Bright is a strong Constitutionalist with a sterling limited government and pro- life voting record. He has not only voted correctly, he has been a leader in advancing conservative causes.


Richard Cash is a business and family man who ran a brilliant race for congress in 2010 only to be narrowly defeated in a runoff. Richard has a demonstrable love for America. He has fought in the trenches for the pro life cause more than most know and is a warrior for social issues of importance to conservatives.


Bill Connor has a professional understanding of the Constitution and intent of the founders. He is a combat veteran possessing deep insight born from years of study on matters of national security.


Senator Graham has served in the Senate since January of 2003. Initially, tallying a more conservative voting record, there has been disappointment with Senator Graham's move toward "centrist" positions on matters such as his support of amnesty for illegal aliens and his confirmation of the most liberal justices on the United States Supreme Court.


Nancy Mace has some name recognition for being the first female to graduate from the Citadel. For many years she was a partner/owner of an online political tabloid. Our best information is that since declaring to run for office, she has distanced herself from this questionable publication. Because she has not been in a position of leadership, it is difficult to fairly assess how she would conduct herself in one.


We find some exceptionally good candidates in this race, candidates who have demonstrated ability and leadership, grasp of the Constitution, and dedication to conservative principles. From our perspective, however, the candidate who we believe is most needed at this time is De Treville ("Det") Bowers.


Det Bowers' knowledge of Constitutional principles and the founders' intent gives him a command understanding of conservative values and the spiritual moorings of our nation. This understanding, coupled with his strong communication skills, make him a powerful force for conservative argument. He has a rich and varied leadership experience in which he has consistently demonstrated an ability to rally like-minded individuals toward a common goal. In fact, even before an organized campaign, waves of individuals have rallied around this distinguished South Carolinian.


Det also has demonstrated a lifelong commitment to integrity and character. We believe this will give him the moral authority needed to be a standard bearer for the social issues of importance to conservatives.


Finally, in no small measure, we believe in Det Bowers' ability to inspire enthusiasm for his campaign. We need a winner. In days of malaise where Republicans are often forced to vote for "good enough," it is refreshing to have a candidate worthy of enthusiastic support.


Together we offer our endorsement to Det Bowers for United States Senate.




Curtis Bostic                                       Bob Menges

For an insightful glimpse into the conservative logic of this compelling candidate, we would urge you to read his book, "America-Upon His Shoulders"


Visit Det's website here: http://www.bowersforsc.com or find him on Facebook by clicking here.