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Bill Thompson
2017 Campaign Chair
Your United Way has been bringing people together now for 80 years, forming cohesive groups to support area organizations, all in an effort to strengthen our common purpose of providing Education, Income and Health initiatives for a United Cass County.

Your United Way
is staffed with well over 1,000 volunteers every year, offering their time, talents, energy and financial support to every corner of Cass County. From Live United Projects, 2-1-1 Information and Referral Services, Reading Railroad, plus direct financial support to 12 local agencies and programs. United Way works to strengthen our entire community. 

Your United Way
helps provide for local youth mentoring, after school programs, financial assistance scholarships, food sustainability, behavioral and developmental assistance, disaster relief, Armed Forces emergency services, area transportation, and leadership training 365 days per year, here in Cass County. 

Your United Way
recognizes there are boundaries that are often associated with various social, economic, ethnic, health or educational differences in our greater population - and, 

Your United Way
is committed to reduce and eliminate those boundaries.
Your United Way Needs You!
The 2017 Campaign offers a new year of opportunities for our Community Partners.  Your pledge , combined with the hundreds of other pledges, will ensure the sustainability of our common goals.  Together we can truly make a difference in our community. 

Unite: To join and act together in common purpose.

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