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Upcoming Events UpcomingEvents
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Fri, Feb 12, 9am
Beaver Lake Birdwalk for Great Backyard Bird Count

Sat, Feb 13, 9am 
Jackson Park Birdwalk

Sun, Feb 14, 9am
Warren Wilson College Birdwalk for Great Backyard Bird Count

Sat, Feb 20, 9am 
Black Mountain Birdwalk 
Fletcher Park Birdwalk

Tue, Mar 1, 7pm
EMAS Board Meeting at the Reuter Center, UNCA, Asheville.

Sat, Mar 5, 9am
Beaver Lake Birdwalk, 

Sat, Mar 12, 9am 
Jackson Park Birdwalk

Sat, Mar 19, 9am
Black Mountain Birdwalk
Fletcher Park Birdwalk

Other Events:

Sierra Club Program
"Wildflowers and Rocky Fork State Park" with Rangers Tim Pharis and Frosty Levy introducing the new Tennessee state park.  March 2, 7 p.m. at the UU Congregation of Asheville.  

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Enjoy this
Join the Great Backyard Bird Count!

The 2016 Great Backyard Bird Count takes place on February 12-15. Launched in 1998 by National Audubon and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, the GBBC was the first online citizen-science project to collect data on wild birds online and to display results in near real-time. Since it started 18 years ago, each February more than 100,000 people have joined the 4-day count to create an annual snapshot of the winter distribution and abundance of birds. In 2015, GBBC participants in more than 100 countries counted 5,090 species of birds on more than 147,000 checklists! Registered participants count birds for 15 or more minutes for one to four days and then submit their list. Last year more than 144,000 lists were turned in. It's a great activity for young and old, experienced birders or beginners, as the birds can be in your own yard or seen on an outing. Put some excitement in your February and join in! For more information on how to register and to report your sightings, go to www.birdcount.org.

EMAS will have Birdwalks at Beaver Lake on Fri, Feb 12 at 9am and Warren Wilson College on Sun, Feb 14 at 9am. Check our website, emasnc.org and the listserve for details.
 EMASprograms EMAS Spring Program Preview
March 15: Favorite Spring Wildflowers of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina with Botanist Tim Spira. Tim will present a photo program on spring wildflowers of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

April 5: Project Puffin: Bringing Atlantic Puffins Back to Egg Island with writer and photographer Derrick Jackson. Project Puffin is the inspiring story of how a beloved seabird was restored to long-abandoned nesting colonies off the Maine coast.

April 19: The
Bluff Mt, TNC Preserve
Photo by Marianne Mooney
Conservancy in Western North Carolina  with Megan Sutton, TNC Southern Blue Ridge program director. Join us for an inside look at TNC conservation projects in the mountains, from Golden-winged warblers to managing forests through fire.

Programs begin at 7 p.m. and are held at the Reuter Center on the UNCAsheville campus. EMAS programs are free and open to the public.
onlinemem  Save Trees: 
 Online Your Audubon Membership
If you are a member or donor to non-profit organizations like Audubon, the flow of renewal notices, special offers, and requests for donations can be overwhelming. Often one's mailbox is stuffed to overflowing with countless letters, sample Christmas cards, address labels (wait, I need them), shopping bags, etc., etc. After a while, you don't even remember whether you've joined or when your renewal date really is.

You can stop the flood of membership mail by going to an online renewal system. In addition, you can opt out of mailings except perhaps one lone letter when it is time for you to renew online. Buried deep within Audubon's website, I found the following: You may opt-out from receiving communications from Audubon by contacting Audubon's Member Services at  audubon@emailcustomerservice.com.

Just shoot them an email, get your membership online, request no solicitations by mail, and tell them not to share your email with other organizations. They will abide by your request!

bdnom  At-Large Board Member Nominations

In 2016, EMAS will be seeking At-large member nominations for their board of directors. Directors-at-large serve 2-year terms and are elected in even-numbered years. The Nominating committee members handling this year's nominations are Doug Williams (dhwilliams2@gmail.com), Beth Holley (beth@groverstudio.com) and Marianne Mooney (mooney.marianne@gmail.com). The committee will announce a slate of nominees in May, and the election will take place at the June general membership meeting.

There are a few requirements for serving on the EMAS Board. Board members attend a majority of 10 board meetings a year, and serve on one of the standing committees. Standing committees include Publicity, Newsletter, Conservation and Education, and Beaver Lake Bird Sanctuary. If you are interested in contributing your time and expertise to EMAS by joining the Board, or have someone to suggest, please email one of the nominating committee members. We look forward to hearing from you.

beaverbits  Beaver Bits
Text and Photos by Vin Stanton

Photo by Doug Johnston
Dark-eyed Juncos
are easy to recognize by their crisp (though extremely variable) markings and the bright white tail feathers they habitually flash in flight. You'll see juncos in flocks at your feeders or on the ground beneath them. Common winter bird at BLBS.  Length around 6 inches.

Mourning Doves are
common at BLBS and also around back yard feeders.  They are easy to find when they make their "coah cooo cooo coo" call. Length is around 12 inches.

During the winter months the  Brown Creeper can be found, with luck, at BLBS.  Look for mixed flocks of Carolina Chickadees, Tufted Titmice and Kinglets and you may spot a creeper creeping up a tree.  Creepers have a stiff tail which helps them stay close to tree bark where they search for food. Length is around five inches.

The last image presented
here is a teaser for the March Beaver Bits!!

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