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Edition 3, August 2014
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Hello, and welcome to the Third Edition of the new and improved Real Estate Digest. 
This edition addresses the drought. We here at Schneider Estates see not only the problem, but also the solution: a community working together towards a common goal. The proof is in the pudding--so far Santa Cruz has greatly reduced water consumption, and others are following suit!


Santa Cruz Water Conservation Board Takes Action.


Amidst drought conditions, The Santa Cruz City Council Water Department ("the Water Department") unanimously affirmed mandatory ordinance to ration Santa Cruz's water supply. The Water Department's goal is to trim water consumption down by 25 percent. And it's already working! Read more to find out how.  


The Lock Lomond Reservoir, which supplies a substantial portion of Santa Cruz's water supply, is currently at a sixteen-year low. Without reduced consumption, according to the Water Department, the Reservoir is expected to drop to the one-third mark, which would put the city in "peril," according to an article by the Sentinel. The City's plan, however, is predicted to keep the Reservoir at its halfway mark, which would be sufficient until October, when it is historically possible to receive significant rainfall again.


Beginning in September, a four-person home in Santa Cruz will be allotted 249 gallons of water per month. Condominiums and duplexes will be allotted between 124 and 174 gallons per residence per month.


While over consumption will create financial fines, the point of the plan is not to raise revenue, according to Santa Cruz Water Director Rosemary Menard; rather, the Water Department genuinely seeks to promote conservation. In support of this, Menard indicated that a first violation would be forgiven in exchange for attendance of a three-hour "Water School" class designed to educate on conservation.


Santa Cruz Water Use Greatly Reduced; Others Follow Suit.

Water use was down twenty-six percent in July! According to a post by the Santa Cruz Water Department's Facebook Page. "The community is doing a really great job, everyone has come together to accomplish a big goal!" Comments Water Conservation Representative Amanda Bunte.

If you find yourself facing over-consumption charges, find the Water School application here. You can mail it in, attend, and have your fees forgiven.

For example, a family whose leaky toilet at their Santa Cruz home pushed their overconsumption bill to $1,700. According to an article by the SFGate, the couple was able to get the entire bill dropped after they attended Water School. 

But that is not the norm. Bunte reports that only six percent of Santa Cruz Residents have gone over the consumption limit in July. That is a big feat! So it seems that our community has come together and taken charge. 

And others have noticed. Beginning in July the San Jose Water Conservation Board began enacting conservation measures very similar to those in Santa Cruz. Together, the community at large has come together and is overcoming the drought. There is more work to be done, but if these results are any indication of things to come, all of us here at Schneider Estates Real Estate are confident that this community will continue to work together and succeed.
Extra: Home Values On The Up
Santa Cruz Medial Home Price Highest Since 2008.

This is great news for home owners wanting to sell, especially in the higher end market.  Paying credence to bad times past and good times ahead, the median home prices in Santa Cruz reached $675,000, the highest they have been since February, 2008, just before the housing market crash.
According to an article by the Santa Cruz Sentinel, the number of homes selling is up from the dark days of 2009, '10 and '11. All in all, this is good news for prospective sellers. Homes are selling faster than recent years; and best of all, they are showing record appreciation!  

Christine's Corner

Organizing our homes:

 The Keys to Simple Living is an organization dedicated to living simply. To us, simplicity is a breath of fresh air, a return to the basics.


This month we feature  How to Organize Your Home.  This guide sets out to reduce the un-necessities in our life--the clutter. Having a simple life means having less stuff, especially useless clutter.


Thinking about this, all of us here at Schneider Estates recognize the sense of relief that comes with reducing the clutter in our homes and in our lives.   


Sacred Places Real Estate:
What is a home, beyond shelter? What does your home provide in your life? I suggest that when the sacredness of life is bought forth in how we live and where we live, our world will begin to evolve. Our team members at Sacred Places Real Estate  practice daily meditation and yoga and establish the home as the center of our lives. If you want to learn more about creating sacredness in the home,  call us.

Quotes on Creativity.  

Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun.

"Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn't really do it, the just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while" - Steve Jobs

We Connect people with places.

We create conscious spaces for creativity to flourish. It is new creative adventure with each person and each property.
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