The Real Reason You Have Not Done "IT" Yet
Do you have an “IT?”

I am sure you do. You may even have several.

Your “It” is typically the goals or dreams that most resonate with you right now.


Your "IT" is that thing that if you could just grab hold of it, you know that things would really shift and fall into place for you. You probably know what your “IT” is, and yet every time you get up close and personal with “IT,” it seems to vanish or move just a bit further away. Sometimes you may even wonder if “IT” is even a reality…maybe it is just a bucket list item that has to stay in the bucket. Or maybe…you will just get to it tomorrow…when you have more time, or your kids don’t need you, or you have more skills…or…

The real reason you haven’t done “IT” or have not gotten to “IT” yet is because a thief got to “IT” first.

That thief is YOU.

The real reason that you have not done, experienced, conquered, or taken ownership on that goal or dream that you most want, is that it lives in the unknown. We tend to fear the unknown, until it is known. When fear creeps into our lives, and it does for most of us at one point or another, a series of excuses and limiting beliefs kick in as well. So the real reason that you have not done “IT”…that thing you most want to do with your life…is fear.

Find that fear and you can stop stealing from yourself. Disrupt the story you’ve been telling yourself and guess what? You get to write a new story. The one that includes actually living your “IT.”

Identify and bypass that fear, and you can fear “less” to do more.

Is it time to finally do “IT?” Time to stop that thief and take that first small step toward the life and legacy you want to live today? Think about what would be different in your life if you did!
You don’t have to reach your “IT” today…you just have to start today.

One. Small. Step.
Begin Here:

Grab a pen and a piece of paper and detail the following:

·       List 3 goals or dreams…3 “IT” statements.

·       List 3 small action steps that you could take toward those goals.

·       Circle the statement and action step that is top of mind.

·       Now imagine the worst-case scenario What are the excuses that come up in regard to those goals and action steps? What is the absolute worst that could happen in regard to your “IT” statements? Write that down in a short paragraph.

·       Next, walk over to the nearest mirror and read back what you just wrote. Start with your “IT” statements or goals, and then say your action steps out loud. Then read your worst-case scenario back to yourself slowly.

·       Once you have read this page out loud, shred it or cut it up and throw it away.

On a new piece of paper detail the following:

·       Write down 3 intentions that you are setting for yourself regarding your goals …these are your “IT” statements.

·       Write down 3 commitments you are willing to make to achieve those intentions and to actually “DO IT” and take the plunge, fear or no fear.

·       Circle the intention and commitment that is top of mind.

·       Now imagine your many successes in regard to the intentions and commitments you wrote down. You’ve got this! What does it feel like to have mastered your goals and action steps? What does this allow you to do now? What are the outcomes?
Write it all down in a short paragraph.

·       Next, walk over to your mirror once again and read out loud your intentions, your commitments and your success statement. Really hear your words. Take them in.

·       Keep this list in a place where you can access it easily and once a month, check back in with it. What did you manifest? Did you get closer to your “IT?” Was the intention and commitment you circled the one you are having the most success with? Have you done “IT?”

Most importantly…did you catch your thief?
If you would like support in catching your thief, let's talk .

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