The Truth about Vitamins:

Recent reports in the media have stated that  vitamin supplements are no good and a waste of money.   This is only partially true.  Most vitamins supplements are made from synthetic  substances that your body cannot absorb and utilize.  This is why your urine often turns yellow after taking these pills.  The yellow you see is the vitamins your body was not able to absorb.  Here are the rules you need to observe in order to get your nutrients:

1. Do not rely on vitamin supplements as your source of nutrition.  A good healthy diet consisting of primarily, if not entirely plant based organic foods is your first step.  Eating one or two fresh green leafy raw salads daily is essential for good health.  In addition to your salads you should consume nuts, seeds, whole grains and other types of plant foods in their raw state or as close to raw as possible.  To do this you will need to become educated about raw food and how to prepare tasty dishes.   Drinking 1/2 your body weight in pure water is also essential (if you weigh 200 lbs, you need 100 oz. of water for example).  In addition to water start your day with fresh fruit and herbal tea. 

2.  Use superfood smoothies as your primary supplement.  Superfoods are live plant foods that are dense with phytonutrients and at the same time very easy to digest and absorb.  These include bee pollen, spirulina, phytoplankton, maca root powder, moringa powder, camu camu powder, cacao powder and more.  Other highly nutritious plant foods to use in your smoothie are almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, Brazil nuts and hemp seeds.  All nuts and seeds should be consumed raw, without salt and soaked for at least a few hours to make them more digestible.  Other ingredients for your smoothie can include flax seed oil, organic strawberries, blueberries, pineapple and banana. 

3.  A typical smoothie for me is:  12 ounces of fresh squeezed apple or orange juice, organic blue berries and strawberries, a handful of sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds, 1tbs of bee pollen, 1 tbs of flax seed oil, 1/2 tsp of moringa powder.  This  is all blended together in my Vitamix blender until it is smooth.  I start my day with this drink after practicing Yoga and having my water, tea and fruit.  If you are strapped for time in the morning carry your smoothie to work with you. 

4.  If you feel that you need a supplement in addition to  your healthy diet and smoothie then you should purchase one that is made from live foods or raw and come in capsule form for easy digestion.  Be sure to find a brand that contains B-Complex and especially B-12.  I personally use a supplement called Vitamin Code.  They make a wide variety of supplements including vitamins, minerals, probiotics and enzymes. 

Some Resources for you:

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