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Todays Highlights!
Buddha in Meditation
Agra Earrings
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Birds of a Feather in Blue

Drama.Drama.Drama. These Earrings are filled with the good kind. Long Hand Dyed Feathers hang off of Gold toned Recycled Metal Discs with Crystal accents and Crystal Studs! They take Ah-MaZiNG! To a New Level!



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Oh My Karma Loves!!!  


We have admittedly been a bit quiet over at the karma kasa... 


 Well there have been a WHOLE BUNCH of changes, add on and an evolution that we have never seen coming!!   The past few years have been amazing and to be honest we never knew it could get this good!!  

I have been having the song from the early 90's by Digable Planets stuck in our head .. " The Rebirth of Slick" and we are feeling the same way... Just cool like that!  

I am SUPER EXCITED to announce that the karma krafting web site is up with ALL NEW ITEMS!!!!

So with the rebirth of karma... the addition of our Visit our blog, Follow us on Twitter and Find us on Facebook 
we are taking 2011 by storm!!! 

So I want to share with you a sampling of our new items and would be honored if you took a peek at all of our progress!!

much love 
~good karma ~


Buddha in Meditation
Buddha in Meditation ....


This excellent padmasana image of Buddha, the founder of the Buddhism and one of the few great universal teachers the history has ever seen, represents the great master absorbed in meditation. The icon renders Buddha seated cross-legged with both of his feet turned upwards, which gives him the appearance of a semi-sprouted lotus, a conventionalised posture which in Indian iconography is traditionally known as padmasana. He is fully absorbed in deep meditation, which his sitting posture, position of his palms lay upwards upon each other, the demeanour of his face and his half-shut eyes define. In Buddhist iconographic tradition, this posture has been identified as the Dhyani Buddha or the Buddha in meditation. This beautiful charm is cast in Copper with brass accents and bhas a copper bar and toggle closure and gemstone accents



Agra Earrings
Agra Earrings
Agra Earrings

Agra. Just as the Taj Mahal is magnificent and amazing. These beauties of molten metals dance on your being as the stars dance in the night time sky... 

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Bubble Bubble
Bubble Bubble


Being an eco fashionista is made a hundred times eaisier with this beauty in recycled metal multi link long necklace

So all of us here at the karma krafting family again say THANK YOU so much for your love and support thru the years and we look forward to hearing from you ....