Congratulations to the Recipient of the Jointly Funded 2017 Myeloma Canada and Canadian Research Society Research Grant
Myeloma Canada, in partnership with the Cancer Research Society, is pleased to announce that Dr. Hong Chang, Cancer Clinical Research Unit (CCRU), Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and Affiliate Scientist, Toronto General Hospital Research Institute (TGHRI), is the recipient of the fourth jointly-funded Myeloma Canada/Cancer Research Society Operating Grant for his project entitled "Role of MARCKS in multiple myeloma drug resistance". The 2016 jointly funded grant was for $120,000 over two years focusing solely on myeloma research.
By analyzing protein from drug-sensitive and drug-resistant myeloma cells, Dr. Chang and his team have discovered a novel protein called pMARCKS (phosphorylated myristoylated alanine-rich C-kinase substrate) that is highly expressed in drug-resistant myeloma cells. They propose to investigate the molecular mechanisms of pMARCKS and validate pMARCKS as an important therapeutic target. To reach their goal they will establish a model to target pMARCKS with specific peptide inhibitors to overcome myeloma drug resistance. Their study will provide a potential novel therapeutic strategy to improve the outcomes of patients with the disease.

Congratulations to Dr. Chang and his team to moving us one step closer to finding a cure!