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September/October 2015
SEA of NC Conference   
The Structural Engineers Association of North Carolina's annual conference will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina, on October 15-16 at the Omni Hotel. This has been a successful year for our association and we have seen an increase in membership. Thanks to all who have helped plan this year's conference. See you in Charlotte!

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The Architect
Five things architects want you to know about what they do

1. Architects want and need for you to participate in the design process. It is your project, your expectations and your budget. Nils Finne of Coates Design, Bainbridge Island, Washington, has developed a program on "How to Select and Work with an Architect." The program focuses on setting clear and concise expectations between the client and the architect.

2. Architects travel. Many architects say more than 50 percent of their work is for out of town clients. Think in terms of finding the "right" architect for your project.

3. Architects are creative. Ask them who inspires their design; who their design role-models are. This helps the client gain perspective and insight into the architect's design.

4. Architects can lead a team of engineers and contractors, or architects can be a member of the team. The two main types of project delivery methods in which an architect may be involved are: 1) design, bid, build; or, 2) design build. The first delivery method has the architect as the project lead. The second delivery method involves the contractor as the project lead. Both methods have benefits and it depends on the type of project the client is pursuing as to which method is best.
5. Architects reduce the risks of "doing business." An experienced, licensed architect-especially on a large project-can help the client save time and money. Hiring an architect is often the best and wisest option compared to hiring someone without design experience or trying to do-it-yourself.

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October 15-16: Structural Engineers Association of North Carolina - Annual Conference

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Who are they?
Famous architects and their work

If you are hiring an architect and you ask the question, "Who inspires their design," you may hear a few of the names below and Frank Lloyd Wright may not be among them. Yet, a little about Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959) is always a good thing to know and, arguably, some consider him the best architect of all time.
Frank Lloyd Wright
And it was "time" that he was ahead of when one considers that he thought of interior and exterior spaces as one and that his work was influenced by the environment around him--resulting in the organic influence in his designs. A few of his most famous buildings include the Guggenheim Museum, Johnson Wax Headquarters, Marin County Civic Center, and the Imperial Hotel, Tokyo.

Other famous architects:
Julia Morgan: Hearst Castle - San Simeon, California - influenced by Bernard Maybeck:

Frank Gehry: Experience Music Project - Seattle, Washington - influenced by William Pereira:

Philip Johnson: The Lipstick Building - New York, New York - influenced by Mies van der Rohe:

Mies van der Rohe: The Seagram Building, New York, New York - influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright:

William Pereira: Transamerica Pyramid, San Francisco, California - influenced by James Langenheim:

Cesar Pelli - Bank of America Building - Charlotte, North Carolina - influenced by Eero Saarien: