September 2015 Newsletter

Life Without A Centre

True healing 
is not the fixing of the broken, 
but the rediscovery 
of the Unbroken.

- Jeff Foster

Welcome to another newsletter! 

Have you ever considered that you are not responsible for anyone else's happiness? 

And that you did not cause their unhappiness?

Of course, this is not a recipe for coldness, or a closed heart. You can still keep your heart open. You can still care, listen, understand someone's pain, feel profound compassion for them. You can take responsibility (which is NOT the same as guilt) for what you did and said, though you cannot change the past. You can grieve over lost dreams, feel your feelings, think your thoughts. 

But you are not the cause of their sorrow, or its solution, no matter how much they beg, cry, scream, act out, judge, lie, blame, or try to make you 'feel sorry' for them.

You can offer your truth, your advice, your healing, if it's wanted. But you are not guilty. You are not bad. 

You cannot complete anyone, and you never made them incomplete. They walk their own path, and you walk yours. Their happiness is their journey, and your happiness is yours.

True happiness is not given or taken, you see. It is source. It is presence. It is the willingness to metabolise your own experience; not placing that burden on others. Not seeking love outside yourself, but finding it closer. 

In your breath. In every feeling, joy to sorrow, bliss to boredom. In every beat of the heart, every sound, every longing, every sacred moment.

You are alive!

In this newsletter there's some information about upcoming webcasts/meetings/retreats, plus some new writing and a new video.  I hope you enjoy what's on offer here. I want to t hank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued love and support. Your courage, honesty, and dedication to truth is a real source of inspiration for me.
With love from yourself, as always,
Jeff xx

P.S. Just announced... I'll be running a retreat at ESALEN in California, April 3-8 next year. More info here


Jeff will be returning to The Netherlands for a weekend of exploration...

"Accept your non-acceptance in the moment.
Forgive your inability to forgive.
Surrender to your lack of surrender.
This is the pathless path!"
- Jeff Foster

Busting the Core Myth of Healing... and Trusting Life
Jeff will invite you to a paradigm shift in your understanding of awakening and healing. He will explain why healing is not a destination or a goal, but an ever-present reality. And why you are already enlightened, even if you don't believe that. And why even your doubts and fears contain great intelligence. More info here

Waking Up, Slowing Down, and Mindfully Embracing Life's Challenges
Jeff will invite you to see the perfection even in the imperfection of your life. He will invite you to slow down, reconnect with the present moment, and embrace both the joy and sorrow of your days. More info here

A short collection of bloopers featuring Jeff as he records a new Ekhart Yoga series of videos called 'Falling In Love With Where You Are'...

I'm A Useless Spiritual Teacher!
I'm A Useless Spiritual Teacher!

Jeff now has an official Instagram account:

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Jeff's new writing regularly appears on his Facebook page:

You say you love me. You say you care. You say a lot of things, but words are cheap, and I am worthy of the kind of love that builds galaxies.
If you would see my open wounds, my scars. If you would see my dark places, know my secrets. If you would see my fantasies, my strange thoughts, the impulses I have not been able to erase. The uncomfortable feelings I try to hide. The desperate longings, the empty feelings that haven't left.
The rage that burns. The grief that aches.
If you would know the things I keep buried in my heart, the things I cannot speak. If you would see the wrinkles, the folds, the pigmentation, the lumps and lesions, spots and sores. The growths, the imperfections, the errant hairs. The fluids whose flow I cannot stem, the secretions, the smells, the terrors of the night.
If you would see me naked, shaking, stripped of my image, my make-up, my foundations and sprays and cover-ups, my pretences, my defences, my barriers and walls; with no hiding, no games, no masks, no persona, no part to play and nothing to lose.
If you would see it all, raw, uncensored, uncontrolled.
Would you still love me. Would your heart open. Would you see ugliness, or would you see art.
A vulnerable heart. Longing to be met. Perfect in my imperfection.
You say you love me. You say you care. You say a lot of things, but words are cheap, and I am worthy of the kind of love that builds galaxies.

Sometimes you reach the end of your tether.
You've been fighting to change something for so long.
Now, you realize that it will not change. 
Not today, anyway.
And maybe not tomorrow.
So you begin to accept it, even love it, as it is, now.
You bow to its present existence.
Your resistance melts away.
You remember that your inner peace 
is not dependent 
on change or lack of change.
Your peace is changeless with the seasons.
And then, mysteriously, 
held in this non-resistant love,
feeling no pressure from you to change, 
cradled in deep acceptance,
the thing begins to change.
And you bow to it again.
Sometimes powerlessness holds great power.
The mind is not in charge of change.

And you will find yourself on that road again, halfway between the life you left behind and the life you have not yet claimed. And for a moment, breathless, you will forget the destination, forget where you are going because your heart is ablaze, and the wind is in your hair now, and the world cannot keep up with you. You are too fast for this world, too alive to think about consequences.
You have risked everything to ride on this road, risked ridicule an d rejection and your precious reputation, but you have chosen life over death, freedom over approval, speed over stagnation.
You have fallen in love with the unknown again.
The destination will show itself, yes, a new life will rise, but first you must ride, guided only by some inner knowing, a little frightened, but in awe of your own courage.

Your sadness doesn't say, "Please fix me, heal me, or release me". It doesn't say, "Please get rid of me, numb yourself to me, pretend I'm not here". It certainly doesn't say, "Please get enlightened so I can die!".
Sadness does not come to punish you, or reveal to you what a 'spiritual failure' you are. Sadness is not a sign that you are unevolved or far from healing, awakening, enlightenment, peace.
The presence of sadness is not an indication that you've done something wrong.
Sadness only whispers, "May I come in? I am tired, I long for rest".
And you reply, "But sadness, I don't know how to allow you in!"
And sadness replies, "It's okay. You don't need to know. I'm already in".
And we bow to sadness then, we recognise how it's already allowed in, how there's enough room in us for sadness, how we are not 'the sad one', not contained within sadness, but the room for sadness, its space, its home, its salvation, its loving embrace; not as a goal, but as our nature - consciousness itself, already free.
Don't heal yourself from sadness; let sadness heal you. Let it show you the way when you have forgotten. Let it reveal to you the mysteries of love. Let it remind you of your vast heart, your refusal to split off from any part of your ancient Self.
Let sadness help you remember that bigger Happiness you danced when you were young.


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Jeff Foster en espanol
LIVE events 
with Jeff

"Your pain, your sorrow, your doubts, your deepest longings, your fearful thoughts, are not mistakes, and they aren't asking to be healed. They are asking to be held. Here, now, lightly, in the loving arms of present awareness..." 
Through heartfelt talks, intimate dialogues, guided meditations and restful silences, Jeff guides us in his own unique, compassionate, humorous way back to the Home we never left - the present moment. He holds a safe, loving, agenda-free space where even the most intense thoughts and feelings can be welcomed, and we can remember our original wholeness.  

"Jeff shows us how to meet everything and to turn toward instead of away from Life... He has no lineage, so he has no spiritual guru baggage to carry around. His meetings are just raw, naked, unconditional love..." - R.P., participant.

*Places still available*
4-6 September 
Weekend retreat. Spoken in English with live Spanish translation.
More info here.

11-13 September 
Weekend of meetings.
Spoken in English with live French translation.
More info here.

25-28 September
Weekend Intensive 
More info here.

3&4 October
Day Meetings (see left) 
More info here.

9-16 October
7-Day Retreat in the beautiful Chateau Frandeux in the Belgian Ardennes.
More info here.

See website for all other events.
"What a week. It was wonderful and heart-wrenching.... Jeff, with his whole being, slowly and deliberately shoves a crowbar in your heart and pries it open and you can't shut it again." - S.H., participant 
"Jeff's retreats are an opportunity to be in silence with myself, present with the waves of every moment... An opportunity to share with a group a tremendous vulnerability in which true honesty can bring clarity of understanding and healing... - B.A., participant 







Jeff's latest book is now available...

Falling in Love With Where You Are:
A Year of Prose and Poetry on Radically Opening Up to the Pain and Joy of Life


Jeff's new book invites you to discover a deep YES to your life, no matter what you are going through; to see crisis as an opportunity to heal, pain as an intelligent messenger, and your imperfections as perfectly placed.



Available from Non-Duality Press  in paperback and e-book formats.


"From time to time, a new voice comes onto the scene - unfortunately for all of us not often enough - with something that is utterly alive, emerging out of the unknown, opening a portal into the ever deepening mysteries of love. Jeff Foster is one of these voices....  I whole-heartedly recommend this lovely new book of poetry and prose..."

- Matt Licata Ph.D., from the Foreword


" If you have had enough of the usual spiritual claptrap coming through as
"nonduality" and are ready for honest and brutal truth; that truth which will at first piss you off, yet will in fact set you free, this book is for you. It's beauty is in its gorgeous yet utterly radical expression... Highly recommended."
- Charlie Hayes, author of

From I Am to I Am With Love






The Deepest Acceptance:
Radical Awakening in Ordinary Life 
Available f rom Amazon
 "Wise, spacious, and loving. Teachings that can free the heart."

- Jack Kornfield, author of A Lamp in the Darkness and A Path With Heart


"A beautifully written guide to the fearlessness and simplicity of living fully immersed in each moment of our lives."

- Judith Blackstone, PhD, author of Belonging Here and The Intimate Life


"The Deepest Acceptance is a multi-faceted spiritual gem... A timeless classic through which numberless people will connect with the source of ultimate fulfillment."

- Peter Fenner, PhD, author of Radiant Mind and The Edge of Certainty





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