The Redpilling of America

Newsletter - Issue 6 - Dec. 10, 2021

Newsletter Topics:

-Don't Be Fooled by Communists

-Try Redpilling the People You Know Again

-It's Time To Pick A Side

-Truther and Patriot News Updates

-Why Are All the CEOs Resigning?

-The Official Return of Donald Trump

-3 Talking Points

-What Will Become of Churches

-Say No to 'Civil War'

-Lebron James Admits He is Getting Kobe'd

-Who is Playing the Joe Biden Character?

-Who is Playing Kamala Harris?

-Is Candace Owens the Granddaughter of MLK, Jr. and is He Still Alive?

-Another Kobe Bryant Surprise

-Who Else Has the 'Female Curve' in Their Backs?

-The Trial of the Century

-Kyle Rittenhouse - Another 'Crisis Actor''

-Be Safe This Holiday Season

-Did You Take the 'Mark of the Beast'

-Van Life Updates


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Welcome to 'Cathy's Corner'.

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Cathy Harris

Freelancer, Syndicated Columnist, and Investigative Journalist

Welcome to

'Cathy Corner'

Welcome to the 6th edition of 'Cathy's Corner.' Remember my e-newsletters are CLASSROOMS so don't try to take all this information in at once. Take a break then go back to it. Think of it as 'homework'.

Okay guys we are getting down to the wire and this turkey (#Movie to wake up the masses) is almost cooked. This e-newsletter (Number 6) is what my version of "The Redpilling of America" should look like. It is the Redpilling before the EBS comes out.

I believe the EBS might get started before I even finish writing this e-newsletter. That is just how close we are but remember it probably won't be enough to save families this holiday season.

It still won't be enough to get the Nesara/Gesara funds started and distributed to save the holidays but read this e-newsletter (MORE THAN ONCE) and forward it to family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues and take action accordingly.

A deep dark world is being exposed and the truth won’t be for everyone. For some of you, it will take a good six (6) months to a year for you to get over what you will learn.

Just understand the group that is going to tell you the WHOLE TRUTH are "Whistleblowers" -- so pay attention when you hear "Whistleblowers" speak out.

Just keep having faith in humanity. Be the change you want to see in others. Count your blessings and be happy that you are alive at this particular time in history to witness and experience such a beautiful awakening #2020Awakening.

Understand this can’t happen again. Be proactive and see what you can do to change yourself first of all -- then do what you can for family members and then get involved with your entire community because we can’t be in this position again in 100 or 200 years from now. We can't do this again and we can't leave this mess for our ancestors.

Just remember there are still a lot of scare tactics out there so learn the truth and conduct your own research and protect your mind, body, and soul. Make sure you go back and read my prior articles and newsletters at to catch up.

Again, if you have more questions, please reach out at, and/or

Freelancer, Syndicated Columnist, and Digital Soldier

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Don't Be Fooled By Communists

Communists are masters of deceit. They are the enemy. Once we easily recognize them by their real name – Communist, they had to disguise themselves with other names. They have many names now.

To be really deceptive, they will include some non-Communists in their groups. Remember some members of the Communist groups don’t even know they are Communists but they are doing the work of the Communists to achieve the Communist's goal of one central governing authority. 

Below are just a few of the relevant groups in which they hide:



-RINO Republicans





Try 'Redpilling'

The People You

Know Again

Don't Give Up on People!!!


Holidays are when a lot of people become depressed so be careful how your approach people around holidays.

Right now people are worried about the holidays and most people want to make sure they have a roof over their heads, food on the table, and presents under the tree for their children, so this is a very, very sensitive time for many people. 

However, the holidays would be a good opportunity to REDPILL the people you know especially family and friends. They just might be ready to listen now.

Explain to them they will need to turn off the TV and find truthful networks, groups, or communities that are speaking the

truth such as my network at

I wasn't too far off the mark when I started educating my audience in my first two below videos after the close-down in March 2020. Stick with me and I will walk you into glorious times (aka "The Golden Age").

Cathy's Wake Up Videos

-Van Lifer Take on What Is Happening in This Country

-Van Lifer Lays Out Action Plan for Families

I am on my way to Texas to start my Zoom Presentations and 'on the ground training' with my NEW TOUR -- "Cathy Harris UNLEARN and RELEARN Tour" with my Seminars and Workshops.

Reach out to my company at,,, or find me on social media -- if you live anywhere in the area or one or two states over. I am ready to teach -- if you are ready to learn. #OneMillionClassrooms, #BabyBoomerMagic.

It's Time To Pick A Side

Which Groups Are You Representing?

I am a 'Patriot' and 'Truther'.


-Q: Q is not one person but is supposedly a group of men and women working in military intelligence. Sometimes to put good information out in the universe, they send out DROPS - called Q-drops -- to the Anons -- their followers. Some of the 'Q' individuals have been working together for the good of humanity since 911 and others have come in and out of their groups over the years.

-The Anons: Anons are the followers of the Q-movement. Q is also called the "Q Movement" -- which again includes their followers -- the Anons. They look for drops and other credible information coming from Q. Many people confuse them with Qanons but they are Anons -- not Q-anons or Qanons. There are no Q-anons or Qanons.


-Patriots: Patriots are people who truly love this country and they also love justice.


-Truthers: Truthers are also people who love this country and they love justice too. These individuals who when confronted with some type of illegality will rise to the occasion and speak the truth. They are just not wired to lie when they are confronted with any wrongdoings. Their number one goal is REFORMS, REFORMS, REFORMS, and many times they are 'Whistleblowers' (aka "The Good Guys"). Don't forget that I am a "Whistleblower" ( so I know all Whistleblowers are genuinely good and truthful individuals.


-Sleepers and Normies: The "Sleepers" and "Normies" are also called “Sheeps” because they will be the hardest group of individuals to wake up. The Sleepers and Normies are the people that everyone is trying to wake up so that we all can work together and make changes as we transition over into the Golden Age. Many are brainwashed by the TV, especially the news, and many were indoctrinated especially in colleges and universities so many of these Sleepers and Normies are 'highly educated.'

More Words That Might Be Confusing:

-DUMBS or D.U.M.B.S.: These are Deep Underground Military Bases (Military DUMBS) that can go miles and miles under the ground. Many were built and used for other purposes many, many years ago. All the bombings that you heard that sounded like earthquakes over the past two years were the Military blowing up the tunnels and DUMBS so they could not be used for Human, Sex, and Child Trafficking -- ever again.

-'White Hats' or 'White Hats Alliance': 'White Hats' is a term used to refer to "The Good Guys." They are also referred to as 'The White Hat Alliance' or 'The Alliance.' These are individuals (probably strongly connected to "Q" -- Military Intelligence) who have been working on behalf of humanity for many, many years. They are located in every country.

-'Black Hats': 'Black Hats' are the evil group of Cabal, Illuminati, Free Masons, Deep State, Globalists, Satanist Cult Worshippers, etc. who have been spreading evil across the country for many, many decades and centuries. They have been putting people's minds and bodies into bondage for many, many years. They are being taken down as we speak.

Truther and Patriot News Updates

I know a lot of you have seen all the bickering going on between one of Trumps' attorney -- Linn Wood on Telegram. Join his channel but I will warn you -- if you don't like to read -- watch out because like most attorneys he loves to write. Join Sidney Powell (Trump's other attorney) Telegram channel also.

Linn Wood seems to be calling out several people, however, we know that General Flynn and General Mcinerney and others are "The Good Guys" so many of us have figured out this is just a distraction -- in the movie. However, there are sleepers that have been placed in the Patriot and Truther movement to cause friction. So let's be smart about what is happening.

Remember we are living in a movie to wake up the masses so that we can walk into a NEW ERA -- the "Golden Era." Therefore, many people are playing a part in the movie to wake people up.

Even the Patriots and Truthers are putting false information out there to confuse people because understand -- YOU CAN NEVER SHOW THE ENEMY YOUR HAND.

The Military Generals even say that there is no "Q Movement." Surely you don't believe that there isn't 'GOOD GUYS' out there -- along with GOD -- fighting on behalf of humanity -- making the world a much better place.

Why Are All the CEOs Resigning?

It’s my understanding there are well over 200,000 to 500,000 indictments and each of those indictments can contain up to 99 people. That’s a lot of 'swamp creatures' to deal with.

The swawp is being drained and the list of resignations from CEOs of companies is increasing everyday -- especially since the Maxwell trial started last week. She must have really had dirt on these individuals who were probably in Epstein's little black book and were frequent visitors of Epstein's island.

Just some of these companies include...

The Official Return of

Donald Trump

He Is Back...

The Military had actually been in charge of the US since Nov. 3, 2020 (2020 Presidential Election) when troops tabulated watermarked ballots of the election and certified that Trump had won by over 80% vote.


Though recently after Pelosi was charged with a serious crime, she agreed to a plan to decertify the 2020 Election – all of which was really not necessary especially since last March 2021 -- Trump was accepted by the Pentagon as Commander in Chief of the Military Forces, and then he was SECRETLY inaugurated as President of the Restored Republic on Saturday, Nov. 27, 2021.


As I explained to you guys in my earlier articles, there were TWO VOTING SYSTEMS running simultaneously at the same time. The regular voting system and the Military were running the new Quantum voting system.


You could actually see the watermarked ballots in out of space so the military knew exactly where all the ballots ended up at – even the ones that ended up in the shredder, garbage cans, or landfills.


All the ballots have been accounted for and just like you have been hearing since that time, Trump did in fact win the election by 80%. California did turn RED and Georgia did not turn BLUE -- #TheyCheated.

Everything since then has been scripted like a movie to catch the bad guys in their crimes while making mass arrests on over 500,000 federal indictments filed in federal courts across the nation and globe since 2016 when Trump took office and it worked. More than one of those indictments contained the Speaker of the House.

Trump called the election -- a disgrace to our nation and said it was truly the ‘Crime of the Century.’ It was never about 2024. It was always about correcting 2020. cont'd on next column...


Most of you have witnessed first-hand how the polls worked with all the election fraud and how they would work in the future if we don’t change it NOW.

The 2020 Presidential Election was nothing but ONE BIG -- STING OPERATION. Trump knew exactly that they were going to cheat. He has been playing chess and they were playing checkers. We could not tell you. We had to show you. There have been many arrests of poll workers, politicians, and many, many others who were a part of all the election fraud. 

People are saying a lot to do with the elections could have been done a year ago, but they wouldn’t have been able to identify and catch everyone who was guilty.  

Look how many corrupt individuals have surfaced in AZ, PA, MI, CO, GA, MN, and other areas. Just remember the whole swamp needs to be drained, not just a few dishonest politicians.


Supposedly, once we go into Nesara, all politicians will be out of a job and we will have 120 days to elect new ‘ethical’ politicians. We still need good people to run for office especially school boards because the FBI is still harassing parents who show up for school board meetings.


Over 17 states have discontinued their involvement with the National School Board Association due to their corrupt actions. We the people are fighting for the next generation. Meanwhile, take your kids out of school until they lift the mask mandates. The masks are making them sick.

Whistleblowers Will Always Be

'THE GOOD GUYS': There were hundreds of Whistleblowers who exposed what happened in their particular voting precincts. They witnessed first-hand all the illegalities then came forward.


Every single time where there has been corruption and unethical practices exposed in this country, it has been exposed by Whistleblowers so Whistleblowers are indeed “The Good Guys.” 

The End of the Movie: The movie was to wake up the masses of people so that we can transition over into the #GoldenEra.

We are at the end of the movie. And according to Juan O’Savin, an insider, he said in a recent podcast interview that over 70% of the people have now woken up so it’s time to move forward. He said we just can’t wait for others to wake up. 


I expect the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) to go off anytime now -- where they will take over the airways and educate the remainder of the people (#Sleepers and #Normies) who are not awake -- for at least 8 hours a day for several days. 

It was an interesting and exciting long-drawn-out movie but I don't care to watch it for the second time. Like most of you -- I am ready to move on to bigger and better things. #GoldenEra.


However, until the Stock Market crashes, I am not quite sure if the Nesara/Gesara funds will be FULLY RELEASED. Remember initially they will wipe out all your debt and you will only receive enough funds to keep your head above water so don’t think money will be printed in the sky and fall into your lap.

You still need to continue to be a viable member of society and hold down some type of job or business to feed your family.


On the other front the good news is in order for Nesara to kick in there can’t be any troops on foreign soil so they are bringing troops back from foreign soil as we speak -- which will mean '1000 years of peace.'

That is a good sign that we are walking into the #GoldenEra. Many people have already had all their debt wiped completely out. When the EBS does go off they will also be switching over to Tesla Energy so the power and internet might be up and down. 

We know that many people depend on the power for survival so there won’t be a total blackout. Supposedly, they are currently testing many of the satellites, so again I expect the EBS to go off any time now. 

3 Talking Points for the People You Love


It will probably be scary for a lot of people to learn all the vile information that will be coming out -- even what they are seeing in this e-newsletter. But if you haven’t been following along from day one like I have (go back and read all the articles and e-newsletters at many of you won’t know what to tell people so I collected a few critical talking points for you to study and explain. 


We Are Entering a New 'Financial' Golden Era:

Tell them we are transitioning over into a new era or dimension (5th Dimension), where there will be nothing but peace, joy and happiness. It is called “The Golden Age,” (aka “Golden Era”) where everything will be plentiful, and we will be in a position to take care of each other.


New Financial System: Since 911 (September 11) we were supposed to go under a new financial system called Gesara (Globally) and Nesara (U.S.), but the elites (or 1%) blew up the twin towers and stopped everything.


For years they had been illegally taxing us and taking our hard earned money -- even from our ancestors. So therefore, they will be paying off your mortgages, car notes, college loans, etc. and wiping out ALL YOUR DEBT. Many families have already had all their debt wiped out.


With Tesla Energy, your energy bills will decrease by 75% and they will go back to 1970 (or earlier) prices, and we will have access to 6000 natural cures and remedies that have been suppressed by the elites (1%) including med beds, which will help you heal and even live to be over 100 years of age.


Maritime Law vs. Constitutional Law: We will be transitioning from Maritime to Constitutional Law and every lawyer and judge will need to be sworn in again and this time they can be closely monitored.

Everyone jailed committing 'non-violence crimes' will be let go and treated for mental illness and other issues and there should be no reason to commit crimes in the future because everyone will have plenty of funds.

Trump have appointed many Constitutional judges already, but the good guys are still currently monitoring thousands of judges to see if they are Deep State judges so it’s important to report any wrongdoings to the proper authorities.


We Had To Rescue the Children:

The 2020 close-down was to rescue children from underground dumbs, tunnels and other places and arrest those committing these ‘Crimes Against Humanity.’


The Queen lived to be 100 years old but has been dead for 2 years (#Operation London Bridge). For years the UK Royals held human hunting parties, which also included children, and framed the victims genitalia on plaques on their walls.


The UK Royals owned the CIA and other intelligence agencies. Disney was connected to the CIA who was involved in child trafficking and Satanic Agendas and the CIA covered up child sex crimes for at least 10 employees over the past 14 years.


Disney in Florida and California underground tunnels and DUMBS -- were children ended up after being kidnapped from their parks were blown up in the last couple of years.

Wait until the masses find out Child Protection Services (CPS), Red Cross, NGOs (non-governmental organizations) and a slew of global non-profit organizations are all involved in Human, Sex and Child Trafficking.


Let everyone know that many of the children were kidnapped by Child Protective Service (CPS) services that held kangaroo courts with their own Deep State case workers, police officers, lawyers and judges. They illegally took children from families and they disappeared forever. Even Deep State Judges in family courts are reported to be removing children and trafficking children to their abusers.


The liberal elites are Satanists who will lie, punish you and abuse and torture your kids if you don’t stop them. Tell everyone because we are entering a new era, it will be much easier to monitor illegal practices by the court system and stop Human, Sex and Child Trafficking -- immediately.

Our children can’t be used for food, adrenochrome, and organ harvesting by the Satanic Elite ever again. But if we are not proactive in monitoring and protecting our children then that is what will happen again.


The children that have been rescued are now using med beds to try to recover, then the med beds will be available to Veterans, other disabled Individuals, Seniors, and others.


Vaccines Were About 'Depopulation'

'Operation Paperclip’, was a top-secret U.S. intelligence program, that brought Nazi German scientists to America to harness their brain power for ‘Cold War’ initiatives.


Satanic elite Klaus Schwab wrote a book describing his plans to kill off billion of humans starting with the 'whites'. They keep talking about depopulation saying that there are too many of us living on earth, but they still want to save lives with their magic vaccines – pay attention.


The evil Satanic elites (1%) were trying to kill off people so they can turn cities into ‘Smart Cities’ and use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and turn people into half human and half machine. Trans-human means being 'non-human' and you would lose all human rights and be owned by the state and be a ‘new age’ slave.


So tell everyone the vaccination program was a ‘depopulation program’ and that they should stand up to the establishment (government) and remove their masks, stop all vaccinations and boosters immediately and look for natural cures and remedies to remove impurities from their bodies -- if they took the shot.


As a Natural and Holistic Healer, I know first-hand that the human body can heal itself, but you have to repair it before it is too late. Just remember every single city has a natural and holistic community, where they are growing foods and healing people with natural cures and remedies.

Find these natural and holistic experts in your city, online or travel to other cities. Join our upcoming Zoom presentations at

What Will Become of Churches Especially Mega Churches?

Mega Churches: The mega-churches in the new #GoldenEra -- especially will fall because how could they have let this happen.

Many bishops and pastors work with governmental agencies and/or probably 'Satanic Cult Worshippers' to keep their congregations living in sin and/or 'asleep' so they are being exposed too.

-Lakewood Church, Houston, TX: A plumber found hundreds of thousands of dollars in a wall -- that were stolen from a safe in Joel Osteen's (who was born a Female to Male (FTM) #Trangender) Lakewood church.

Remember a while back when HAARP hit Houston and he refused to allow people to seek refuge in his church? I also heard that Osteen was some type of a 'high priestess for the Satanic movement in his area.

New Birth Ministries, Atlanta, GA: Bishop Eddie Long who has passed -- after running New Birth in Atlanta for many years, but many parishioners along with many prominent community leaders including many law enforcement officials -- knew he was sleeping with young men in the church and no one did anything about it until one of the young men came forward.

Eddie Long and Bernice King, MLK, Jr.'s youngest daughter -- one of his pastors -- even held a march against the gay community but he was gay the entire time. #Hypocrites.

Creslo Dollar Ministries, Atlanta, GA: Tons of people who don't even own cars ride the bus to Creslo Dollar Ministeries, a mega-church in Atlanta, and they are required to hand over a large portion of funds to him....just to be a part of these 'cult-like' mega-churches.

T.D. Jakes Ministries, Dallas, TX: T.D. Jakes Ministries (aka "T.D. Snakes") was built on fame from 'Satanic' TV shows such as the Oprah Winfrey show so we don't what he was involved in -- one could only guess.

Smaller Churches: Smaller churches are also filled with scandals. We need to shine the light on the smaller churches too even in rural areas. I am from a rural area and when my 45-year old uncle died, who was a proactive DEACON in the church, my aunt found out he had another family.

My favorite aunt, my mother's half-sister, had 6 daughters and one son by this man, and then she found out he had 4 more daughters by another woman. I believe they were married too -- which is illegal. My aunt, who was only 45 years of age -- died 30 days later after his funeral and many people said it was from #Heartbreak.

I had two -- not one -- but two close female family members who ran off with Pastors -- who had families including children. As a Love and Dating Coach, and the author of "Love After 50: Love Questions from After Hours," I am always telling women to stay away from married men.

You have to use restraint when it comes to married men. They are OFF LIMITS. Stop lusting after men (or fellas -- women) who aren't available. There is so much more you can do with your life.

Instead -- if you are that bored -- read books on 'self-development' or books on the 'human brain', become a gardener and start growing foods for your family and community or start another type of business, form an 'online' or 'offline' community with a group, and/or travel (#VanLife) - but stay away from men who aren't available. Start loving your life and stop causing others unnecessary pain...cont'd


In Atlanta, the black churches were nothing but 'fashion shows' for black women. They would wear the latest fashion trying to pretend they had lots of money. It was just sickening to watch.

In some of the churches, it was full of nothing but SINGLE WOMEN. When a single man show up, they would pounce on him like a shark (Single fellas listen up).

The male pastors would preach to the women to stay single until God send them someone, meanwhile, he was having affairs with at least 4 or 5 women and even had outside children with them.

I was forced to go to church as a child then as I grew up, I dabbled from time to time and went to some churches but never on a regular basis.

Most of the time I never felt comfortable in there. Everyone there seemed to be the 'biggest sinners' and 'hypocrites' out there. I felt it deep within my soul.

Many times in many churches, not all, I felt I would be rubbing elbows with demons and devils because as a Spiritualist, I could feel the 'low-vibrational' energy there. To protect my energy and space, I just stayed away from them.

Everyone needs to rethink where they go or even why if they should attend churches in the future -- especially now that we are finding out that 'evil people' actually wrote the bible and the bible contains many, many missing pages. 

Say No To

Civil War


A CIVIL WAR is not going to do anything but delay all the greatness that is right in front of us. You can form grassroot groups in your cities and get out in the streets and carry signs and march and/or organize online (, Zoom.US,, Skype, etc.) locally or nationally - but do it peacefully.


Please use this holiday season also to warn the people you love about the current atmosphere especially in the blue states where they are actively breaking in stores and because of Soro’ funding the Antifa/BLM movement, there are ACTIVE CRIME WAVES across the country. Many are relocating their businesses out of blue states.


Another reason there are active crime waves across the country is that for the last few years Soro put funding behind far-left District Attorneys so many committing these crimes won’t be punished.  

Lebron James Admits He is

Getting Kobe'd

Lebron James was in the news for getting a couple kicked out of a game so they are calling him a #Karen (wearing the blond wig). Lebron James is worried about being Kobe'd but what he might not know (but probably does since they are both a part of the 'Boule Fraternity'), which like the Free Masonry are SECRET SOCIETIES -- Kobe was probably given a second chance to go off and live another life - the life of Basketball Star Myles Garrett -- and don't forget unlike Lebron, Kobe probably wasn't a pedophile.

Lebron on the other hand as I told you guys in my last e-newsletter (Number 5) is a pedophile and this is probably why they have TWO LEBRON JAMES. They were probably going to move this one -- the pedophile -- to be GITMOED, and allow the other guy -- the other Lebron James to play basketball in his place, but chances are he wasn't as good as Lebron and everyone would have probably noticed it -- so will Lebron be back? We just have to wait and see.

When pedophiles are GITMOED and replaced by the White Hats (aka "The Good Guys"), they are replaced with a double, and sometimes they are able to use CGI. The Black Hats (aka the evil Cabal, Illuminati, Deep State, Globalists, etc.) use doubles, clones, and CGI when they have to replace people.

The word in the black community is that the Boule Foundation and other Satanic Free Masonry Fraternities control the agendas of the black community. Supposedly, black people were kept in a box and only able to rise to certain positions -- once approved by these Secret Societies, which many times have to embrace the GAY and TRANSGENDER agenda.

They call Atlanta 'Lil Hollywood' and the city was full of men from fraternities who were Free Masons. That is why the area was so problematic.

Leborn James and his wife is worth $450 million dollars but many times their lives are made up...However, there is no way Lebron could have risen to that position, without embracing the Gay and/or #TransgenderAgenda like most other celebrities (Movie Stars, Singers, Dancers, Rappers, Sports Figures, Politicians, News Casters, Lawyers) and many, many others in influential positions.

In order to gain that much FAME and FORTUNE -- they also would have had to INVERT their children. They would have to raise their girls as boys and boys as girls.

Leborn James and His Wife Transvestigation:

The James family loves throwing up the 'Devil sign' on pictures. They are thanking their masters and Gods for making them RICH and FAMOUS and these are Satanic symbols that most transgenders use to communicate with each other.

Lebron James has a female shape skull and female feminine inviting eyes. His clavicles go down in a V like most women instead of straight across like most men. He also has a low navel that goes below the waistline like most women...cont'd


Lebron's wife has an Adam's Apple that she is trying to disguise with neck chockers like most celebrities. She has the straight male's back (women have a curve in their backs for child-rearing).

I was trying to look closer at Lebron's back but his basketball uniform can hide it. Their agents make sure they work with to hide certain features on them.

They use photoshopping and airbrushing on every picture on google or sometimes they might even make a person's picture blurred so even if he has a 'female curve' in his back, they can just hide it in all the pictures. Instead of using google to look at these people for 'inverted features' -- try to use instead.

It is my opinion that Lebron James is a Female to Male (FTM) Transgender and the wife is a Male to Female (MTF) Transgender and the kids are also inverted.

Most 'natural' or 'biological' teenage boys would feel uncomfortable wearing the color pink but not in the gay or transgender community. The son is flipping the devil sign and holding his wrist -- which is also another 'Devil-Worshipping' Satanic symbol.

Lebron's Father and Mother Transvestigation: I could not get too many pictures of the father who also played basketball, but he does have the oval female face. However, I don't like saying someone is a transgender unless I am sure. I just did not have enough time to research him. I will probably do it at a later date.

On the other hand, I feel quite certain that Lebron's James mother, Gloria James, is a Male To Female (MTF) transgender. All her men's features are very prominent and telling. The mother looks like a man in the face.

She has the square male face and jawline. Her forehead slants back like a lot of males. She has high male cheekbones, a wide male dental arch (mouth), and piercing confrontational male eyes.

She also has prominent male clavicles. What is really telling is she has a longer ring finger like most males. They wear long fingernails to hide it so you have to look closely.

A woman's ring finger and index finger are usually the same length -- but not always, but I rarely ever see a MTF with male fingers -- unless they are a male. It is my opinion that Lebron's parents are probably 'inverted' because 'transgenderism' is usually 'generational.'

Who Is Playing President

Joe Biden' Character?

Hollywood Actors James Wood, Tim Allen, and British Actor Arthur Roberts is playing the role of Joe Biden. Biden was also played shortly by Sean Connery, who is still alive, and in the last interview where he was talking like he had a frog in your throat, that was Mel Gibson. The 'White Hat Alliance' is just having fun with this character -- especially since we are almost at the end of the movie.

Where is Joe Biden's Home - Really?


Joe Biden or the actors playing Joe Biden is still the supposedly President. Joe Biden is a puppet and when he won the election, the Deep State across the world celebrated -- not knowing they were fooled into continuing their dark plans and being exposed in all countries.


Joe Biden' (or the actors playing Joe Biden) home since taking office has been Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, GA and Castle Rock Studios, in Culver City, CA adjacent to (LAX) Los Angeles International Airport -- because again we are watching a movie to wake up the masses so we can transition on over into "The Golden Era."

Who is Playing the Character of

Vice President Kamala Harris?

Aaliyah who is STILL ALIVE and is playing the part or character of Vice President Kamala Harris along with Prince, who is also STILL ALIVE. Prince even showed up at his own funeral pretending to be his sister, but he doesn't have a sister.

Is Candance Owens MLK's Granddaughter and Is MLK Still Alive?

Rumor has it that MLK, Jr. is still alive and living as Robert Owens, Candace Owens' grandfather. Many are saying there was more than one MLK and many believe Martin Luther King, Jr. is Don King, who was never on the scene when MLK was alive.

It doesn't matter if Candace Owens is MLK, Jr's grandchild because many are saying there is more than one MLK. The one that is actually alive, according to Conscious X, is Don King, the fight promoter. Sometimes when they change who they are right in our faces, they don't even bother to change their last names.

Candace Owens and her husband is worth $180 million dollars. She has her own talk show and is very outspoken with masculine male energy and she also has that male confrontational stare with a male square jawline, long male arms that extend way below the crotch area (women have dinosaur arms that go to the crotch area).

She has PROMINENT male clavicles that you can easily see in those dresses. She loves wearing male-like suits so I found very few pictures of her with a dress on. She is also holding up the 2-finger Baphomet (Devil) sign in the picture with the pink blouse and being as worldly as her -- surely she knows that is no longer the 'peace sign'.


When she was pregnant, only the one picture above appeared on the internet. Let me tell you about 'natural-born' or 'biological' pregnant women. Many are proud to be pregnant and they will document weekly and monthly video albums with pictures and videos and put them out everywhere -- so I don't believe for one second that Candace Owens carried a baby.

Plus she looks like that is a moon bump because when natural-born and biological women are pregnant, the belly just looks different than a moonbump. She probably got that baby like most of the women in Hollywood who are transgenders from some type of surrogacy program or her husband who has female features might have carried the baby. It is my opinion that Candace Owens is a Male to Female (MTF) Transgender.

Another Kobe Bryant Surprise...

Kobe Bryant has a 'Female Skull' and a 'Female Curve' in his back for 'child-rearing' explain that...

In the 4th edition of my e-newsletter, you learned that Kobe Bryant WAS ALIVE, and in the last edition number 5 (all the e-newsletters are at you learned that it's highly possible that Kobe is playing the role of Myles Garrett.

Kobe is attending the Trump Rallies wearing a T-shirt that says "Blacks for Trump." He has actually been attending most of them since he supposedly passed. So by now most of you feel all warm and fuzzy knowing that Kobe Bryant is still alive and is actually playing in the sport that he truly loves.

Well, I hate to ruin your good news but it looks like Kobe is also a Female To Male (FTM) #Transgender. Kobe has female inviting eyes and a female skull. Women's heads are just made different than men's.

Kobe also has the 'female curve' in his back for child-rearing. A man's back is supposed to be flat (or straight up and down) and doesn't go in until his waistline.

When his wife addressed the audience at his wake, everyone in the audience was probably a FREE MASON. They remove people from the World Stage so that they can have these little gatherings and send out messages. Then many times they come back as other characters.

Watch how she says in her speech -- that all kids should dress like Gianna (who is also alive and is a Male To Female (MTF) #Transgender).

Also, look at how she constantly displays the ONE EYE 'SATANIC' SYMBOL with her hair falling over her eyes. It's such an act and/or a play...cont'd


If she was planning on crying or being upset there is no way she would have worn all that makeup. Again, this was a Psyop again to fool the masses.

There are one or two different scenarios happening with Kobe Bryant and I am not sure yet -- which is true.

The two (2) possible scenarios include:

1) Firstly, Kobe is going to be used to bring down sports and maybe Big Pharma because he had a lawsuit against Big Pharma when he supposedly died.

2) Secondly, Kobe might be playing the character of Myles Garrett. They both are ball players and Myles wasn't on the scene when Kobe was on the scene and they are saying since Kobe is heavier than Miles, he might be wearing a bodysuit.

Myles is younger than Kobe, but they have the exact same teeth and smile. Explain that...

-Vanessa Bryant shares powerful emotional words at Kobe and Gianna Bryant Memorial

-Kobe Bryant is Playing Myles Garrett

-Myles Garret is Kobe Bryant

Who Else Has the 'Female Curve'

In Their Backs...

but they are living the life of a male so they are actually a Female To Male (FTM) #Transgender?

The Trial of the Century -

Ghislaine Maxwell

(Epstein's Partner in Crime)

Many people believe that most of the people from this trial have already been arrested and Gitmoed and many believe it won't be a fair trial because it is not being televised. Others believe it is not a fair trial because one of the prosecutors is Former FBI Director James Comey's daughter who has been promised a promotion after the trial. However, I believe they are using the trial to REDPILL AMERICA because again many of these people have already been arrested.


PIZZAGATE was 1000% real. Connect the dots. Know what you’re dealing with. Maxwell's trial needs to be understood by every single human on the planet because YOU and YOUR CHILDREN are their food source. 

What Were They Really Going To Do To Maxwell?

There were so many ways this could have turned out for Maxwell and how do we know that what we are seeing or hearing is actually the truth.

The below went out from Hillary Clinton's account who has been arrested and executed at GITMO. However, there are still several clones of her out there.

So obviously this was still a possible scenario by the Satanic elite -- if they had gotten to Maxwell, they would have knocked her off and made it look like a suicide.

Kyle Rittenhouse - Another

'Crisis Actor and #Transgender

Black America especially Liberals/Democrats (Antifa/Black Lives Matter) tried to turn the Rittenhouse trial into a racial issue even though he (she) was caucasian and the people he (she) shot was caucasian.

Kyle's real name is Wendy Rittenhouse Lewis and she is not 18 but is really a 26-year-old Female To Male (FTM) Transgender, who was a police officer in real life. The whole courtroom was a stage. The audience in the courtroom was on a video loop (CGI).

Also, the Rittenhouse trial was nothing but a coverup to stop us from thinking about the Maxwell trial. Karl Rittenhouse was also a Female to Male (FTM) Transgender. They usually use #Trangenders to pose as #CrisisActors and Kyle was also a part of the Sandy Hook school shooting, which was also a HOAX.

Be Safe This Holiday Season

Teach Your Children How To be #StreetSmart

I want to tell everyone to be safe out there this holiday season. It broke my heart when I read on the internet that the oldest son of a person on my timeline was left for dead after exiting a 'check-cashing' business. I don't know if he survived.

Those Thanksgiving dinners should have been the place where some serious conversations about safety should have taken place. We raise our kids to the age of 18 then set them loose but have we taught them everything they need to know to survive?

Remember many kids are #BookSmart or #StreetSmart -- but many times, not both. Anyone can study and be #BookSmart. All you have to do is apply yourself.

Being #StreetSmart is simply knowing how to survive once you leave the comfort of your parent's home and many kids are still not sure about how to handle themselves so stop throwing your kids, even your male children, out of your home at the age of 18.

Many make mistakes like not looking around especially when dealing with banks or check-cashing businesses. This includes pay-day and title loan businesses -- businesses where it is obvious that you are going to be walking out the door with CASH IN YOUR POCKET.

Never ever go to an ATM in a sketchy neighborhood especially after dark. Wait until the bank is opened and just go inside. There are probably one or more persons out there scouting out these businesses and since it's close to holidays, many have figured this is the only way and easiest way for them to gain extra funds.

And don't forget that many believe --- not to leave any witnesses so if you go into these businesses by yourself, especially if you are a female or small frame male -- they might even follow you home or to another area and rob or kidnap you or your children later on.

In some malls because of 'loud noise' complaints -- teenagers under the age of 16 can't be in certain malls by themselves without parents or another adult. This should be a rule everywhere so stop just dropping off your kids at malls and other places. You are probably being watched.

When you are in malls or other stores, don't walk from store to store by yourself buying gifts after gifts by yourself. They will radio (use a walkie-talkie) or use a phone to inform their friends outside and describe you and when you come out then grab you for Sex or Human Trafficking or just to steal your packets, money, and credit cards or they will kidnap you for other sinister purposes.

Try not to be out after dark unless you are working on the 2nd or 3rd shift. Women and Seniors especially know they should never get gas after dark, but men also need to think about what they are doing too. cont'd

Especially try to stay away from car washes, laundromats, and other businesses -- especially if they are not in a populated or well-lit area. Do these things during the day.

If you don't feel comfortable being somewhere then leave but make sure you are not being watched. If you are anywhere like a club, a mall, or anywhere where you don't feel safe, call someone.

If you have to call a family member, friend, or uber and leave your car behind then do it. Always park in the light and look for video cameras because they will also be looking for video cameras.

I am from Atlanta I heard and seen it all. They had the 'blue-jean' bandits who would break in stores and only steal 'blue-jeans'. Also, the ATM bandits, who were experts at robbing and hauling off ATMs especially from drug stores after breaking down the wall and criminals love hitting Waffles House restaurants because they have easy access to jump on the freeway and get away.

Atlanta is number one in car thefts and the number one car they steal is a HONDA. If you drive through Atlanta in a brand new HONDA, you might as well just stop and hand over your keys because they will get you before you get out of the city.

They have 'car-stripping' businesses all over the place including at people's homes and I do believe the police is in on these unethical businesses too, which means you got to be even extra careful when you are approached by police.

Have all your documents in order (driver's license, insurance card, registration, and/or bill of sale). Don't ride around with your music blasting and don't speed. Don't give them a reason to stop you.

If they want your car in Atlanta -- they will just bump you at a red light. Then when you get out to check for damages, you will have a gun in your face -- just that quick.

These people are desperate -- now, especially during holidays. They will be using all types of tricks in the book -- so please -- be on guard and look out for yourself, your family, and your entire community.

Men should volunteer to patrol their communities and look out especially for Singles Mothers and children. Put alarms on your cars and in your homes. Everyone including children should take a self-defense or gun shooting course.

Remember we are in an 'uncharted territory' and millions of people are out of work. Many people are too lazy to file for unemployment or use the correct way to obtain working for it. Therefore, they will rob you blind.

For those living a #NomadicLifestyle or #CampingOut -- also, check out "Keep Safe While Camping." Take care...I love you...I love you...I love you. See you in the #GoldenAge.

Did You Take the 'Mark of the Beast'?

All They Had To Do Was Threaten Your Jobs

What's done is done. There is nothing you can do now if you took the vaccination besides staying away from any 'booster shots' and keeping yourself healthy even if it means walking off the job, but again, try to let them fire you instead so you can draw your unemployment.


Within 30 days of being fired, you can actually start receiving monthly checks from because what they did was illegal and they know it, but many people won't fight back. Go back and read my article in the 5th edition of my e-newsletter entitled "Steps To Take if You are Fired for Refusing the Vaccination." 

Remember the truth about CORONA/COVID is it is nothing but a cold and/or the flu. There was a CORONA/COVID virus created in the lab in Wuhan China and released at the World Games back in Oct. 2019, but by March 2020 it was gone.


Just as things begin to stabilize and people are removing their masks -- the industry may now face another blow – the new ‘Omicron Variant’, which can cause another blow to the supply chain -- but it’s just another LIE. This is all done to keep you in a state of FEAR so remove your mask and live your life.


Blue states are also where all the politicians stopped doctors from treating COVID patients with hydroxychloroquine, which has been proven time and time again to be a natural cure for CORONA/COVID and there are even 'home-made' and natural hydroxychloroquine remedies.

I was raised in different times and as a 65-year-old Baby Boomer, we were taught to fight back by the generation before us -- aka "The Silent Generation." Maybe somewhere in the back of my mind because we did have 32 acres of land in Georgia...a place that was partially mine, maybe I thought if I was really destitute to the point of homelessness -- I could go there.

But I know for sure as a former government employee and federal whistleblower, there is NO WAY they would have found me and told me to take an EXPERIMENTAL VACCINATION -- especially not when I gave up an almost $90,000 job a year to blow the whistle on my co-workers ( cont'd


I was even told that they were going to make all Veterans get the vaccination or they would stop their disability checks so I was all prepared to give up any type of government pension or disability check from the military.

I was standing strong with my convictions and I knew beyond a 'shadow of a doubt' -- what they were doing was wrong, wrong, wrong. I just don't see how people walked willingly into these doctor's offices or pharmacies and allowed these people to put a FOREIGN OBJECT into their bodies.

You don't have sex with just anyone off the street for FEAR they will give you some type of disease so why would you allow these doctors and pharmacies to give you and especially your children an EXPERIMENTAL VACCINATION simply because a governmental agency recommended it. YOUR BODY IS YOUR TEMPLE. It's the only one you got so take care of it.

People are dying from the experimental Corona/COVID vaccinations. They are quiet about it but people are dying several months after taking the "Mark of the Beast." Maybe they are not dying in masses as they expected -- but we don't know what is going to happen in the next few months or even 2 to 5 years from now.

Most people do have regrets about taking something EXPERIMENTAL from the government but what really disturbs me is -- they won't try to take steps to remove the TOXIC ingredients from their bodies.

I do believe the VACCINATION is causing issues because many who did not take the vaccination, including myself, are having to deal with "shedding issues."

So are the vaccinated causing the UNVACCINATED to get sick too? Read the article I wrote entitled "Are Vaccinated People Infecting Others With a Bio-Weapon?"

Just last week after being around others in a store, when I came back to my van and picked up my phone, I got sick. Once I left the phone alone and placed it at the front of my van, I started to feel better within 15 minutes.

I initially had the same feeling right after they started issuing the first vaccinations so I know all of this is connected. Apparently, your phone which supposedly has 5G activates some type of possibly Spike Protein that was in the COVID vaccination.

I monitor myself fairly well so before this I had felt great with tons of energy so there wasn't really a reason for me to feel ill like that. But they had been spraying Chemtrails, another reason for a lot of sicknesses, in my area that week.

Van Life Updates

Latest #VanLife Traveling

Videos - Subscribe:

Hello Everyone:

Most of you know that I have been traveling around the country living and teaching from my 2019 Promaster Van for 2 years. I just had my 65th birthday along with my 2 year van anniversary and I was able to complete Phase1 and Phase 2 of my van build-out.

I am currently in Sedona, AZ, and I have been here since a few days before Thanksgiving. Last year this time I had made it back to Atlanta, GA to be with family for the holidays.

This year because I was having trouble with my phone being too full and needing to clean up space on my computer, instead of paying for more space, I decided to make Sedona, AZ a working trip.

So, therefore, I have yet to go on any of the trails, vortexes, or even in the Metaphysical Stores. I was able to check out the city of Cottonwood, AZ, and know that in the future Sedona and Cottonwood, AZ will be added to my list along with of course Flagstaff, AZ and even Leadville/Torquoise Lake and Twin Lakes, CO as possible bases for my Nomadic life. These are all places I can go to and just chill out and get rejuvenated, while I replenish my mind, body, and soul.

I have been conducting housekeeping in my business, but before it gets too cold in the area, my goal was to hit Texas - RESTED, REJUVENATED, and teach 'on the ground' in my Seminars and Workshops and attend weekly meetings especially a weekly meeting on Constitutional Law.

I might even find a fitness group to join for a couple of months and/or even find a Community Garden to grow my own foods. The area of Austin, TX is filled with many, many resources so the 'Sky Is the Limit' on what I can do while in the area.

I lived in Austin, TX for 3 years then Dallas for a year before moving to Orlando, FL for a year before moving into my van into Nomad life.

Texas is still my HOME STATE. That is where my mail goes. I have only been through the state twice since being out on the road for 2 years and recently as a Veteran moved my base for my yearly physical from Orlando, FL back to Austin, TX.

Ideally, though I really need to find disperse camping land in Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, or Houston, or the surrounding areas. I just haven't had time to explore the state of Texas the way I really need to so I can be comfortable when I go there.

The greenery in Texas or the feeling like you are living in nature can't compare with Flagstaff, Sedona, Cottonwood, AZ, or even Leadville or Twin Lakes, CO.

I got several friends with homes in Austin and other areas in Texas so I can #StealthCamp (also referred to as #MoochDocking) in front of their homes, but sometimes as an Author and Columnist you can't get the privacy you need to be 'creative' when you camp out that way and if you are on a busy street, cars are still blowing their exhaust fumes (which is also a 'heavy metal') from their cars your way -- or the area might be too noisy.

They have plenty of truck stops but why stay at these if you are prone to 'heavy metal poisoning' because all you are doing is putting heavy metals back into your system. Gas that flows through the air is made out of a 'heavy metal' called 'benzene.'

I also just finished a 14-day full-body detox program (Complete DETOX PROGRAM). Every 3 months I do the 14-day detox program in the first chapter of my first health book "How To Take Control of Your Own Life: A Self-Help Guide to Becoming Healthier Over the Next 30 Days" (Series 3) and I have been doing this for 13 years to keep my body in tip-top shape....cont'd


Some people will go crazy after the New Year trying to get into the gym, but they should "Do A Detox Program First." Everyone should think about doing a 14 or 30 day -- end-of-year detoxication ('detox' for short) or beginning of year detox program if they truly want to avoid many health issues.

A detox program will reset the inner workings of your body and clean your body from the inside out so you can gain back your energy and vitality that you had from years ago -- and believe me -- it works!

Latest #VanLife Traveling

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-Exploring More of Twin Lakes, CO

-Twin Lakes, CO Dispersed Camping

-Hello Beautiful Twin Lakes, CO

-Leaving Leadville, CO

-Exploring More of Leadville, CO

-National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum

-Leadville, CO Turquoise Lake Dispersed Camping

-Exploring Turquoise Lake

-Beautiful Leadville, CO

-From Frisco to Leadville, CO

-Enroute to Frisco, CO

-Enroute to Leadville, CO

-Colorado Tiny House Festival - Day Two

-Colorado Tiny House Festival

-Phase 1 of Van Build

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