Women Transforming Sonoma County Through Collective Philanthropy - January 2019   
President's Message
Happy New Year,
I am so proud to be selected as your president for 2019. I am in awe of the wonderful, caring group of women who mak e up Impact 100 Redwood Circle. I appreciate everyone's contribution i n making this organization a meaningful part of the Sonoma County philanthropic community. Did you know that in a few short years we have already distributed $400,000 through our Impact and Community Grants funds?            
I hope you will join me in attempting to reach the following goals this year:  
1. Every woman will believe she is a very valued member of Impact 100 RC. She will feel welcomed at our meetings. She will feel encouraged to express her opinions. She will understand our organizational structure. I offer special thanks to all the hard working members of the Leadership Team who give their time and talent to create our success. However, whatever your level of engagement your membership is very important. Our lives do change. If you can't find extra time today to devote to Impact 100 RC, you might find that time in the future.
2. All agencies who receive a nomination will look forward to completing it. They will trust that it will be a fair and transparent process utilizing best practices in awarding grants. They will have heard that we are good partners to our grant-award winners supporting them and applauding their achievements in the work of the grant. As our reputation spreads in the community, agencies will be excited to be nominated by our members.
3. We will increase our visibility as an organization so that when Sonoma County women search for ways they can make a difference, ever-increasing numbers of women will think of us. Everyone can help meet this goal. When you introduce yourself at community events, be sure to mention that you're a member of Impact 100 RC. For those who are curious, follow up with one of our brochures that you keep in your car or your purse. Everyone becomes an ambassador in this manner.
If you have other ideas of how to make these goals a reality, please be in touch. And of course if you would like to volunteer, we would be delighted to accept your offer.
Jan Gilman
President, Impact 100 Redwood Circle
In This Issue
 Upcoming Events
 Cocktails & Conversation  
Wed, January 23, 2019 
4:30 - 6:30 p.m. 
Perch & Plow
90 Old Courthouse Square
Santa Rosa
 Membership Meeting  
Wed, February 13, 2019 
 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. 
Scottish Rite Center 
600 Acacia Lane
Santa Rosa  
New Member Orientation
Sat, March 16
9:30 - 11:00 a.m. 

Welcome to the newest members of our circle! 
Amy Pearl
Mary Ann Taub
Jennifer Girvin
Amber Heidtke
Diana Rich
Pat Cavanaugh
Our 2019 Community Grants committee has hit the ground running!  Impact 100 RC members should have received a request for nominations today!  Below is the committee's timeline for this year's community grant process.
2019 Community Grant Timeline 
Jan. 19
Request for Nominations emailed to full membership
Feb. 1     
Member nominations due by 5 PM
Feb 9       
Invitation to Apply emailed to nominee organizations
April 9      
CGC Meeting: Top 10 finalists selected; Non-finalists notified
April 12   
Summary of proposals and ballot sent to all members
May 10      
Member votes due by 5 PM
May 14     
Email to full membership and winners announcing awardees  
June 17  
CGC Meeting: Celebration and evaluation meeting
June 24
Membership meeting with check presentations to 2019 awardees
   Chris Chang Weeks & Carol Newman, Co-Chairs
Upcoming Events
Wednesday February 13, 2019 - Membership Meeting
You are invited to attend a Membership Meeting at the Scottish Rite, 600 Acacia Lane, Santa Rosa from 5:00-7:00pm. Come and enjoy some food, wine and socialize before the presentation.
To help us navigate the world of resources for identifying non-profits the Education Committee will provide an interactive program to guide us through researching Sonoma county non-profits.
The NextGen Committee will present new membership options such as Sponsored Memberships and mentorship opportunities.
Please RSVP by February 6th to: Pat Edelstein, quail6a@gmail.com 
Guests are welcome, but please also RSVP for your guest.
Pat Edelstein, Events Committee Representative 
Membership News
Several Upcoming Events....
As of January 19, 2019, Impact 100 RC has 166 members.  Please join us for our first "No Host"
Cocktails and Conversation of the New Year on
Wed, January 23, 4:30-6:30 p.m.  We will meet for a casual get together at Perch and Plow on Old Courthouse Square in downtown Santa Rosa.  No RSVP is necessary and you may bring friends who would like to learn more about Impact 100. 

There will be an Orientation for new members on Saturday, March 16, 9:30-11:00 a.m. All members are welcome to attend the meeting.
If you have any questions regarding membership please direct them to Charlene Staples or Bev Curry, Co-Chairs for Membership.                                                          

Charlene Staples & Bev Curry, Co-Chairs 
Three Exciting New Membership Options!
Sponsored Memberships 
Impact 100 RC members are now able to sponsor memberships for women who they would like to introduce to our giving circle. These women could include relatives and friends, especially younger women who would enjoy participating in our volunteer work. Application forms are available on our website.
Sponsored Memberships 
Impact 100 RC seeks to encourage participation by women in younger generations than the majority of our current members. The benefits of this goal include:
  • Making our group more inclusive
  • Introducing the next generation of women to philanthropy
  • Bring in women with different life experiences, which will expand the types of nonprofits that are nominated for grants 
  • Continue to expand our organization, which will increase our grant-making ability
  • Embrace and leverage generational differences and approaches to philanthropy to strengthen our Circle
The idea would be to have an annual cohort of women in the program (maybe 5 or 10 to start with). Ideas for the program are being explored and include the following:
  • Mentorship opportunities to link younger women with members interested in sharing their experiences
  • Research cutting edge non profits working in areas of interest to younger generations or that might be overlooked
NextGen Scholarships:
In recognition of the benefits younger women would bring to our Circle, as well as the possible financial barriers to getting them involved, a scholarship program is being developed. It will likely be a three-year scholarship, with increasing financial participation by the recipient each year. The goal would be to have them continue on as full or dyad members. The scholarships will be funded by donations from members. We are currently working on the application process and requirements for this program and hope to roll it out at the February meeting.  
Robin Wendler, Membership Committee 
Contact our Newsletter Editor:
If you have questions or suggestions for The Impact 100 Redwood Circle Communique, please contact Editor, Jan Houts at impact100marketing@sonic.net