Women Transforming Sonoma County Through Collective Philanthropy                 April/May 2016
 President's Message
 Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking at another  
 Impact100 house party. Membership Co-Chair Toni Wilkes
 organized the event - Barbara Hopp opened her lovely
 Oakmont home - and members Judy Farrell and Laurie
 Parish invited friends and helped answer questions about our
 organization. This event reminded me of how beautifully our
 members work together, and of the joys of collaborating with
 these amazing women in a small group setting.
 Have you been wondering how to become more involved
 with Impact 100 Redwood Circle? Any of our committees
 would welcome you with open arms. You can learn more
 about Leadership Team and committee opportunities on our
 Please consider these opportunities and take the survey 
 today to let us know how you would like to be more involved:
 If you aren't sure how to become more involved, please
 reach out to any current Leadership Team or committee
 member, or feel free to email me and we'll find a good fit for
 you. I think you'll discover, as I have, that working with other
 members in a smaller group is a truly rewarding aspect of
 participating in Impact 100 Redwood Circle!

 Best wishes,

In This Issue
MembershipUpcoming Events
1st Annual Membership Grant Meeting
 * May 21, 1:00 p.m. -
   Scottish Rite Center, 600
   Acacia Lane, Santa 

House Parties
 * May 25, 5:00 - 6:30 p.m.
   At the home of Jan
   Gilman, 2405 Rancho
   Cabeza, Santa Rosa
RSVP to events by clicking here:  Email Impact100

Grant Committee Busy Reviewing Proposals
The ten (10) semifinalists for the 2015-2016 Impact Grant submitted their Full Proposal Application (FPA) by April first and the Grant Committee has begun to review and evaluate the proposals.  Questions or concerns will be addressed during the Site Visits, which take place April 12 through April 28.

The committee will meet on April 30 to determine the three (3) finalists - the fortunate organizations and our membership will be notified of "the final three" on May 2.

After hearing the presentations at the May 21 meeting, the membership vote will determine the Impact Grant winner.  Proxy votes will be available for those members unable to attend. - details on this will be sent via email.

A summary of the semi-finalists proposed projects/programs is available on the members-only section of the Impact100 website.  A more detailed summary of the finalists proposals will be posted at the time they are identified.

As the proposals were submitted to the Grant Committee for evaluation only, we do not have permission to share them with the public. Therefore the summary document is for members review only. Please address any questions to the Grant Committee Co-Chairs, Carol Orme and Jan Gilman @ email Impact100.
Founding Members Total 156

We are pleased with the robust recruitment success Impact100 has enjoyed in its pioneer year, and the Membership Committee is grateful to everyone who has recommended interested women. Our most recent house party, hosted in Oakmont by Barbara Hopp and Laurie Parish, spread the word to 10 friends-of-friends. By the end of March we have 156 members, which includes dyads, triads and individuals.


We garnered a wealth of information at the March membership meeting on what impresses members most about Impact 100. From professionalism to effective communication, rapid growth, diligent grant process, and of course, our mission of collective philanthropy, it is clear our members have a positive impression of our organization. We also seem to share common interests: community service, travel, sports and exercise. One thing is certain: Sonoma County is home to countless generous and dedicated women eager to make an impact in our community.


Events & Education
The E&E Committee is planning a special celebration for our first Impact Grant Award.  We have been frugal on our past events and wine, food, d├ęcor and other necessities have been donated by members as well as local businesses.  We are looking for donations of white wine at the present time. If you can rob your own wine collection or encourage a local winery to donate, Impact 100RC is a non-profit organization and the donation is tax deductible.  Email Gayle Holste Gayle Holste or Sharon Robison Sharon Robison.
At the January meeting we introduced our gently-used cloth napkins.  Many of you responded and we have close to 200 napkins for use at our events.  Many thanks to all who donated. 
You saw three handsome young men filming and interviewing at the January meeting and you will see them again in May.  They are from the SRJC Digital Media Department and, as part of their class project, are helping us record our first year as an organization. 
Marketing Gets the Word Out
The first issue of our newsletter was a big success! The Redwood Circle Communique was emailed to 213 members and prospective members and had an open rate of 70.6% (or 142 people).  16% of those who opened it clicked through to our website or to one of the 10 grant finalist websites. In addition, the newsletter yielded a volunteer photographer for both the March 13 and May 21 events.  Kudos to Judy Farrell, who after reading the posting, referred us to Rosa Turner!
Webmaster , Vicki Groninga, continues to add rich new content to our website.  Check out the new  Leadership and committee positions  and the 10 Grant Finalist project descriptions which can be found in the "members only" section of the website.
The Santa Rosa Junior College Digital Media Department did a fabulous job filming the March 13 membership meeting.  The final video will be completed and previewed during the May award meeting. Kudos to Sharon Robison for submitting the proposal with Impact100RC being selected as one of seven class projects for this semester.  
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Help the E&E Commitee:
1) Art Director or Graphic Designer needed to assist with the preparation and vendor coordination for the "large format" check to be presented at the May 21 award meeting. 
2) Computer Technician needed to run Powerpoint presentation during the May 21 award meeting.  Ideal candidate would offer services pro-bono or at a heavily discounted rate.
Email Gayle Holste if you are interested, or have friends, family members or business associates who might benefit from this type of experience.