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Yaffle Connects
Have a research idea to share? Need a platform to start collaborating? Want to start a conversation around an important topic? The Harris Centre is launching a new mini-forum for sharing big ideas and building collaborations.

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Yaffle Connects
Too Many Pills:
Deprescribing for Health
Join us for the first Yaffle Connects!

Medications are meant to improve our health, but over time some medications may cause more harm than good. Learn how pharmacists at the School of Pharmacy’s Medical Therapy Services Centre are reducing pill consumption and improving clients' health and well-being.

Registration is free (only 30 seats available).
Pre-order lunch is available for $15.
Thursday, May 16
12:30 - 1:30 pm
Emera Innovation Exchange
Signal Hill Campus
or Watch Online
Rural Routes Podcast
 Season 1: Episode 4
Getting Smarter About Rural with Bill Reimer
This episode from season 1 of Rural Routes is definitely worth listening to again.

If there was such thing as a Grand Rural Council of the Wise, then Dr. Bill Reimer would certainly be Canada's representative on it. Our conversation spanned decades of Dr. Reimer’s quest for finding better and smarter ways of thinking about and working with rural regions. We discussed rural policy in Quebec and Norway as well as intriguing approaches to rural and community development emerging among Canada’s First Nations.
Missed a Session? Watch the Video
Memorial Presents
The Future of Rural Development
Given the complex challenges that face rural NL, what is the best approach to rural development in 2019? For some, the way forward has to be based in a new regional focus, but for others the regional model risks ignoring our attachment to specific communities, a possible key to sustainability.

In this Memorial Presents public forum Drs. Natalie Slawinski and John Schouten from the Faculty of Business Administration presented the PLACE framework. This new model for rural development is rooted in social enterprise and emerged from their research team’s study of Shorefast on Fogo Island. Their presentation was followed by a panel discussion.
Synergy Session
Come From Away and Stay:
Stories of newcomers making
rural NL home
Increasing immigration is often touted as a key to addressing our population challenges, but the retention of newcomers is seen as a big challenge for rural areas. Yet there are many examples of individuals and families choosing to make rural Newfoundland and Labrador home. Award winning journalist Kelly Toughill, in a report commissioned by the Public Policy Forum of Canada, The People Imperative, unpacks the reasons why newcomers choose to move to, and stay in, rural areas. Join us for a presentation and discussion with Kelly on her report and the conversations she had with people who come from away, and stay.
Synergy Session
Fishing for Sustainability
How Community-based Fishing Enterprises Continue to Shape the Rural Economy of Coastal Labrador
Well before the term “social enterprise” became commonplace in the economic landscape of this province, the Labrador Fisherman’s Union Shrimp Company and the Torngat Fish Producers Cooperative were paving the way for lasting, sustainable social and economic impact in their communities. Forty years later the two entities continue as viable community-owned enterprises, driving economic activity, employment and investment, and have generated extensive social and economic spinoff effects.Hear about how these enterprises came to be, what challenges they have faced along the way, and what other communities and enterprises can learn from their experiences. 
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Fundamentals of Community Economic Development: Year 1
EDANL has arranged for the delivery of nationally recognized economic development training from the University of Waterloo, to take place in St. John’s, NL June 17-21, 2019. This is an extraordinary opportunity to build your skills and join dozens of your counterparts across the province to learn and build a lasting professional network.

Strategic Doing: 10 Skills for Agile Leadership
The creators of Strategic Doing at Purdue's Agile Strategy Lab have a new tool for tackling complex challenges. Their new book, Strategic Doing: 10 Skills for Agile Leadership is now available for pre-orders. This book will introduce you to the new disciplines of agile strategy and collaborative leadership. Learn how to navigate an unpredictable future through the fast and agile development of complex collaborations, using a set of ten practical skills.

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