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Shaping the Harris Centre's Strategic Action Plan for 2019/20
The Harris Centre is holding a series of consultations to help shape our activities for the coming year. Come hear about our new programs and upcoming projects, and share your ideas for priorities, collaborations and programs.

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Rural Routes Podcast
Season 3: Episode 3
The Country Mouse and The City Mouse
Everybody knows the old story of the Country Mouse and the City Mouse. In this episode of Rural Routes, Dr. David Freshwater of University of Kentucky and Dr. Kevin Morgan from the University of Wales suggest we better develop some new ways of understanding the differences, and dependencies, between rural and urban populations. In the age of globalization, climate change, and just-in-time deliveries, what do rural and urban need, want, and expect from each other? Our guests both have incredible knowledge and experience, and you might even laugh a couple of times too.
Season 3: Episode 4
Islands and Their Universities
Universities located on islands tend to have a different relationship with their communities, often working together to find new, appropriate ways of approaching those old island challenges.   For this episode of Rural Routes we bring you a conversation between scholars and administrators at the University of Corsica, the University of Prince Edward Island, the University of La Laguna on Canary Islands, the University of Highlands and Islands from Scotland and Memorial University of Newfoundland. We talked about the role of universities in predominantly rural island environments and the innovative ways in which they connect to the islands and islanders they serve.
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Memorial Presents
Social Enterprise for Community Economic Development
Rural communities across Canada are searching for innovative ways to sustain their livelihoods, ecosystems, and heritage. A research team from Memorial University, studying social enterprise on Fogo Island, has derived lessons that may apply broadly to other communities.

Researchers Natalie Slawinski and Blair Winsor, as well as Shorefast's Diane Hodgins discuss how these learnings may inform rural community champions and innovators elsewhere.
Memorial Presents
How Work-Related Travel is Changing Our World
Extended travel to and within work is a key part of the lives of a growing number of Canadians. The consequences of this travel for life at home, on the road, at work and in the wider community are substantial and largely invisible. In this Memorial Presents, a partnership with On the Move Partnership, learn more about these consequences and their implications for families, communities, industry and policy.
Synergy Session
Should I Stay or Should I Go: Understanding Rural Youth Outmigration
The shifting of populations from rural to urban is not a new phenomenon, nor is it unique to Newfoundland and Labrador, and more specifically, the outmigration of youth from rural areas has been a trend for decades. This Synergy Session with Ray Bollman, rural development researcher, discusses rural outmigration and an in-depth look at the trends over the past decade and the implications for rural communities.
Vital Signs 2018
The Harris Centre and the Community Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador launched the 5th edition of Newfoundland and Labrador's Vital Signs report on October 10th. A new website containing all the data and articles from the report is available online and the full pdf version of the report is available to download.

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