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Debate NYYT (Night)
Innovation in Atlantic Canada
As part of Innovation Week 2018, the Genesis Centre and the Harris Centre have partnered up to host Debate NYYT!

Accepting and even celebrating failure is integral to a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, but does the Atlantic Canadian culture embrace failure as a step towards success?

Tuesday, May 15, 2018
6:00-9:00 pm
Johnson Geo Centre
St. John's
Research Ideas at The Rocket
Connecting with Memorial through Yaffle
Do you have an idea for research? Are you looking to collaborate with someone at MUN? Then bring your ideas to Rocket Bakery and join us to learn more about Yaffle, Memorial University’s online connecting resource. We’ll show you how to use Yaffle to get your ideas out there, and explain how Harris Centre staff work to match your ideas with the expertise of Memorial faculty, staff or students who could work with you.
Wednesday, May 16, 2018
9:30-10:30 am
Rocket Bakery,
272 Water street, St. John's

Synergy Session:
Community Revitalization Through Reinvention
Communities experiencing ups and downs sometimes draw the conclusion that something entirely new is needed - a reinvention. But given each community and region has its own set of assets and challenges, the best solution will be different for each place. In this session, University of Alberta’s Dr. Kristof Van Assche and his team, will discuss opportunities and obstacles for reinvention and examine how communities can draw on their own local strengths and assets to tailor a solution to build a path forward.
Thursday, May 17, 2018,
12:00-1:30 pm
Business Boardroom, BN4000, Faculty of Business Administration, Memorial University

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Research Funding
Thriving Regions Research Fund
Would you like to do research that impacts the sustainability of the Baie Verte Peninsula that falls within the themes of tourism, community and regional development, natural resource development or food security? If so, we have funding to help you!

Our new Thriving Regions Partnership Process includes engaging people in regions around the province in research, while also providing funding for Memorial faculty, staff and students to get the research done.
Application Deadline: May 14, 2018

Rural Routes Podcast
Season 2: Episode 15
Self-Care: Rural Doctors Support Each Other
Being a doctor in a rural community has unique challenges; from knowing too much about your friends and neighbours, to being the first line of defense in difficult life or death situations, it can be hard to find someone who really understands. This time on Rural Routes we listen in on a group of doctors whose informal support network has become a crucial line of support. Join us as they laugh about their experiences, share their most challenging experiences, and explain why, despite the distance between them and their busy schedules, they make time to connect.
Save the Date
October 25-27, 2018
Call for Conference Presentation Proposals is now open.
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People, Place
& Public Engagement
This fall, Memorial University’s  Office of Public Engagement will host People, Place and Public Engagement, a conference taking place October 25-27 at Memorial's new Battery Facility .

People, Place and Public Engagement will explore how universities and the public, including communities, governments, industry, not-for-profits, and others, collaborate, and work together.

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On the Move Partnership Update Sessions
Part of a nation-wide initiative, the Newfoundland and Labrador Field Component of the On the Move Partnership takes a look at the impacts of workers travelling for employment, including impacts on the province, individuals, families, businesses and communities. Multiple sectors have been included in the research, such as fisheries, nickel processing, ferries, shipping/transhipment, and construction. Researchers will be travelling to communities in Eastern Newfoundland to provide updates on the progress and results of the different research components. Please save the following dates, and keep an eye out for more details in the next edition of the Regional.
May 22: Parker’s Cove
May 23: Long Harbour
Missed the Session? Watch the Video
Succession Planning for SMEs in Labrador & Northern Pen.
Housing Needs & Supply in Central Labrador
Seniors Heath Care Provision in Labrador
Solid-Liquid Separation of Waste Petroleum Drilling Mud in Offshore
Hesam Hassan Nejad  
Waste drilling mud is the second largest waste volume produced in the oil and gas exploration industry after wastewater and cannot be disposed of or landfilled without proper treatment to meet regulation requirements. This study investigates the ability of surfactant-enhanced washing to treat the waste drilling mud and remove the hazardous hydrocarbons to meet the strict environmental regulations.  Read more.
Mapping Knowledge Seeking in the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
Dr. Blair Winsor & Ken Carter  
The entrepreneurial journey can, in part, be summarized as a process of discovering and exploiting opportunities with knowledge seeking critical to this process. This research mapped the knowledge-seeking activity of actors at the micro-level in both regions using proven network theory and analysis methodology.   Read more.
Got Ideas?
Have an idea? Why not Yaffle it?
Do you have an idea for a new research project? Why not enter it into Yaffle? We can help broker the opportunity with researchers and experts inside and outside of the University.

Why not take it one step further? Create your own Yaffle profile to showcase your connections and expertise.
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