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Economic development in Innu communities, the future of the NL economy, fantasy farming and underwater logging – check it all out in the latest edition of the Harris Centre's newsletter.
Synergy Session
Some Thoughts on Creating Economic Development in Innu Communities
Like many rural and remote communities in North America, the two Innu communities of Labrador Sheshatshui and Natuashish, are struggling to reinvent themselves in the face of major economic disruptions such as globalization, technological innovations and climate change. This session will look at labour market prospects for the Innu residents of Labrador given the current economic and social context, and specifically discuss the potential for entrepreneurship and employment, the education and training requirements of these two approaches, and the policies that can encourage or discourage labour market participation by Innu people.   
Friday, January 26, 2018
12:00-1:30 pm
Memorial University, St. John's Campus,

Memorial Presents
The Future of the NL Economy:
Generating Exports and Wealth
The economic news in the province is almost unremittingly bleak: low oil and mineral prices, sky-high public debt, a decline in shellfish, declining rural populations – and the list goes on. But this is only part of the story; many businesses are doing innovative work that will help diversify the economy of the province and ensure its long-term sustainability. This session will shine a spotlight on industries that have potential to drive the future economy of NL. Join us to learn more about what’s happening in the information and communications technology; oil and gas; mining; fishery and aquaculture; and tourism and hospitality sectors, and contribute your thoughts on what else might drive the province’s economy in the future.
Monday, February 19, 2018
7:30-9:30 pm
IIC-2001, Innovation Hall
Memorial University, St. John's Campus

Attend in person or watch online.
Free admission and parking.

Harris Centre 5yr Strategic Plan Presentatio n – Corner Brook
Over the last year, we've held a series of consultations with the public and key stakeholders to help shape our priorities and direction for the coming five years. Come hear about the resulting strategic plan and learn more about exciting new programs and opportunities.
Friday, March 9, 2018
9:00-11:00 am
Grenfell Campus, Room AS378
Memorial Presents - On The Move: The Family and Community Impacts of Mobility for Work
Extended mobility for work is widespread in Newfoundland and Labrador and in many other parts of Canada. This Memorial Presents provides an overview of findings on different patterns of extended mobility for work and their impacts on source and host communities as well as on mobile workers and their families. The On the Move Partnership has been studying extended mobility for work in the Canadian context for six years. With a focus on community and family impacts, this presentation highlights some of the key findings from this large program of research.

Rural Routes Podcasts
Fantasy Farming
Season 2: Episode 9
While the numbers of farms in North America are decreasing every year, virtual farms are thriving. What does the bounty of farming related computer, video and mobile games say about the urban-rural divide? Are they just time wasters, or could they actually be used to help create both knowledge and understanding? Join us for a (slightly goofy) chat about virtual pigs and cows, and the millions of people raising them. Our guests include video game researcher and film and media studies professor Dr. Alenda Chang of University of California, Santa Barbara and gamer Andrew Cohoe. We’ll also ask Jane Tucker, originally of Southern Ontario, but now living in St. Philips, Newfoundland and Labrador, what puts her town on the map.

Christmas in Pang
Season 2: Episode 8
Santa doesn’t have to go far to reach the children of Pangnirtung, Nunavut. For this very special holiday episode, we chat with A.J., Jasmine, Sheila, Steven, Rhoda, Tasha, Sipula, Myra, and Phoebe along with their teacher, Jonny Lush, from their school in the small community on Baffin Island. From their favourite holiday traditions, to the most popular bands in Pang (as the locals call it), join us as they answer our questions, share their talents, and open our eyes to the things they love about where they live. Jonny also shares his experiences as a teacher raised in the South but living and working in the North.

In the Gazette
Sunken Treasure
Could underwater logging be a new industry for Deer Lake?
The Deer Lake Tourism Development Corporation would like to explore the economic feasibility of salvaging sunken logs from Deer Lake, as well as the potential environmental impacts of such an operation.

Regional Tourism Networks and Social-Environmental Wellbeing in Rural Coastal Communities

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