May 2018 Newsletter
Sound Healing with Tuning Forks
with Shmuel Merimi
$60 for 60 min. session (usually $75)

Using the tuning forks, the Solfeggio Frequencies are introduced into the subtle energy fields and physical body. Each chakra has a different frequency associated with it and the different tuning forks correspond with these frequencies .
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13 Sign Astrology
with Natalie Miller
$45 (Usually $60)

I n a 13 Sign Astrology reading, you can expect a much more precise interpretation that integrates ancient ideologies of the constellations as they really affect you. Includes a typed up copy of your reading for you to reference at any time.  
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Baby Your Feet
(an add-on to a massage)
with Angel Moon
Baby your feet as you get ready for summer! Begin with a lovely warm towel wrap, followed by a Himalayan salt scrub to scruff away those rough spots while stimulating circulation. Finish with a softening, soothing balm to make those feet baby-soft. This service will normally add $10 to the cost of your massage - however, during April, come in and get your feet babied for only $5.

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Pranic Healing
with Shmuel Merimi
60 minute Session
$48 (usually $60)

Ancient science and art of healing that utilizes the life energy (prana) to heal the whole physical body (visible and invisible) using two basic laws of pranic healing: law of Self-Recovery and law of Life Energy. Using Color Pranas, Chi-energies and Crystals. P lease click here.
If you purchase from Amazon...

please consider going instead to Amazon's companion site, , and selecting Stone Soup Project as one of your favorite charities. You'll find the same products and prices, but you and Stone Soup will get a bonus: a donation to SSP by Amazon Smile. Thanks for helping the Center's nonprofit agency to continue to provide free wellness services to those who are most in need.

You may have heard me say that The Reiki Center started with a massage table out of the back of my car. I wasn't kidding, and here's the proof. (Yikes .. red hair!)
We've had quite a few new visitors to the Center in the past month or so, with many asking if we were new to the area. After I explained for the umpteenth time that we've been here for 10 years, I realized that our new street sign probably initiated the visit. (It's just as pretty in the daylight.)

Ever wish that you could receive a divinely inspired message perfect for you? Many people find answers in oracle cards, specialized messages from Guides, Archangels, Animal Spirits or other helpers. Consider stopping in the Center's Gift Shop to discover the wide variety of boxed cards designed for every interest.

And finally, the Center's next "Living Room Concert" will be on Sunday, April 29 from 8-:30 pm, with music by singer Renee Dion. Tickets are $25/person through Eventbrite. See you there!
Linda Haley, RMT
Classes and Events for May
Mother's Day Pampering Event
with TRC Staff
Saturday, May 12, 12-5p
Cost: $125
Join Us For a Day of Pampering!

Your pampering experience will start with a Time of Guided Meditation followed by Sound Therapy with Tuning Forks. Next you will experience a Hand Massage, then an Elemental Reflexology session for your feet. Following this, you will be treated to a Head, Neck & Scalp Massage and finally a Reiki Energy Healing session.
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Know Your Totem Animals
with Melody Jenkins
Monday, May 7, 6-8p
Cost: $10
Using Scrying with Crystals, Candles, Water & Wax
Monday, May 14, 6-8p
Cost: $10
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Introduction to Animal Reiki
with Kaye Smith & Denise Musser
Sunday, May 20
Cost: $10
Animal Reiki is an energetic connection specially adapted to pets & other animals which offers pain & stress reduction techniques through light touch. Learning Animal Reiki gives you the ability to take a more active role in animal health & well-being.

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Self Care and Pampering with Essential Oils
with Melody Jenkins
Tuesday, May 1
Cost: $10
First Aid and Travel Kits with Essential Oils
Wednesday, May 16
Cost: $10

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Advanced Sound &
Silence &Singing Bowl Class
Friday, May 18, 6-8p
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Shamanic Reiki Class
with Heidi Howes
Saturday, May 5
Cost: $75

In this class for Reiki Practitioners, we will explore and practice shamanic healing techniques and how to incorporate them into your Reiki practice. Techniques we may cover include Power Animal Retrieval, Soul Retrieval, and Extraction. Learn to trust and develop your divination skills more, explore more in-depth work with teachers and guides, and expand your practice with Spirit to power up your healing abilities.
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Free Reiki Clinic
with Kelly Bisson
Monday, May 21, 6-8p
Cost: Free
If you have yet to try Reiki, or are familiar with its many healthful benefits but are short of funds for a full treatment, our Free Reiki Clinic is for you. Each person will receive 15-20 minutes of healing Reiki energy from one of our advanced level practitioners during our Free Reiki Clinic!
No appointment needed, just walk-in.
Reiki Share
with Linda Haley
Sunday, May 27, 6-8p
Cost: Free
Reiki practitioners of all levels of training, as well as all lineages, often enjoy the opportunity to participate in communal Reiki sessions known as “Shares.” The sessions give each person a chance to learn from one another as practitioners, as well as benefiting from multiple healing hands during the sessions. Reiki Shares are offered on the last Sunday of the month from 6:00 - 8:00 pm. Please arrive prior to 6 pm, as the Share begins promptly at 6 pm
(Life Path Series)
Mindfulness with Mudras, Mantras & Mandalas
with Melody Jenkins
4 Thursdays,
beginning May 3, 7-9p
Cost: $200
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Animal Reiki Class
with Kaye Smith and Denise Musser
Sunday, May 6, 9a-5p
with Kaye Smith
Fridays, May 11 & 18, 6-9p
Cost: $150

Animal Reiki is an energetic connection specially adapted to pets and other animals which offers targeted pain and stress reduction techniques through light touch. Learning Animal Reiki gives you the ability to take a more active role in animal health and well being by being able to understand and energetically work with animals. Your connection with your own animals will strengthen as you learn to understand each other on a deeper level.
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Green and Pink Ray Crystals
with Joseph Floyd
Wednesday, May 2, 6-8p
Cost: $30

Learn about the metaphysical properties of each crystal and some others that are also Pink and Green Ray. Learn how they corresponds with each other, and work with the heart energy on many levels and aspects of the heart from heart to higher heart.

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Spiritual Service Meetup
with Mickey Stephan
Ritual, Alchemy and Magick
Tuesday, May 8, 6-8p
The Law of Attraction
Tuesday, May 22, 6-8p
Cost: $10
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Meditative Yoga
with Jenn Eichhorn
Thursdays, May 3,10,17,24 & 31, 11a-12p
Sunday, May 6,13,20 & 27, 6-7p
Cost: $12 drop-in
To register call the office at 614-486-8323 or c lick here!
Herbs for Chronic Pain and Illness
with Lily Kunning
Monday, May 28, 7-9p
Cost: $40 (pre-registration required)

Chronic pain and illness takes its toll on your body, mind, and spirit. Pain management can be more than Big Pharma! In this interactive lecture, herbalist Lily Kunning will go over healthy lifestyle and supplemental changes that you can make to get happy and functional again. Classes of plant medicine will be discussed that offer pain relief, inflammation relief, nerve calming, and adrenal fortifying, among others. While this lecture is not a personal consultation about all your personal details, you will learn all the latest research about wellness and how to achieve it using plant allies. Discount cards will be given to all attendees who wish a personal consultation with Lily as part of the tuition.
To register call the office at 614-486-8323 or click here.
Healing Drum Circle
with Iggy Garcia
Saturday, May 12, 7-9:30p
Cost: Donation
For thousands of years, group drumming has been part of almost every culture around the globe. Students have shown that drumming can accelerate physical healing, boost the immune system, produce feelings of well-being and can have a calming effect on people suffering both emotional and physical pain. This ancient ritual remains alive today.
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Intro to Shamanic Journeying
with Heidi Howes
Friday, May 4, 6-9p
Cost: $35
This is the method the shaman uses to "see in the dark". Deepen your connection to yourself and the multiverse with Intro to Shamanic Journeying, an experience of direct revelation. 
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Free Children's Clinic
Saturday, May 5

The Reiki Center is happy to announce the new Children's Clinic. Our focus will be to provide the benefits of our most popular services to children up to age 12, in an age appropriate way. We will assist participants in learning how to navigate the stressful, pressure-filled world they live in through relaxation techniques, creative therapies and stress relief modalities such as Reiki, Laughter Yoga and Art Therapy techniques. We will also explore ways to quiet and focus the mind, manage breathing and recognize stress.
Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult the entire time they are at the Center. All activities will be held in an open setting .  

Deeksha Oneness Blessing
with Chuck Reynolds
Thursday, May 17, 7-9p
Cost: $10
What is the Oneness Blessing?
Opens the doors to a consciousness of Oneness with all life
Creates a shift in the brain which activates kundalini and quiets the ego
Awakens intelligence
Increases ability to learn and enhances memory retention
Creates better brain synchronization.
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Upcoming June Events
Intro to Shamanic Journeying
Friday, June 1, 6-9p
Reiki 1/Animal Reiki Combo Class
Friday, June 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, July 6
Crystals for Pets: Helping with the Rainbow Bridge /End of Life Transition
Saturday, June 2, 1-3p
Children's Reiki Clinic
Saturday, June 2, 10a-1p
Healing Drum Circle
Saturday, June 2, 7-9:30p
Animal Reiki Class
Sunday, June 3, 9a-5p
Meditative Yoga
Sundays, June 3, 10, 17, 23, 30 6-8p
Thursdays, June 7, 14, 21, 28 11a-12p
Mindfulness Class
Mondays, June 4 and 11
Beyond: Sacred Symbols & Geometry
Monday, June 4, 6-8p
Reiki Review
Monday, June 4, 6-9p
Healthy Fun In The Sun with Essentiial Oils
Tuesday, June 5, 6-8p
Itovi Bio Feedback Mini Sessions
Wednesday, June 6, 6-8p
Stones for Conneting the Heart and Third Eye Chakras
Wednesday, June 6, 6-8p
Diana Rankin's Sacred Circle
Friday, June 8, 6:30-8:30p
Reiki 1/ Animal Reiki Combo Class
Sat, June 9, & Sun June 10, 9a-6p
Shamanic Reiki
Saturday, June 9, 5-8p
Animal Reiki Mini Sessions
Monday, June 11, 6-8p
Beyond: Divination Using Runes
Monday, June 11, 6-8p
Sound Healing Mini Sessions
Tuesday, June 12, 5-8p
Hand Massage Mini Sessions
Tuesday, June 12, 5:30-8p
Spiritual Services Meet Up
Tuesday, June 12, 6-8p
Messages With Spirit Mini Sessions
Wednesdsy, June 13, 3-8p
Magnified Healing Class
June 15, 16, & 17
Adrenal & Gut Workshop
Saturday, June 16, 11a-1p
Free Reiki Clinic
Monday, June 18, 6-8p
Open Your Heart and Third Eye Tuning Forks mini sessions
Tuesday, June 19, 5-8p
Happy Digestive Systems with Essential Oils
Wednesday, June 20, 6-8p
Messages With Spirit Mini Sessions
Thursday, June 21, 8-5p
Deeksa: The Oneness Blessing
Thursday, June 21, 7-9p
Intro Sound & Silence & Singing Bowls
Friday, June 22, 6-8p
Advanced Sound & Silence & Singng Bowls
Saturday, June 23, 12-2p
Reiki 1
Sat , June 23 & Sun June 24, 9a-5p
Reiki Share
Sunday, June 24, 6-8p
Shamanic Mini Readings
Monday, June 25, 6-8p
Foundations of Western Herbalism
Monday, June 25, 7-9p
Spiritual Service Meet Up
Tuesday, June 26, 6-8p
Reiki 2 Class
Sat, June 30 & Sun July 1 9a-5p

Reiki Classes
Reiki 1 Class with Linda Haley
Saturday, May 19 & Sunday, May 20, 9a-5p
Cost: $300
The Reiki Center is the only facility in central Ohio which provides Reiki training in the traditional (original) method. The difference between traditional and modern (Western) Reiki training is significant, as the original version provides more comprehensive training, and a deeper understanding of the practice's spiritual impact on your life, i.e. finding meaning and purpose.
Classes are small, no more than 8 students, to permit maximum time for personal instruction.This is a two-day class (Saturday and Sunday from 9 am - 5 pm.)
Four personalized hands-on Attunements will prepare the student to clear blockages from the body in preparation for receiving, feeling and working with healing energy. 
Students will discover peace of mind just by employing an easy to use technique. Learn multiple meditation techniques. Identify and transmit healing energy to relieve a headache or an aching muscle without medication. Hands-on experiences will show you how to feel energy and see its immediate impact on yourself, family, friends and pets. Learn specific techniques to enhance your practices, including how to create a positive affirmation to help clarify and realize your goals, how to develop intuitive abilities and how to connect with your Guides. 
Course includes vegetarian lunches and snacks, as well as a binder of instruction materials.
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Reiki 2 Class with Linda Haley
Saturday, May 5 and Sunday, May 6, 9a-5p
Cost: $350

The Reiki Center is the only facility in Central Ohio that offers Reiki training in the original (traditional) format, providing a far more comprehensive education.   
The Advanced Reiki Class significantly enhances the skills you discovered in the Reiki 1 class.  Four personalized hands-on Attunements further clear blockages and extend your connection to the life force energy. Discussions will include how to develop your intuitive abilities to sense blockages in yourself and others, as well as how to effectively connect with your Guides for their assistance.
Students will also receive detailed instruction in how to work effectively with others. Learn how and when to use the Reiki symbols for maximum benefit, how to provide an effective distant healing treatment, and how to set up a professional practice, if this is a career path you have selected. Advanced Treatment Guidelines address in detail the wide variety of physical and emotional responses you or your client may have to a treatment, as well as what actions to take. Discover how to realign your own body and spirit in an extensive Chakra Balancing Exercise. 
Class includes course handouts, vegetarian luncheons and snacks, as well as ample practice time. This is a two-day class (Saturday and Sunday from 9 am - 5 pm.)
Classes are limited to 8 students, to provide maximum personalized instruction. Students who have not taken the Reiki 1 class at the Center must demonstrate competency and knowledge equivalent to the Center's classes.

To register click here.
Mini Sessions
iTovi Wellness BioFeedback
with Melody Jenkins
Wednesday, May 2, 6-8p
Cost: $20/20 min. session
Why Guess When You Can Know!!
This Scan will make recommendations of Essential Oils & Supplements for all Aspects of Your Health. To register click here!
Animal Reiki Mini Sessions
with Kaye Smith
Monday, May 14, 6-8p
Cost: $20/20 min. session
These mini sessions will give you an introduction to what animal reiki can do for your pet. Animal Reiki is an energetic connection specially adapted to pets & other animals which offers targeted pain and stress reduction techniques through light touch. It also helps with chronic pain, behavior issues, transitioning to a new environment, etc
To register click here.
Sound Healing Mini Sessions
with Kelly Bisson
Tuesday, May 8, 6:30-8:30p
Cost: $20/20 min. session
Kelly will be offering mini sessions using Tuning Forks for Sound Healing. Everything is energy and vibration, including light, colors and sound. Come experience how different frequencies can enhance your healing & well being!
If you would like to experience an enhanced session, please sign up for two adjacent time slots, or 40 min/$40. 
To register click here.
Open Your Heart and Intuitive Eye Chakra (3rd eye)
with Shmuel Merimi
Tuesday, May 15, 5-8p
Cost: $45 for 30 min. session
Experience the opening of your heart and intuitive chakra (3rd eye) using Sound Healing with tuning forks to enable you to deepen the voice of your heart and to tap the eye of enlightenment.
To register click here.
Crystal Reading Mini Sessions
with Joseph Floyd
Monday, May 28, 6-8p
Cost: $20/20 min. session
Discover how the crystals you are most drawn to can actually help answer your innermost questions. When you receive a crystal reading, you will first select from more than 30 crystals, then receive Joseph's divine messages for each crystal's divine energy. When the crystals are read individually or as a group, your reading may reveal a solution pr offer guidance to your question, provide balance, or even help with issues of Life Path or Soul Purpose.
To register click here .
Messages With Spirit
with Cheri Roof
Wednesday, May 9, 3-8p
with Jared Cheney
Thursday, May 17, 5-8p
Cost: $20/20 min. session
We are surrounded by Spirit Energy. When the soul leaves the body, it transitions as energy to the Spirit World. During a "Messages From Spirit" session, we will connect with Angelic Beings, Spirit Guides and loved ones who have transitioned in order to receive wisdom and positive, healing messages. Readings may include holding the client's hand, light touch or psychometry. 
These sessions fill up quickly, so don't wait too long! To register click here!
Hand Massage Mini Sessions
with Lisa Feldman
Tuesday, May 8, 5:30-8p
$20/30 min. session
Be transported to a wonderful world of relaxation through hand massage! Using her strong, intuitive nurturing hands, Lisa Feldman will help you reduce your stress and tension. Many satisfied customers report greatly improved circulation, range of motion and cessation of pain in their fingers, hands, head, neck and shoulders in addition to feeling calm, peaceful and relaxed.

A great value at only $20 for a 30 minute session! Other times are also available
To register click here.
Shamanic Mini Sessions
with Heidi Howes
Monday, May 28, 6-8p
Cost: $20/20 min. session
In these intuitive shamanic readings you will receive the healing message most pertinent to you at this time. Some of the possibilities to experience in these very short but powerful sessions include: power animal retrieval, extraction, soul retrieval, oracle readings/divination, and connecting to loved ones in the afterlife. 

Call to book your appointment soon as these fill up quickly! Or click here to book.
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