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Jan Markell
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New DVD from Jan Markell

John Lennon "imagined" a coming one-world system. He had no idea this was an appeal for Antichrist's kingdom. How is that manifesting today? Who are the major players and organizations throughout history who have promoted this? How do men like George Soros fit into this plan? This is not silly conspiracy talk. Dark forces today wish to insert their kingdom on earth to stop God's coming Kingdom. The schemers of this plan think it will bring about world harmony. They cannot see it will be an Orwellian nightmare that is forming even now.

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New DVD from Jan Markell

Why has eschatology or Bible prophecy been downplayed in the last 25 years? What kind of damage have Rick Warren, Lynne Hybels, John Piper, Hank Hanegraaff, and others done and how? Dispensationalism has become almost a dirty word in the world of scholars and is seldom taught any longer, yet Amillenialism, Preterism, Dominionism, Replacement Theology, and Latter Rain theologies are gaining in popularity. At the same time, evangelical support for Israel is tanking as the church rallies to support the so-called Palestinians.   Jan Markell has collected one hour of vital information if you care about these issues and hope to reverse tragic trends.

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New book by Dr. Dave Reagan

The Bible teaches that before God pours our His wrath on a nation He has blessed, He always warns by first calling the nation to repentance through prophetic voices and remedial judgments. This book shows how God has been speaking to America for decades through a variety of voices. Some of those voices David Reagan features include Jan Markell, Bill Koenig, Erwin Lutzer, David Jeremiah, Franklin Graham, Robert Jeffress and more. Since America is ignoring most of the voices who are warning, is there hope for America? This 287-page book provides a sobering answer.

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The Remnant Roars Again

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Understanding the Times 2017

Saturday, October 7

Over 6,200 people gathered near Minneapolis on October 7 to be encouraged, inspired and to become watchmen on the wall.  Our venue comfortably seats 4,300. All overflow rooms were used. 

We encourage you to obtain CDs or DVDs of this event. They will ship around November 10. They are in high-definition and professionally packaged. DVDs contain valuable speaker PowerPoint.
Amir Tsarfati
Amir had two messages:
"Where is America in Bible Prophecy?" and "Europe: Closer to the Antichrist"

Pastor J.D. Farag
Calvary Chapel, Kaneohe, Hawaii
Pastor J.D. had one message: "Why the Rapture Can Happen at Any Time"

Dr. Mark Hitchcock
Pastor, Faith Bible Church, author 30 books
Mark had one message: "Apostasy -- The Sabotage of Christianity from Within"

Michele Bachmann
Michele had one message: "What is God Saying to the Nations?"

Over 6,200 filled our mega-church beyond capacity
One in the Lord--Amir Tsarfati & J.D. Farag: The Solution to the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Five messages on DVD (high-definition with speaker PowerPoint) or 5 messages on CD.
These are not shipped until about November 10



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Jan, J.D. Farag and Amir Tsarfati talk current events, Bible prophecy, and related issues during a conference break.

You can hear Amir Tsarfati's message, "Where is America in Bible Prophecy?" on our YouTube channel. Why not subscribe? We aired it last weekend on our 830 radio stations. You can also listen on our "Complete Radio Archives."

Conference hosts: Eric Barger and Jan Markell
Awaiting His return,

Jan Markell

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