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Spring 2011

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Seizing the Day: What is Your Most Valuable Asset?


From a value standpoint, what really separates one property from another? Location? Price? Amenities? Perhaps each of those plays an important part, but what really is your most valuable asset?


Studies have shown that over time, the greatest differentiator between companies is the talent of their employees. Did you know that making poor hiring decisions can cost your company an amount equal to       the yearly salary of that employee? An employee with a $20/hour      salary could cost your business over $40,000 a year in wages,              lost productivity,  and the expenses required to hire a replacement employee, to name just a few. And that doesn't even take into consideration the potential issues a bad hire may have had on          your existing staff.


Renoir Staffing specializes in finding the best real estate and property management talent. Period. We partner with clients to help them find the right people, whether in a temporary role or regular staff, so         they can focus their energy on running and growing their business.    For over 25 years Renoir has been helping clients just like you      expand and stay competitive.


  'Seize the Day' and give Renoir Staffing, LLC. a call to find out how we can help your business prosper! 



Larry Oreskes, President


Renoir Staffing, LLC. 


Karen Pic

Meet Our Newest Recruiter!

Karen Quennell


Join us in welcoming the newest 925 East Bay Recruiter to the Renoir Staffing team:              Karen Quennell! With years of experience in staffing and recruiting, Karen brings to the company an in-depth knowledge of clients' needs and a highly reliable history of matching the                             perfect, professional candidate at each worksite. 
Welcome Karen!


 Recruiter Corner 


Our recruiters are experts in the property management industry and part of their secret to success is keeping up on what is happening in their communities. Here's what's going in the counties of Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Yolo, and Solano.


Jacquee Landry 


Jacquee Landry, Santa Clara and Santa Cruz County Recruiter:


"Santa Clara and Santa Cruz Counties have seen a surge not only in occupancy but rental rates as well. Current landlords have been reporting that with the new stability they are now not only able to increase turnover market rates but are having great success on renewal increases as well. Average occupancy is between 97-99% with pre-leasing homes becoming the trend. Owners have begun reinvesting in their assets and returning to renovation projects that we abandoned or postponed last year due to the need to offer high concessions producing a low or negative NOI. It is expected that the trend will continue this year. What a way for our communities to seize the day and give the investors a positive return!"


Christina Mason  


Christina Mason, Yolo and Solano County Recruiter


"The Davis and Vacaville markets are active and I expect to see an increase of business prosperity there, especially as we head into summer. Qualified candidates in these areas are very likely to be  placed by Renoir Staffing since the population is less dense than the immediate San Francisco Bay Area, and the competition in the  job market is not as severe. That,  along with the talented pool of workers living in this area, I am able to provide my clients with excellent resources to help their  businesses flourish."


Celebrated Employees of Renoir Staffing!


We love our employees here at Renoir Staffing, and so do our clients! As we approach the end of the first half of 2011, we'd like to take this opportunity to recognize some members of our extraordinary staff who have done such a great job of demonstrating that Renoir is the source for property management staffing!


Connie and Employee 1

                          Recruiter Connie White with Frank Murphy               

               Jonathon Bonato, San Francisco          


More Renoir Staffing Stars!

Russell Booker

Denise McCoy

Danita Walters

Theda Lewis

Liana Bates-Hall

Michelle Clanton

Lyle Chambers

Lorraine Garcia   

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Renoir Staffing, LLC. Mission Statement


Renoir Staffing, LLC. is committed to providing the most qualified staff for temporary and direct hire positions within the real estate market. With the goal to serve as consultants to our clients, we facilitate the success of businesses to operate at an optimum level of productivity and efficiency. Renoir Staffing is the source for providing Property Management Professionals employment opportunities that stimulate the growth of their careers. Since 1985, Renoir Staffing has enhanced our area of expertise and geographical presence to meet the challenges of the ever-evolving Real Estate and Property Management industry.

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