Because You Deserve More Me-Time
Our checking accounts offer lots of FREE bells and whistles to help you manage your money from the convenience of your own home, freeing up time for the things that help you feel more human. 

  • No minimum balance requirements
  • Online and mobile banking
  • Person-to-person payments
  • Control your debit card from your phone
  • Spending and budget tracking
  • Free credit score and educational resources
  • Make bill payments a breeze with Bill Pay, allowing you to send person-to-person payments, pay bills same-day or next-day, send money to accounts at other financial institutions, and conveniently pay your bills from one place
Building 20 Beds for Local Children
In partnership with the Belton-Raymore Rotary Club, members of the R-G FCU team helped to sponsor and build 20 beds for Sleep in Heavenly Peace ( 

This great organization makes sure that local children have a safe, comfortable place to sleep, as many kids across the United States routinely go to bed without a bed or even a pillow. This can have a major impact on their health and happiness. 

R-G is proud to help ensure that no kid sleeps on the floor in the communities we serve and was honored to participate in this special project.

Don't make these 7 Credit Card Mistakes
Whether you just received your first credit card or already have a wallet filled with plastic, it pays to know how to use this convenient credit resource to your advantage. If you’re not careful, though, a credit card can become a huge burden. Fortunately, the most common credit card mistakes are easy to avoid, and at R-G, our card is one of the most consumer-friendly options available. 

Paying late
When you pay after a card’s payment due date, the credit card issuer typically charges a late fee averaging up to $36, according to personal finance site Bankrate. If you’re late only once, it’s worth a shot to call the credit card issuer and ask if it can waive the late fee to avoid paying the fee on top of interest. At R-G, this fee can be up to $25. 

Making only minimum payments 
While paying only the minimum payment amount might seem like a smart money stretching move, those minimum payment amounts benefit the creditor, not the cardholder, who pays interest each month on the balance. Contact us today to see how much you can save by making larger payments. 

Carrying the week with cash advances 
You’ll typically pay much more than the cash advance amount in fees and interest for that convenience. The credit card company may charge up to $20 or more in upfront fees when you take a cash advance, according to major credit bureau Experian. On top of that fee, you may pay a fee when you withdraw money from the ATM. Cash advances also usually have a higher interest rate — sometimes more than 25% — than regular purchases; that’s not the case at R-G. Our cards charge no cash advance fees. 

Maxing cards out 
When you get a card with a $5,000 credit limit, staying well under that limit seems easy enough at first. If you’re not careful, however, a few expensive emergencies or repairs can max out a credit card in no time at all. Maxed-out credit cards can hurt your credit utilization rate — the amount of your debt to available revolving credit — which accounts for around 30% of your credit score. Worried that being close to your limit is dragging your score down? Talk to an MSR about options to raise your limit. 

Making purchases simply to earn rewards 
If you’re gradually racking up rewards points or miles on a credit card with necessary purchases that you try to pay off each month, that’s great. However, if you’re making tons of purchases with the card just to earn rewards without keeping the balance low or paid off, you can end up paying way more in interest than you’ll receive in benefits. Sometimes rewards aren’t for everyone. If you typically carry a balance, consider a low-interest R-G Platinum Visa. 

Having too much credit card debt
As obvious as this credit card mistake seems, it’s a rare cardholder who hasn’t had to dig out from under a pile of credit card debt at least once. Instead of being hard on yourself, create a budget to pay off credit card debt and seek credit counseling at a nonprofit credit counseling agency so you don’t fall into that position again. There’s financial education info right on our website under the Manage menu option. 

Procrastinating on a balance transfer amount
It can be a smart move to transfer a large balance on a high-interest credit card to an R-G low-interest Visa credit card. That way, you can avoid paying excessive interest while hammering away at the principal faster, maybe even years before you could with a high-interest card. 
Refer your eligible friends and family to R-G and you both get $25!
At R-G, we aim to put humanity back in banking. Share the gift of real and genuine banking with your eligible friends and immediate family. If they open a checking account with us, you’ll both receive a $25 gift card to one of hundreds of national retailers!*

Just like you, those closest to you deserve the very best, like:
  • A local, democratically-owned and operated financial institution – have a voice in how you bank! 
  • Competitive loan and savings rates that put more money in your pocket. 
  • Unparalleled local service from your friends and neighbors. 
  • Checking accounts for every need with FREE conveniences to help you meet your financial goals and take your money further.
Upcoming Holiday Closings
Our branches will be closed on the following dates: 

  • January 18, 2021 – Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • February 15, 2021 – Presidents’ Day

Please be sure to conduct any in-person transactions in advance or when we reopen following the holiday closure. You may also view current account balances, most recent transactions, transfer funds between accounts, pay bills, and more, anytime and anywhere, by logging into your online banking account or by downloading our mobile app.
Free Personal Management Tool
Save hundreds of dollars every year by tracking spending, setting goals, and establishing realistic budgets. Login to your R-G Federal Credit Union Online Banking account to get started!
Are we able to reach you?
If you’re resolving to be more organized with your finances in 2021, one easy step you can take is to make sure your contact information is up to date with the credit union. Keeping your accounts safe and secure is our top priority, and it’s important that we have current contact information for our members should there be any suspected fraud or account-related emergency requiring immediate attention.
By making sure we have your correct email address, phone number, and address, we can keep you informed of issues such as:

  • Data breaches at local / national retailers that may impact your account security
  • Potentially fraudulent activity through irregular spending patterns
  • System upgrades or anticipated downtime in online banking
  • Phishing attempts or scams affecting the credit union
  •  Any emergency or natural disaster that may prevent you from conducting transactions
Please take a minute to verify that the contact information we have for you on file is correct the next time you stop by your local branch or conduct a phone transaction with one of our Member Service Representatives. This includes your mailing address to ensure you receive all required regulatory notices and statements, as well as your email address and phone number for time-sensitive updates. 

You can also update your contact information by logging into online banking, clicking on the Settings menu and updating the info under the Profile section. 

Thank you for helping us keep your money secure!
*R-G FCU reserves the right to end or extend the program at any time without notice. For current members to receive the referral bonus, the new member being referred must be: referred by an existing RGFCU member, not currently have a membership at the credit union, and must not have closed an account within the last 12-months. New members must open a checking account within 30 days of joining the credit union to receive the referral bonus. Upon verification, a $25 gift card will be distributed to both members within 30 days. Offer available 1/1/2021 – 3/31/2021 and cannot be combined with any other offer. See credit union for details. Membership eligibility required.
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