March. 12, 2015 
Welcome to Week 8 of the Legislative Hubbub!
It's the last week of the legislative session and we know you are interested to stay on top of what's happening in the flurry of these final few days. We also want to take time this week to highlight the issues  you  care about.

We asked you last week what matters to you, and you told us.

Education came in as the number one issue that you think impacts your community, that you follow and that you want to hear more about. Business development and local foods rounded out the top three for your most important policy issues.   


We'll highlight some of the current bills in the top two areas as we head into the final three days of the session. We've also got information on a significant bill we're watching this week and other policy resources for you to plug into. Enjoy this week's hubbub! 



Education: A Top Priority for You & for Legislators

Last week we asked some very direct questions of Legislative Hubbub readers: What policies impact your community the most, and what policies aren't getting the attention they need?


Education was the number one answer for each and every question we asked.


A Calm, Simple Summation of Charter School and Common Core Arguments. Nice.

This week, we're providing you with a new section to help weed through some of the more heated conversations around education issues.


Unless you've been under a rock for the past two months, you've seen the many debates and editorials about public charter schools and Common Core standards.  


To break through the heated rhetoric, here's a basic introduction to what the charter schools and Common Core debates are all about, and a summation of the arguments on each side. 


Lots of Talk About Business, But What Bills Passed?

You told us that you care about business development and strong, healthy communities.  


We do too. 


Our legislative leaders came into the session telling us they wanted to grow jobs and improve the economy. We have been trying to follow what bills have moved that could improve local economies.  


Read on to get an update on some of those bills that are still alive - and a new community development proposal that we just learned about this week.


Bad Buildings Funding Bill Still Alive but Needs Help

Addressing dilapidated properties remains an issue that connects all communities in West Virginia. 


We've been watching a bill that would provide funding and technical assistance to remove those properties.


It's still got real hurdles to pass by Saturday. Check out what the bill would do and how you might help get it passed.


Who to turn to? WV-based resources for environment and local foods advocacy.

Many of you indicated in last week's survey that a safe, clean environment and local foods  were two of your top policy issue areas.


Luckily for you (and everyone, really), there are a number of groups here in West Virginia that will keep you up-to-date on everything that is happening with policy in these areas.

Here's our handy list of West Virginia's Environmental Policy and Food Issue Groups.

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