The Results Are In!
Thought Leadership: We Voted
It was a good night for women in the election booth - we voted at higher numbers, we won at numbers never before seen, and we are hopeful that good public policy will take a front seat to the bitter partisan politics of recent years. 

We believe: When women are in leadership, the results are always better, by many metrics.
So how did we do, by the numbers?
  • We will see over 110 women in Congress, or about a fifth
  • Women were on the ballot for Governor in 15 states, and nine won, including two who are the first women Governors in their state (Yeah Maine!)
  • Not only did women win in record numbers, they accounted for a host of other "firsts" as well: the two youngest Members of Congress (both 29); two Native Americans; two Muslims; and 40 women going to the House are women of color
If we learn anything from history, this is an historical event, and one that bodes well for the future. As Governor-Elect Mills said last night “Tonight, I do hope this election sends a powerful signal and message to women and girls of any age. There is no obstacle you can’t overcome – none.” We firmly believe that, too. 

Just a week away
We Connect: Join us for “Women Mean Business – Investing in Women at All Levels”
This year’s Women Mean Business event is just three weeks away!  Are you registered ? We look forward to hearing from our Keynote Speaker, Joe Keefe, President and CEO of Pax World Funds, and panelists. One key panelist, Speaker of the House Sara Gideon, will be with us right after the election. Her policy priorities to positively impact the lives of children and empower women and working families are why she ran for office.
We Give: Annual Appeal
We don't fund candidates or the organizations that do, but we work the fertile soil that created this moment for women and the girls who see their future in their victories.

With your help today, we will continue to support organizations that encourage our girls to become strong, confident women and amplify the voices of women working to make change happen.  Whether it’s $5 or $1,000 - become a champion of Maine’s women and girls. Join the Maine Women’s Fund. Please donate today .  
On behalf of the staff and board of the Maine Women's Fund, thank you for investing in the power of women and girls!
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