Project Transformation's Summer Partnership with North and Cumberland UMC
Metro Ministries 2018 grant recipient, Project Transformation Indiana (PT Indiana), intentionally works alongside our churches and families to build relationships and support children in summer learning and holistic development.

The host churches in the Central District are strategically selected – those churches are eager to put in the time, effort, and initiative to reach out to their neighbors and build sustainable relationships with their community. Project Transformation Indiana cannot run their program without children to participate!

This summer PT Indiana connected with North United Methodist Church and Cumberland United Methodist Church. PT addresses three different areas with one unique approach. These three areas are described as the 3 Cs: Children, College Students, and Churches. College students serve as interns for PT summer program. They are equipped with the tools necessary for them to explore their skills and talents, while learning about how they can pair those skills with their passions and ultimately discover their God-given purpose. The children are identified and recruited by each local church participating.


109 students in both projects
Total volunteers 132 (serving meals and reading)
Total number of books read: 1,552

Jim Ramsey, pastor at Cumberland United Methodist Church, shared, “Our church members got to know our neighbors even more. Our volunteers ventured out and got to know them. It has been a powerful experience. When teamed with others, God does amazing things together.” Volunteer Jill Lyday shared at the Celebration Banquet, “Our lives were transformed by the lives of the children.”

The goal for 2019 is to provide 3 program sites, 24 college leaders engaged, and 200+ children served.

For more information about Project Transformation check out their website: