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The Resume Function With Mach 3!
We've Added A New "Hints, Tips & Techniques!" Topic!

We've added the topic "Resume Function - Restarting A Pattern That Has Stopped Stitching" to the "Hints, Tips & Techniques" section of Edition #4 of the "Advanced Training AutoPilot Mach 3" [Materials].

It addresses a multitude of restarting situations ranging from unintentional [e.g. a power outage] to intentional [e.g.: I want to take a break] stops as well as restarting with AutoPilot still running to having to restart AutoPilot itself.

This detailed instruction joins our previous expansion of "Hints, Tips & Techniques" with more details on "Auto-Fit" function that were added in Edition #3..

If you are a current owner of the Materials you can either:
  • Send me an email to email you the PDF of the "Resume Function" topic at no cost, or
  • Order the complete Edition #4 upgrade on-line at our web-store. This complete Workbook will be mailed USPS Priority at no additional cost. Note: the USB drive information has not changed and thus will not be included in the upgrade to the complete Workbook. The complete Workbook upgrade is priced at $50.00.
Enjoy your blessings!
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