After 9 months of missing Costa Rica, Nate was able to experience travel during COVID, and catch up with some of our staff and pastors there.

Nate's first stop was to meet with our long time partner, Pastor Adolfo. The youth group at Immanuel Church started this partnership many years ago and Nate and Pastor Adolfo have quite the bond together. They picked up where they left off, sharing about life and ministry in this new era.

The second stop was to meet Pastor Allen Espinoza in Belen, Costa Rica. Nate had never met this pastor before, but in 2019 we were able to send him his first Praying Pelican Missions (PPM) team. Pastor Allen's wife began telling us how they had hosted previous mission teams from other organizations, but they were blown away by the ministry of PPM because we were the only group that was empowering the local church to get outside of the church's walls.

Pastor Allen went on to say that his PPM team really helped prepare the church for outreach during COVID-19. When the team came in 2019, PPM helped the team partner with the church to do food distribution. This became a major ministry of the church as they continued to reach out to the community during the pandemic.

We were also able to explain our COVID precautions and procedures that our staff and teams will be taking when they return in 2021. Pastor Allen was so impressed that he vowed to take the same precautions with his own congregation so that we can mutually keep each other safe and see missions happen in 2021!

Nate loved being with the PPM full-time staff and was honored to be able to meet Jonathan's new baby as well!