4/3/2020 - El Paso, TX - The North American Collegiate League (NACL) co-hosted a Fortnite duos Invitational, along with collegiate athletes Rex Pflueger, senior Point Guard for Notre Dame Basketball, and Chase Claypool, projected 2nd round NFL Draft Wide Receiver from Notre Dame Football.

The Fortnite Arena Duos Tournament is perfect for the caliber of gamers this invitational tournament featured. A survival game where teams fight against each other to be the last pair standing. It was a fast-paced, action-packed tournament, not unlike The Hunger Games, where strategic thinking is a must-have in order to survive. Among the invited players was NFL player C. J. Uzomah of the Cincinnati Bengals, Ashtyn Davis and Malik McMorris of Cal, NBA player Demetrius Jackson of the South Bay Lakers, and @TheEliteHQ duo MercAnthony and Ziytex. 

Each round of Fortnite games went down to the wire as the circle closed onto the teams. In the end, Ashtyn Davis and Malik McMorris took home the title of Rex & Chase Fortnite Duo Invitational Champions with 3 Victory Royales and 40 total Eliminations.

Thank you for everyone who participated in our invitational tournament. Special thanks to Chase Claypool and Rex Pfluenger for co-hosting the tournament. We have another Fortnite Duos tournament coming up tomorrow at 2:00PM PST, sign up now by clicking the button below!
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The North American Collegiate League (NACL) is an America-based non-profit Esports and entertainment organization that hosts and streams video game tournaments and league play for collegiate Esports competitors with scholarship prizes. This serves the purpose of fostering a communal relationship between established players, those who are looking to enter the scene, and even those who do not entirely know what the Esports industry has to offer them.

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