The New TRAP book on Early Childhood Education plus is in the works ....
"TRAP is for Everyone"

For many years I've tried to articulate the methodology as one that addresses education. With all the efforts and attempts by many well intended, kind and accomplished people, it hasn't ever really happened .... until now! 

The new book, though an innovative multi-sensory approach in early childhood education is also fun and playful. It will include many pictures and videos of actual classes and spontaneous enjoyable moments with teachers and students.  It will blend the original TRAP methodology with the incomparable teaching, philosophy, and expertise of the educators at "Imagine" the most magical preschool in all of Ecuador. I have much respect and love for Carolina, Piqui, and Vale and the entire staff at "Imagine" for their patience and dedication to this project. This book has four authors! 

We have written and designed the core principals, values, and procedures in three levels ranging from 18 months to 6 years old in "typical" preschool and beyond to include our friends with Intellectual Disabilities. The book will touch the lives of everyone now. 

The book will be available to download including charts, all relevant visuals, three levels of exercises with goals, precise direction and videos.

It will include interactive evaluations, shared ideas and suggestions by all participating educators and therapists.  

Our target release date is May-June of 2015. 

I will keep everyone posted!

With much respect and gratitude,

Eddie Tuduri


The Rhythmic Arts Project
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