"In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision."
― Dalai Lama
Run with Ricky
I launched my new "Run with Ricky" series this month. As you know, I'm a big believer in health and wellness, so I want to lead by example. I will be running through every neighborhood with residents like you, all while brainstorming ideas on how to make our community better. Let's go outdoors, have some fun, and get to know each other!

  Hotel Blue Ribbon Panel
The Mayor's Blue Ribbon Panel on the Convention Center Hotel convened this month. Together with Vice-Chair Kristen Rosen-Gonzalez and a great team of fellow panel members, we will be working diligently to come up with a world-class proposal that the entire City can support!
 FPL Turkey Point Tour
I took a tour of FPL's Turkey Point powerplant in Homestead. The cooling canals for the power plant work like a car radiator and are 5 miles long by 3 miles wide! There are concerns that the cooling canals may cause salt water intrusion in our drinking water. I am monitoring the situation and encouraging FPL to commit the financial resources necessary to fix the issue immediately.
Ciclovía was a huge success! We closed off Washington Ave from 5th St to 16th St to allow runners, skaters, rollerbladers, bikers, families, and more to enjoy our City without cars. This was a fantastic event for the community. Ciclovía promotes alternate transportation methods as well as health and wellness. I look forward to seeing you at the next Ciclovía on June 12!
Mother's Day Celebration
I was fortunate enough to visit our senior centers throughout the entire week of "Mother's Day" to celebrate with some very special Miami Beach ladies!
Ideas? Comments? Concerns?

If you have any ideas or need help with an issue here on Miami Beach, feel free to reach out to my office so we can assist you. I am committed to providing excellence in public service. Please send all emails directly to [email protected].