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Happy Hanuka & Merry Christmas!
Founder's Message
I can't believe that 2019 is drawing to a close. It's been a busy year for IPATH with Al Almasy handing over the reins as IPATH President to Shawn Leight in September. The board would like to thank Al for his two and half years of dedication and leadership to growing IPATH as a member-based organization, supporting the inception of active special topic committees and to the coordination of ICTH. BUT WAIT! Al is not completely gone from IPATH. The Board of Directors (BOD) was successful in convincing him to stay on as a board member. WooHoo!!

So, let's do a quick recap of 2019 to catch everyone up to speed as it's been a few months since a newsletter has been sent out. I do apologize for this glitch as my time was spread pretty thin with ICTH this fall.
Shawn Leight. PE, PTOE, PTP
IPATH Executive Committee President
The IPATH Board of Directors are excited to formally welcome Shawn Leight as IPATH President. Shawn is also Vice President/Chief Operations Officer of CBB Transportation Engineers + Planners and Past President of the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE). We look forward to developing a business and marketing strategy with Shawn to increase IPATH offerings to its membership and expand further collaborations and partnerships.
Zahra Bahrani Fard to Lead IPATH New Mobility Technologies Committee
IPATH is excited to Welcome Zahra Bahrani Fard as the founder and Chair of the New Mobility Technologies Committee! Zahra is a Transportation Systems Analyst at the Center for Automotive Research located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Her research focuses on new mobility services, socio-economic impacts of transportation systems, integration of healthcare and new mobility technologies, transportation systems planning, policy, and engineering related to vehicle communications, intelligent transportation systems, connected and automated vehicles. Zahra also organizes two State-funded technological working groups: Michigan Connected and Automated Working Group funded by Michigan Department of Transportation; and Michigan Artificial Intelligence Advisory Board funded by Michigan Economic Development Corporation. Click HERE to learn more and join Zahra's committee.
IPATH Transit Family of Services Committee
Steve Yaffe, Founder and Chair of the Transit Committee, has created an information gathering survey (button to the right). This is a brief nine (9) question survey. The first two questions focus on the founding principles of the committee. The rest of the survey covers questions on whether or not IPATH should comment on transportation re-authorization legislation.

Please take a few minutes to actively participate by completing the survey. If you have a few thoughts regarding transportation re-authorization and/or would like to join the IPATH Transit Committee, email Steve directly at yaffe@ymobility.info
Gender & Transport Committee
Andree Woodcock and members of the Women & Transport Committee, met during ICTH 2019-Melboune and made the decision to change the committee name to "Gender & Transport" so as to be more inclusive and expand the research and policy offerings. In addition, the committee is in the process of setting up a group on LinkedIn. If you would like to learn more about this committee and their ambitious agenda to inform and educate, visit the IPATH website.
Research Initiatives Committee: Transport & Health Performance Metric Guidebook
Jenny and I would like to apologize for putting this very important project on the back-burner. Unfortunately, things happen in our personal and professional lives that sometimes make it difficult to dedicate the necessary time and resources. We will regroup after the first of the year with revived energy and determination. Photo: ICTH 2019-Melbourne Welcome Reception at the Old Melbourne Gaol - ICTH 5th Birthday Celebration.

If you're interested in serving as a contributing author, please take a look at the chapter listing on the IPATH website under Performance Metric Guidebook and complete the contact form indicating your selections. Please note that this project requires your active participation; expertise, research and writing.
IPATH Student Committee
Are you an IPATH student member or thinking about joining IPATH? Are you interested in the opportunity to develop your leadership skills? Don't sit back in silent acceptance. Take action!

The IPATH Student Committee is now accepting applications for the following positions; President, Vice President, Secretary, Policy & Advocacy Representative (each IPATH Committee is involved in policy statement authorship) and Social Media Communications Representative. Visit the Student Committee web page to download the individual job descriptions and application form. Applications will be accepted through Tuesday, 31 December 2019.
International Conference on Transport & Health (ICTH) 2021
After a very successful ICTH 2019-Melbourne this past November, the decision has been made NOT to hold ICTH - Changing Perspectives in 2020. This decision is based on the quick turn around time needed to organize the event by June and delegate funding to attend during the same fiscal year. In addition, this gap will allow the BOD and the membership to assume several logistical responsibilities for ICTH as it transitions to become the IPATH Annual Meeting & Exhibition.

If you would like to be on the ICTH 2021 Programme Committee, send a quick email to info@tphlink.com

NOTE: ICTH 2019-Melbourne published abstracts are now available on-line or as a PDF download as a Supplemental Issue of the Journal of Transport & Health.
IPATH Membership Renewal 2020
It's that time of year again. Yes, it's the holiday season of shopping and celebration, but it's also time to renew your IPATH membership or join for 2020. IPATH Membership includes a membership to the Transport & Health Science Group (THSG) and extends from 1 January through December 31, renewed annually. As of May 2019, IPATH is a nonprofit organization, making your membership dues tax deductible.
IPATH Mission
The International Professional Association for Transport & Health (IPATH) is a platform for cross-disciplinary and multi-sector professionals working at the intersection of transport and health. The aim of PATH is to share information, exchange ideas, and foster collaboration to improve health, quality of life and well-being in communities by advocating for the integration of health in the urban and transport agendas.
Whew! That's it for now. On behalf of the BOD, we look forward to having you as part of the IPATH community in 2020. Until next time, I wish you a joyous season of health, happiness and positive reflection.

Karyn M. Warsow
Chairman, IPATH Board of Directors
In the News
Call for Abstracts
Joint ITE International and Southern District Annual Meeting and Exhibition

Deadline to Submit Your Proposal is Tuesday, 3 December...HOWEVER, ITE will accept your submission until Friday, 6 December. This is a hard deadline. The 2020 theme is 'Celebrating the Past — Shaping the Future' to acknowledge both the history of where we've been as a profession and sets the stage for the next century of transportation. ITE seeks abstracts that address the broad range of issues that underlie transportation's transformative role in building vibrant, livable, and healthy communities. Click HERE
Smart Growth America
A New Vision for Transportation
"What should we accomplish with the billions in transportation funding our federal government spends each year? That’s an open question that both parties in Congress have so far seemed unwilling to answer. But American taxpayers deserve better. New principles from Transportation for America, a program of Smart Growth America, seek to paint a picture of what we can—and should—get done...."

"Principle #1: Prioritize maintenance
Outcome #1: Cut the road, bridge, and transit maintenance backlog in half

Principle #2: Design for safety over speed
Outcome #2: Save lives with slower, safer road design

Principle #3: Connect people to jobs and services
Outcome #3: Determine how well the transportation system connects people to jobs and services, and prioritize projects that will improve those connections"

To read the full position statement visit https://smartgrowthamerica.org/a-new-vision-for-transportation/
Crash Versus Accident: REMINDER
"The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has adopted the policy to use the term crash to refer to a “Motor Vehicle Traffic Accident” as rigorously defined in the American National Standard Institute (ANSI). Collision events include those involving motor vehicles and fixed objects (poles, walls, buildings, barriers, bridge supports, etc.) and those involving motor vehicles and non-fixed objects (pedestrians, animals, pedal cyclists, other motor vehicles, etc.). Beside a scenario involving a collision, a crash also includes a non-collision scenario such as the following:
  • A single motor vehicle on a roadway catches fire
  • A motor vehicle runs off of a traffic-way and is immersed in a body of water
  • An occupant of a motor vehicle is injured by falling from that vehicle while it is in motion or on a roadway
  • An occupant of a motor vehicle is injured by shifting cargo or flying objects within that vehicle
  • during emergency handling/braking
  • A vehicle suffers damage from a pavement irregularity (loose plate, high manhole, pot hole, etc.)
  • And others
NHTSA has collected motor vehicle traffic crash data since the early 1970s to support its mission to reduce motor vehicle traffic crashes, injuries, and deaths on our Nation’s traffic-ways. The two data systems included in this Coding and Validation Manual are the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) and the Crash Report Sampling System (CRSS)." Click 2018 FARS/CRSS Coding and Validation Manual Annual Report to access the PDF.

A special 'Thank You' to the Northern Michigan Traffic Safety Committee sponsored by the Office of Highway Safety & Planning (OHSP), Division of the Michigan State Police, for supporting the presentation that provided this YouTube video.
BOOK RELEASE: Transport and Children’s Wellbeing
Editors: Owen Waygood, Margareta Friman, Lars Olsson and Raktim Mitra
Congratulations to long time friend and ICTH presenter and author on the book publication, " Transport and Children's Wellbeing".

"Transport is a leading cause of death for children globally, yet children’s needs are rarely taken into account in transport planning. It affects children in a myriad of ways from asthma to social interactions and satisfaction with life. The book proposes evidence-based solutions using real-world examples that support positive influences on well-being and eliminate or reduce negative impacts. It begins by discussing how transport relates to children’s physical, psychological, and social wellbeing and lays out a conceptual framing of influences on their travel outcomes. It then goes into detail on how speed and traffic affect safety, how emissions impact numerous health outcomes, and describes how Health Impact Assessments could focus on children and transport. Following those chapters, the book then examines the different levels of influence on children’s travel from the individual and household to policy. Chapters address how to include children in the planning process, taking children with disabilities into account and they discuss how to increase children’s independent and active travel. The closing chapters look at various international examples from the Netherlands, Japan, and China, with a closing chapter on future directions. The book will be of interest to planners, researchers, advocates for children, and of course parents."
Professional Growth
Publication Opportunities

"Over the past several decades, there have been a number of efforts to improve mobility and to reduce the transport systems consequences for disadvantaged populations. An ongoing challenge for communities is balancing population and economic growth, service needs, population dynamics, and liveability. In addition, policies, communities, and technologies continue to evolve. Emerging travel options (and indeed service withdrawal), gentrification and displacement, telecommuting, and policies may support or disrupt efforts to address mobility and health inequities.Papers are invited which tackle following themes:
  • use of existing open data sources to measure patterns of transport disadvantage;
  • new deprivation and displacement and equity metrics with links to outcomes;
  • information on mobility, liveability, and health needs of populations by age, gender, socioeconomic status, and/or culture;
  • impacts of changing transport patterns on disadvantaged communities;
  • impacts of accessibility and transport on upward social mobility;
  • evaluations of policy and built environment interventions for disadvantaged populations."

Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives (TRIP) is an interdisciplinary journal concerned with any and all social science aspects of transportation. The journal is the destination for rapid communication from acceptance to publication of quality research on transportation, and publishes research articles, case studies, research notes, tutorials and opinion pieces. It particularly welcomes articles reporting negative or controversial results and new (and less mature) ideas. Articles are relevant to both academics and practitioners.

Institute for Transportation & Development Policy (ITDP)

Resource Center
Scientific Journal Articles & Reports

Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) - Healthy People 2020

The December issue of the ITE Journal is now available with articles on women in transportation, ITE’s Year in Review, bicycle safety, and more!

"It’s hard to find a more biased and misleading example of pseudo-science than the Texas Transportation Institute’s Urban Mobility Report. Here are our top 20 reasons why you should ignore the latest version."

Getting to BRT: An Implementation Guide for U.S. Cities A resource for planners and policy makers to successfully advocate for and implement BRT systems in U.S. cities.

Institute for Transportation & Development Policy (ITDP) Key Issues & Resources; health and safety, environment and climate, social equity and more.... E-Bikes &E-Scooters: Drivers of Climate Action Infographic

The Science and Art of New Urban Planning (book) - How the science of urban planning can make our cities healthier, safer, and more livable

America Walks - Learning Center & Technical Resources
"This page focuses on best practices for creating a built environment that makes walking a safe, enjoyable, and rational choice for short journeys." Click HERE

Policy Brief: From Yellow to Green: Reducing School Transportation’s Impact on the Environment "This document reviews school transportation’s impact on the environment and examines several concrete strategies that districts might consider."

Feonix Mobility Rising - Mobility as a Service in Action, October 2019 Issue a MUST read!
Feonix - Mobility Rising is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing mobility for vulnerable and under served communities using state-of-the-art technology, training, and outreach. 

Road Safety: European Commission sets out next steps towards “ Vision Zero” including key performance indicators

Resource: LiveStories Health Reporting/Data

"With the help of green infrastructure, we can take nature as the example and transform our cities into circular cities."

Smart Growth America: Foot Traffic Ahead 2019
"The report ranks the 30 largest metros in the United States based on the percentage of office, retail, and rental multi-family space each has in their walkable urban places."

University of Cambridge, Centre for Urban Conflicts Research: Briefing Papers - Conflict in Cities

International Journal of Transportation Science and Technology

Communities save money, and residents mingle more, when public buildings and facilities meet multiple needs and benefit the most people.
Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting, 12-16 January 2020, Washington DC

Active Living Conference 2020, February 2 – 5, 2020, Orlando, Florida, USA
Innovation and Imagination in Active Living
Employment Opportunities
Graduate Research Assistant Position: University of Maryland, Transportation Planning, Modeling and Policy Analysis

PhD Position at University of Cambridge: Integrating Health With Travel Demand Models

Washington, D.C.- Program Director, Resilient America, The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine: seeking an energetic and visionary director to guide its Resilient America Program. 

  • Research Analyst
  • LOCUS Real Estate Policy & Analysis Fellow

Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP), Development Manager, New York City

Planetizen Great source of open positions!
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