Volume 1 | 28 February 2018
The Right Path
Pursuing Healthy Mobility
Dual Membership
As an IPATH member, you are automatically a member of the Transport & Health Study Group (THSG) and access to a copy of Health on the Move 2. If you are not receiving emails from THSG or have not yet received a welcome letter as a new member, please contact Liz Davies, thsgchair@gmail.com
President's Message
The International Conference on Transport & Health (ICTH) is only four months away. Are you ready to take a step back in time?

This year’s conference will be held on historic Mackinac Island at Mission Point Resort located in beautiful Northern Michigan (USA). Access to the island is only by ferry boat. The primary modes of transport are walking, biking, or by horse drawn carriage. Did I forget to mention that cars are not allowed on the island? This unique conference experience is the result of a cross-disciplinary collaborative partnership between the Transportation Public Health Link (TPH Link), IPATH, and the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE). 
We’ve put together an exceptional agenda of scientific sessions complemented by creative and interactive workshops. Former US Department of Transportation Secretary, The Honorable Ray LaHood, will kick things off as our first keynote speaker on Monday, 25 June. Abstracts submitted by authors from 16 countries across the globe have been peer-reviewed and accepted. I won't even mention all of the high energy social activities planned. This conference is shaping up to be a very stimulating and rewarding event for this year’s attendees. 

I would like to personally invite you to join us for ICTH 2018 - Mackinac Island. We will also host the first organized IPATH meeting on Tuesday, 26 June. Stephen Mayer, PhD, from Parsons Transportation group will start the meeting off with an interactive activity that focuses on team work and leadership, complete with prizes for the winning team. You won't want to miss this inaugural meeting! 

Thank you for your support of IPATH, your conference registration, and your continued support of both IPATH and the transport and health sector.


Al Almasy
President, Board of Directors
Welcome to the IPATH Board of Directors!
Jennifer Mindell, PhD
The IPATH Board of Directors is thrilled to introduce you to Jennifer Mindell, PhD. Jenny joins the Board as a seasoned public health professional and cross-disciplinary leader. In addition to all of Jenny's accomplishments, she is co-founder of the International Conference on Transport & Health (ICTH) and has been instrumental to ensuring the event maintains its creative energy. To read more about Jenny's background and research interest, check out the Board of Directors webpage.
IPATH Has A Slogan!

IPATH received eight slogan entries. It was a tight competition, but in the end, 28% of the IPATH membership vote went to "Pursuing Healthy Mobility." Congratulations to Kimberly Vachal and Beverly Trittin of the North Dakota State University, Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute for coming up with the winning IPATH slogan. Kim and Bev will be presented with a certificate and a $100 CASH award during the ICTH Awards Luncheon to be held on 27 June 2018, Mackinac Island, Michigan (USA).
ICTH High Scoring Abstract Award Winners
IPATH would like to congratulate all of the high scoring abstract award winners of ICTH 2018! If you plan on attending ICTH and are unable to schedule a session that includes one of the high scoring abstracts; no worries There will be an exciting high energy Pecha Kucha session of all high scoring abstract award winners on ​Wednesday, 27 June, 10:15 - 11:15. Click HERE for the full list of winners. 
The infrastructure Plan That Cuts Infrastructure Funding - USA
ICTH keynote (Tuesday, 26 June), Beth Osborne, Vice President of Technical Assistance at T4America provides insight into the Trump infrastructure plan.

Click HERE to listen to the interview between Beth Osborne and CBC News correspondent as they discuss some of the issues with the plan.
"As part of its efforts to improve road safety, UNECE has launched the state of the art “ Safe Future Inland Transport Systems (SafeFITS)” model, developed by NTUA, to support knowledge-based decision making in transport policy. Its primary objective is to assist governments and decision makers to identify the most appropriate road safety policies and measures, allowing them to simulate the impact and effectiveness of different possible interventions based on real-world data."
"More than half of the world’s population lives in cities and that number is growing. Cities are places where human health can either flourish or be destroyed. Keep your city healthy by continually creating and improving its physical and social environment. The solutions are often simple and affordable – reliable public transport, bike paths, car-free zones, safe green spaces for recreation. WHO Director-General, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, urges leaders to commit to healthier cities at WHO's European Healthy Cities Network Summit of Mayors. A healthy city is conscious of health and strives to improve it." Click HERE for the WHO Healthy City Checklist.
Introduction to Senior Transportation , Enhancing Community Mobility and Transportation Services, by Helen K. Kerschner, Nina M. Silverstein

"Introduction to Senior Transportation focuses on an issue that is a growing concern—the community mobility needs of older adults. Surpassing the coverage available in existing gerontology textbooks, it enables the reader to understand and appreciate the challenges faced by older adults as they make the transition from driving to using transportation options (many of which were not designed to meet their particular needs). It considers the physical and cognitive limitations of older adult passengers, the family of transportation services, the challenges providers face in meeting the assistance and support needs of senior passengers, and the transportation methods that do and do not currently meet the needs and wants of senior passengers.

This textbook addresses the educational and professional development needs of faculty, students, and practitioners working in the fields of aging, aging services, and transportation. The book has been class-tested and features innovative, practical learning tools that appeal to students and practitioners. It complements any introductory course in gerontology, human development and aging, or human factors, and will enhance the curriculum of programs in the social behavioral sciences as well as traffic safety, transit engineering, and community planning."

Got questions? Meet the author - Dr. Silverstein will be at ICTH!
"The Boards of Directors of the Form-Based Codes Institute (FBCI) and Smart Growth America are pleased to announce a new strategic partnership between the two organizations that will expand Smart Growth America’s expertise on the smart growth strategies that can improve lives by improving communities." "A form-based code is an alternative to conventional zoning regulations. Rather than focusing on what happens inside of building, form-based codes focus on the physical form of buildings to create a high-quality public environment." Click HERE for details.
Reference Articles

Our Mobility - a research project Our Mobility investigates how travel behaviors and experiences vary because of factors like age, race, gender, income, or disability

The Winter 2018 issue of the Leading Edge Newsletter focuses on a variety of issues affecting parks and recreation

February Newsletter - Urban Design/Mental Health with a focus on performance metric tools

Road Safety Update - National Technical University of Athens

March 1-4, 2018, Sheraton Atlanta Hotel, Atlanta, Georgia

Urbanism Next - Conference, How Technology is Changing Our Cities, March 5-7, 2018, Portland, Oregon

Complete Streets Conference April 3-4, 2018, Nashville Music City Center, Nashville, Tennessee

International Conference on Transport & Health, 24-27 June 2018, Mackinac Island, Michigan

International Association for Travel Behavior Research, 15-20 July, Santa Barbara, California
Cities Alive, 24-28 September 2018, Brooklyn, New York
Employment Opportunities

Transport for London - Consultant in Public Health

Planetizen Great source of open positions!

Smart Growth is hiring! Click HERE to learn more.
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