Volume 1 | 25 January 2018
The Right Path Monthly Newsletter
Dual Membership
As an IPATH member, you are automatically a member of the Transport & Health Study Group (THSG) and access to a copy of Health on the Move 2. If you are not receiving emails from THSG or have not yet received a welcome letter as a new member, please contact Liz Davies, thsgchair@gmail.com
The President's Message

Special Notes:
-The Right Path Newsletter will be a monthly publication beginning January 2018
-IPATH Annual Membership period is January 1 - December 31 of each calendar year
Greetings to all members of the International Professional Association of Transport & Health (IPATH)! 
As President of the Board, I wanted to take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you a Happy New Year! IPATH is now one year old and we have accomplished a lot during 2017. Specific achievements during the year were:

  • Creation and selection of a Board of Directors
  • Election of the Executive Committee
  • Creation of a proactive student group - Students of IPATH
  • Established monthly board meetings - Agenda & Minutes
  • Creation of organizational Bylaws including job descriptions for associated board positions and ancillary support positions
  • Creation of policy, procedural and regulatory documents
  • Began marketing of IPATH at select conferences - Flier Available Thank you to Kim Vachal, PHD and the marketing team at Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute, North Dakota State University for creating a beautiful flier!
  • Held the first IPATH Annual Meeting at ICTH 2017-Barcelona
  • Ran a logo and slogan contest
  • Formation as LLC

As we look forward and plan for 2018, our main focus will be to grow the membership by spreading the word about IPATH and what we do. The heart of this organization is its members – folks like you and me. I appreciate your continued membership and support of IPATH.
Best wishes for the New Year!
Al Almasy
President, Board of Directors
Thank You & Welcome!
IPATH has been blessed to have so many people come together during the launch of the association. A heart felt "Thank You' to Gavin McCormack, PhD, for helping to led the Board of Directors during its first year as Vice President. Due to academic commitments, Gavin is handing over the leadership reins as Vice President to Ahsan Habib, PhD. Welcome, Ahsan!

IPATH would also like to thank Kara MacLeod, who has served as Membership Manager for the past year. Kara has done a fabulous job of making new IPATH members feel welcome and working with THSG to facilitate the dual membership procedures. Kara's energy and caring touch will be missed.
Gavin McCormack, PhD
Ahsan Habib, PhD
Kara MacLeod, DrPH
Student Committee

The Students of IPATH have their own webpages and are leading the way through creativity. If you would like to learn more, please contact Silvia Poggioli silvia.poggioli@googlemail.com  

  • If you have not done so, please send a head shot photo and bio for the website to Silvia
  • Leadership positions available: Secretary and Communications Manager
IPATH Has A Logo!
The Board of Directors selected the winning entry on Thursday, 18 January 2018. Thank you to all those who took the time to share your creative talent by submitting a logo for consideration.

The logo winner will be officially announced in conjunction with the winning slogan entry next month. It's up to you, the IPATH membership, to vote on a slogan to represent the association. Click the button below to vote for your favorite slogan. Remember, there's $100 CASH in prize money up for grabs! You must be an IPATH member to vote .
Membership Certificates
IPATH will be sending out a membership certificate this month to all current members. Certificates will be sent as a JPEG/PNG image. If you would like a hard copy, please contact Karyn kwarsow@tphlink.com with your mailing address

Thank you to Dr. Donatus Chukwudo for the wonderful suggestion to offer membership certificates.
Healthy Communities Policy Guide
APA's Healthy Communities Policy Guide identifies policy ideas for local, state, and federally elected officials aimed at improving community. APA believes "healthy communities" are places where all individuals have access to healthy built, social, economic, and natural environments that give them the opportunity to live their fullest potential regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, income, age, abilities, or other socially defined circumstance.
The conditions in which people live, work, and age have a greater role in a community’s health than individual behaviors and clinical care. Planners and policy makers influence these determinants of health through decisions such as, land use, urban design, and transportation, which affect local air quality, water quality and supply, transportation safety, and access to physical activity, healthy food, and affordable housing, among many other quality of life indicators.
The Healthy Communities Policy Guide addresses challenges derived from our built, social, and natural environment, provides recommendations for policies to address the social determinants of health by improving opportunities for physical activity and access to healthy food, which enables numerous social equity benefits, and helps policy makers at all levels of government better integrate health considerations into planning processes and outcomes.
Share this action-oriented guide with policymakers representing your community. Planning for health requires government at all levels to address determinants of chronic disease early by integrating health considerations in planning. Click HERE for more information. 
All of Us Research Program
The All of Us Research Program is a historic effort to gather data over many years from one million or more people living in the United States, with the ultimate goal of accelerating research and improving health. Unlike research studies that are focused on a specific disease or population, All of Us will serve as a national research resource to inform thousands of studies, covering a wide variety of health conditions. Researchers will use data from the program to learn more about how individual differences in lifestyle, environment, and biological makeup can influence health and disease.
All of Us is collecting ideas through something called a “use case” that describes a health problem or research question of interest. These ideas will be considered at a Research Priorities Workshop in March 2018 and help the program identify new features to add to support research across a range of health topics.
You may provide input through February 9, 2018, at https://allofusresearchpriorities.ideascale.com/
 If you have any questions, please email us at AOURPW@nih.gov
The Ringland Project
The Ringland-Project is a large-scale sustainable urban development, focusing on a complete redesign of the highway system in the city of Antwerp, Belgium. The research underlying this complex infrastructure project has been entirely organized by local citizens in a unique and innovative bottom-up manner. Detailed research studies, executed by external academics and financed through crowdfunding, were subsequently presented to the government. The Ringland Project supports a new kind of social interaction between scientists, policy makers and citizens.
ITE's new podcast featuring The Citadel's William J. (Jeff) Davis (also an ITE Member), Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering, and Daniel Bornstein, Ph.D., Assistant Professor in the Department of Health, Exercise, and Sport Science as they discuss the intersection of transportation and health. Link to podcast: Click HERE
ICTH Abstract Submission Date Extended
Deadline - Wednesday, 31 January
Due to the US federal governmental shutdown, abstract submission will be extended to Wednesday, 31 January. If you missed the original deadline, this is your chance to submit an abstract and/or session proposal to be part of an exciting conference experience. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to email Slande Alliance, Programme Manager salliance@tphlink.com

Abstracts that were submitted by the original deadline date, 21 January, will begin the peer-review process immediately. Please do not make ANY changes to your submitted abstract(s). Notification of acceptance will be made on a rolling basis. Good Luck!
Reference Articles

Building Healthy Inclusive Communities - Creating opportunities for healthy, active living by people of all abilities is a priority as we plan our communities.

T he potential health impacts of the free bus pass for older people in England - Executive Summary

National Technical University of Athens - Road Safety Update

Introduction to Senior Transportation (Book, Co-Authored by Nina Silverstein, PhD)

Centre for Urban Design & Mental Health - Deliverables from ICTH 2017-Barcelona
  • Scoping assessment of transport design targets to improve public mental health - Link
  • Autonomous vehicles and mental health - Link


APTA - Where Public Transportation Grows Community: A Right to an Independent Life

Active Living Research, 11-14 February 2018, Banff, Canada

International Association for Travel Behavior Research, 15-20 July, Santa Barbara, California
Cities Alive, 24-28 September 2018, Brooklyn, New York
Employment Opportunities

Transport for London - Consultant in Public Health

Smart Growth is hiring! Click HERE to learn more.
  • Communications Associate
  • President and CEO
  • Policy Analyst, Transportation For America
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