Stephen Mayer, Ph.D., P.E. is Strategic Business Advisor/Principal at S F Mayer, LLC. He is also an Adjunct Professor and Director of the Technology Commercialization/Transfer Clinic at the Niagara University College of Business. Previously, Steve served as Vice President of Strategy and Business Development at Parsons Corporation. Steve is also an expert in the toll industry and served as a past president of the International Bridge Tunnel and Turnpike Association (IBTTA). He is a contributing author on the toll road chapter for the Transport & Health Performance Metric Guidebook.

Recently, Steve took a once in a lifetime trip to Africa. This is a brief reflection of the experience: "Out of Africa" and important lessons learned. Here are some important lessons I learned from my Uganda and Rwanda trip. For business leaders and entrepreneurs sustainability through conservation of wildlife and the ecosystem makes sound business sense. Conservation and preservation secure the source of revenue for many in these countries. In addition, public/private partnerships are enhanced through revenue sharing from park and gorilla trekking fees. Next, the importance of immersing yourself in the culture is a must. Go with an open mind, be patient and flexible and you'll benefit from the experience and acquire many new friends!! Finally, take in all the nature walks and opportunities to experience the jungle and savannah environments. As noted by many healthcare professionals being in and with nature has incredible restorative and rejuvenating effects on your physical and emotional health and overall well being. What an experience!