Save the date: Annual Stewardship Dinner, May 5

Our annual Stewardship Dinner will be on Saturday May 5. There will be a sign up sheet in the coffee room in April. So put it on your calendar and save the date.
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Forthcoming Services

March 4

All I Want for Christmas is Your Presence
Jumping off from the Jewish holiday of Purim, we look into the value and meaning of presence and the gift of sharing our presence with others. In this interactive musical discussion, we will learn a simple sound healing exercise to help us become more aware of presence and share ways of bringing this awareness of presence to every moment.

Speaker: Cantor Miriam Fein
Celebrant: Anneliese Sherman

March 11

The Reality of White Privilege
No one chooses the color of their skin at birth. We must live out our lives in the color given to us. Often times, we are not aware of the extreme differences that exist between the races of people who make up our world. Those of us who were born white seldom consider what life is like for those whose skin is a different color. To address our desire for racial equity, there is a necessary and uncomfortable conversation we must have about the reality of white privilege. This is where change begins.

Speaker: Rev. Vincent Lachina
Celebrant: Allen Lowe

Souper Sunday

March 18
The Gospel of One's Own Experience
Someone once quipped “All learning is experiential, all else is hearsay.” We’ll explore how our diverse experiences form who we are, how we see ourselves in the world, and where we feel safest being ourselves.

Speaker: Rev. Barbara Davenport
Celebrant: Rosemary Stevens

March 25
RE-MEMBERING OURSELVES AS NEIGHBORS: Answering Islamophobia & Living Into the Beloved Community
Moses, Jesus, and Mohammad, peace be upon them, called people in times of deep inequity to be good neighbors. They knew that being a neighbor is not simply a religious or moral issue: Being neighbors with and for each other is the essence of being human. Being neighbors is crucial for the survival and thriving of the larger human community and the Earth of which we are a part.

Speaker: Pastor Terry Kyllo, Director, Neighbors in Faith
Celebrant: Jim Heard

Fourth Sunday : Donation to RE-Sources for Sustainable Communities, an environmental education organization founded in 1982 as Bellingham Community Recycling, the group responsible for curbside recycling in our state. They promote sustainable communities and protect the health of northwestern Washington’s people and ecosystems through application of science, education, advocacy and action.


Broadway Night at SUUF! Kathy Roche-Zujko is looking for a couple folks to help with putting on a "Broadway Night at SUUF" fundraiser. Date for the show: TBA, possibly the spring. We need people to help with snacks, tickets and publicity. Please contact Kathy ( ) if you're interested! 

“Since I was not able to present my class on the 3rd Sunday last, because of the snow storm I will offer the same class on the 3rd Sunday in March.” Nancy Miller

The Spiritual Brain – Science and Religious Experience Class at SUUF   Classes 3 rd Sunday after coffee hour. There will be 24 classes of 30 minute lectures followed by 15 minutes of discussion. The lectures on DVD are given by Andrew Newberg, MD, Director of Research at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia, PA. March topic   The Believing Brain. - Lecture 16. Beliefs are important because they affect every part of our lives, and every part of our lives affects our beliefs. In other words, we must be very careful about our beliefs, constantly challenging them and questioning them. In addition, perhaps we should be more compassionate about other people’s beliefs, which are simply expressions of their brains’ best attempt at understanding the world. In this lecture, you will learn that our beliefs are shaped by the way the brain perceives, thinks, remembers, and experiences emotion. You will also learn that social consensus is another important factor the influences our beliefs. For more information, contact Nancy Miller 425-754-6138 or

Covenant Circle Group  Bring whatever book you are reading to Haggen’s on Division Street in Mt. Vernon and join an invigorating and far-ranging discussion. The first and third Thursday of each month at 1:30.  On the second Thursday of each month, lunch at a different place, meeting at 1 p.m. (Call Joy for location.) Questions? Call Joy Lindberg at 424-8090
CRE involvement opportunities!  Look for opportunities to get involved with our children and their religious education. Team teach with one of the teachers this year! We'll do all the work; you get to know the kids. Another option: donate quality musical instruments to our program. Kelly will make more announcements at church.
Opportunities for Stewardship at SUUF:  On the entry table is a green book full of opportunities! Take a look, take a form and join in the fun. Skagit Unitarian Universalist Fellowship runs on volunteers. Your help is appreciated and invited! There is also a hospitality sign-up by the kitchen window. Other opportunities exist. Please speak with anyone on the Leadership Council.
Member information handouts are available with UU Principles, SUUF history, bylaws, and more! Please see Laura Herman.
Pacific Western Regional Assembly

The four districts of the UUA’s Pacific Western Region will gather April 27-29 in Portland, OR for the 2018 Regional Assembly. Speakers include civil rights activist, the Rev. Dr. William Barber; Washington Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal, advocate for women’s, immigrant, civil, and human rights; and the Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray, newly elected UUA president. Programming includes workshops, worship, district meetings, and an optional social justice activity. A day-long Professional Day designed for religious professionals is planned for Friday, April 27, before the start of Regional Assembly. Discount lodging is available at the Portland DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, site of the Regional Assembly. Childcare and youth programming will be available. Registration will open by January 4. Watch the PWR website ( for full details to be posted soon.

The PWR Regional Assembly in Portland, Oregon (April 27-29) has something for people of every age. In addition to the main programs for adults, we'll have a UU Kids Camp for ages 5-14 , a Youth Assembly for ages 14-18 , and high-quality childcare for infants to age 4 . Families can spend time together, too, sharing the experiences of the opening ceremony, the Sunday morning worship, mealtimes, and more. Because of our UU commitment to including children and youth, the PWR is covering much of the cost of the programs for young people. The registration fee is just a portion of what it costs for these engaging, inclusive, and faith-building programs.
The Pacific Western Regional Assembly promises to be an experience that deepens UU identity and fosters hope and resilience in people of all ages. Register now and join us in Portland this spring!

The District Annual Business Meetings will convene at 4:00 Saturday afternoon, April 28, during the 2018 Pacific Western Regional Assembly . As materials for your district’s meeting become available, they will be posted at the District Business Meetings site.
Diane Brinson | Administration Manager | Pacific Western Region
Phone (206) 384-9718

Emotional Intelligence and Conflict Resolution Seminar Free to the public   every month of 2018.  Every third Wednesday at SUUF from 5:30 to 7:00 pm. We will explore the nature of conflict and strengthen our conflict resolution skills. It is not about politics. and it is non-religious.
Jorge Manzanera, M.A., Certified Professional Mediator
Office: (360) 399-6429
Healing and Intention Drum Group 2nd Tuesday of each month 6:30- 8:00 PM. Rev. Elke Siller. 
Dances of Universal Peace on 2nd Sunday of each month here at SUUF 6-8pm. For more information contact Aarti Cathy Wooten 360-629-9190 or  Donation $5-10. No one turned away for lack of funds. Info on entry table. The Dances of Universal Peace are simple, meditative, joyous, multi-cultural circle dances that use sacred phrases, chants, music, and movements from the many spiritual traditions of the earth to touch the spiritual essence within ourselves and recognize it in others.
Meditation for everyone Monday nights 7:00 to 8:30 pm presented by Tom Unger Buddhist teacher.  Just drop in. Everyone is welcome. See flyer on bulletin board in the dining room.
Our Revolution Skagit March 4, Sunday meeting, 2:00 – 4:00 pm at SUUF. Come and join others concerned about political issues. This group is an offshoot from Skagit County for Bernie Sanders.
Alzheimer’s support group meeting at SUUF – 1 st Thursday of each month, 10:00-11:30 am for caregivers of those with memory loss. A safe place for unpaid family caregivers, their family and friends to exchange practical information on caregiving problems and possible solutions, talk through challenges and ways of coping, share feelings, needs and concerns and learn about resources available in the community . Cheryl McRill, group facilitator 360-899-4643

Noteworthy Dates in March:

March 1 Purim
March 11 Daylight Savings Time begins
March 14 Lent
March 17 St. Patrick’s Day
March 20 Vernal Equinox
March 30 Good Friday
March 31 Passover begins
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