The River's Edge Newsletter - June 28, 2021
July 4th Celebration Edition!
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July 4th , 4-Day Weekend

Handouts with the schedule will be available at check-in.
Current members with reservations can call ahead on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during business hours to check-in early over the phone. This is not available on Friday or Saturday.

Your check-in information regarding site or cabin along with gate code and receipt will be provided to you in an email. Cabin keys will be available for quick pick-up.

New members must come inside to register. Early check-in is not available to new members.
Pool will be closed for 3 days!
Some things are difficult to avoid as is the case for a much needed pool repair. To repair a leak the pool will be closed from July 12th to July 14th, 3 days. The pool water must be drained and some concrete removed to reach the problem and complete the repair.

We appreciate everyone's understanding and patience during the brief down time.
Input from both guests and staff has gone into tweaking the schedule to serve everyone even better than before on the weekends when camp is the busiest. Bath facilities also receive attention in the mornings without closing. It's most appreciated that staff and guests accommodate the necessary attention in the mornings.
July 16 - 17, Trailer Trash Weekend
July 31 - Dark Lady Party (8:30 pm)
Need to Schedule an Event?
The River's Edge is opening up to event scheduling again but will continue to be responsive to state and local changes as guidance evolves.

To schedule an event, send an email to the calendar events address, include the date and at least basic info for the event. If there are no conflicts, it will put it on the calendar.
Nude Games, August 6 - 7
Transgender Weekend, August 27 - 28
Labor Day Weekend, Sept. 3 - 6
Convergence Goes to Camp 2021
September 9 - 12
The updated schedule is designed to best serve guests.

Bathhouses will be closed for cleaning in the afternoons as noted above. Facilities also receive attention in the mornings without closing.
We can always use more volunteers for event weekends to help prep, serve and cleanup for the lunches. It's fun "work" and a great way to meet new people too!
Please see the post at
The newly revised website is loaded with tons of important, usable information.

Pool is fully open again this season with no restrictions other than normal, safe practices. Be responsible for your own safety and good health.
Hot Tub is open. As an indoor facility, operating details can change so guidance is posted at the hot tub entrance. Safe practices are expected, and each user is responsible for his own safety.
Volleyball in the pool is back and on it's regular schedule. That is, volleyball is allowed during even hours of the day. Swimmers are asked to accommodate for safety reasons and for the good of the game players.
All indoor accommodations are available for renting. Plan early as these usually go fast. Check calendar for events and follow our various media outlets for more information.
Weather permitting, Meet & Greet is now scheduled for each Friday night, 8pm, at the fire pit behind the game room.
Cameras and video equipment use are restricted. This includes smartphone cameras. The capture and use of inappropriate images without consent of all parties involved is a violation of campground policy.
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