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July 21, 2013 

WolframHomeDear Friends, winter seemed to extend until June this year, but, at last, the sun is shining and the days are warm!  We broke some 50 and 100 year records for dismal weather in Munich this year.  I know we are not alone in experiencing extreme weather!

But the sun is shining and Mercury has turned direct, and we find ourselves motivated to share some thoughts looking both to the past and then into the future and to pass along some updates.

We look forward to being of service! 


May you move in harmony with the Sun, Moon and stars!

   Blessings and peace,



Scott and Sappho Wolfram     




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The Great Cardinal T-Square Continues - Structural Reform

Jupiter & Mars Return to the Great T-Square

By Scott Wolfram 

The Great Cardinal T-Square of 2010 


In the last days of July 2010, both Mars and Saturn moved into the first degree of Libra, opposing Uranus and Jupiter in Aries and squaring Pluto in Capricorn. Together, these five planets formed the first instance of the Great Cardinal T-Square.  Aries, Libra and Capricorn (along with Cancer) are called Cardinal energies and they share the purpose of initiating action.  T-Squares embody a quality of tension and seek for that tension to be resolved.   So, initiating action to resolve tension.  Back in 2010, I wrote that this powerful lineup would energize the resolution of this tension through "structural reform".


In the weeks and months that followed, Mars, then Jupiter and Saturn, moved on and the Great T-Square became the Great Square of Uranus in Aries squaring Pluto in Capricorn. Of all the planets, Uranus and Pluto are concerned most with reform and change, and, when embraced, provide the potential for liberation, rebirth and being more vital and effective than ever. As the energies of the Great Square have continued from 2010 until now, the process of structural reform has popped up in events around world.


In Europe, the Eurozone monetary crisis has brought a demand for reforming budgets and imposed austerity on both nations and individuals. In multiple nations in the Middle East, the people have risen up and demanded the end of dictatorship and the beginnings of democracy. Most recently, the newly elected Pope Francis has taken the first steps of reforming the Vatican and the structures of the Catholic Church. I am sure you can think of many additional examples. 


As we look back over the past three years, it is important to note that in each of these examples, there are two key themes. Structural reform is not simply throwing a switch that sweeps away the pre-existing problems and replaces them with perfection, with utopia. This is true with the Eurozone, the Middle East and the Vatican - there is no quick, easy fix.


First, the T-Square of Uranus and Pluto continues the process of structural reform is still ongoing. In each of these three examples, the process continues and the final results still lie in the future. Real reform and real change take time. You could say, the larger the need for reform, the longer the process of change tends to take. Americans (including myself) tend to forget that while the War of Independence that began in 1776 was not won until 1783, the new nation did not have a constitution until 1787 and did not have its first president, George Washington, until 1789. Similarly, in the Eurozone, the Middle East and the Vatican, the process of reform is both in process and still unfinished.


Second, each attempt at structural reform embodies the need to accept trade-offs. The process of reform requires finding new ways to achieve balance, which includes the give and take between competing or differing interests.  In the Eurozone, the imposition of austerity has the trade-off that many people have had their wages decrease or even losing their jobs, as part of the decrease in government expenses. For others, taxes have increased. In the Middle East, once the "dictatorship" has fallen, the new democracies are learning how to serve their citizens. Egypt is moving back and forth between military and democratic rule in an effort to navigate and negotiate the idea of trade-offs between citizens with differing ideas and opinions. Pope Francis is being forced to make the reforms and the trade-offs that Pope Benedict XVI was unable or unwilling to make.  


In conversations and e-mails with many of you, the process of structural reform is a topic that has powerful personal implications. Many of you are working on re-tooling your careers, relationships, spirituality, etc. While the process is ongoing and we are all negotiating the trade-offs, the astrological background of the next month or so just might provide the insight and inspiration we are looking for.  



Jupiter and the New Cardinal T-Square of 2013


From July 28th to August 31st, transiting Jupiter will complete a new Cardinal T-Square, when Jupiter in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn and squares Uranus in Aries. So, for a little over a month, Jupiter will be adding his flavor to the continuing saga of Uranus and Pluto demanding change and reform. Jupiter should be a welcome addition to the "T-Square Party". There are two important ways that Jupiter just might re-energize the your personal journey.    


Here is the chart of the T-Square:  




There are two important ways that Jupiter just might re-energize the your personal journey: 



First, the process of structural reform can feel like something that we need to do and not something that we want to do. Change can be really hard work!   Just ask the leaders of the European Union, or the new government in Egypt, or Pope Francis. Jupiter helps with the hard work because he is focused on the future, he is benefic and he is optimistic. When we are looking to the future and to the outcome we are working for, we tend to be more passionate, excited and vibrant. If you are working hard (and so very many of you are), climb on the wings of Jupiter's eagle and get excited about the future you are building and the trade-offs you are making.


Second, sometimes, we are not even sure what we are meant to change or what we are meant to become. Change can be really, really hard if we don't know where we are going!   Jupiter often brings inspirations or visions for our future. In this T-Square, the square of Jupiter to Uranus just might bring a lightning bolt of sudden insight or inspiration or opportunity. Sometimes, the sudden events that come along with Uranus surprise us because the insight or opportunity is something that we have not even remotely considered before. So, keep your eyes open for inspiration. If you are surprised, be sure to take the time to consider how the opportunity might fit into your plans, or perhaps alter them and send you in a new direction.   Take another moment to consider how the trade-offs that might come with the new inspiration might be well worth the trade.


Jupiter Bolts Formal
Jupiter with his Lightening Bolts  



Mars and the New Cardinal T-Square of 2013


From July 28th to August 1st, transiting Mars will join Jupiter and bring a powerful injection of energy and action to the Cardinal T-Square. When they are together (conjunct in astro-lingo), Jupiter and Mars combine to energize our efforts in particularly potent ways. You could say that Mars combined with Jupiter are the ultimate spark plug. So, if you find that you are inspired, make use of the "let's get started" energy of Mars and take action to bring vision into reality. This is a time to honor Nike, the Greek goddess of victory (who just happens to work for Jupiter) and whose famous wing is the symbol of the Nike sportswear company and their motto - "Just do it"!



Saturn and the New Cardinal T-Square of 2013


One of the most important elements of the T-Square of 2013 is about who is not involved. Saturn is NOT a part of this T-Square, as he was in 2010. Saturn often adds a heavy energy that resists change. Since Saturn is not a part of the 2013 T-Square, the quality of resistance is less. Less resistance equals more optimism and an easier time getting started, and that is an encouraging thought.



You could say that the new Cardinal T-Square starts off with a bang. Wishing that this Cardinal T-Square finds you experiencing fireworks, in opportunity, inspiration and action!  




Cycles of Jupiter
By Sappho Wolfram

Sign of Cancer On June 26, 2013, transiting Jupiter moved into the sign of Cancer and many of you may have felt changes in the energy that resulted from this transition.   For the last year, Jupiter was in the sign of Gemini. Gemini is an external energy and it moves quickly. In dance terms, this is like the jitter bug! With the transition to Cancer, the tune has changed and we are now waltzing with the more cozy, emotional energy of Cancer. Some of you may feel like time, which was speeding by so fast while Jupiter was in Gemini, feels like it has now slowed a bit. So, let's talk a bit about the concept of a Jupiter Cycle and the energy of Jupiter in Cancer.

 The sign of Cancer


First, Jupiter is a planet that wants us to understand our personal philosophy and to have a vision for our future. Jupiter is the eagle that soars high in the air and can see clearly into the future. Jupiter wants us not look to the past, but rather keep expanding our vision out to the horizon and into the future. Jupiter is a benefic planet, he provides opportunity and he wants you to grow and expand in some way.


Sign of Jupiter What is a Jupiter Cycle? In the zodiac, there are 12 signs and Jupiter takes a nice neat 12 years to move through all 12 signs. So, he spends 1 year in each sign.   The movement through all 12 signs is a Jupiter Cycle. While 12 years sounds like a long time, it does go by rather quickly with the energy shifting each year as a new sign is energized and you have points to measure along the way. At 3 years, you will experience the first test of your Jupiter Cycle. This provides a time to take stock and make any necessary adjustments. Additional tests or opportunities to adjust will occur at 6 and 9 years.

Symbol for the planet Jupiter 


This 12 year Jupiter cycle can be measured from various starting points:

  • First, you can look at the 12 year cycle to your natal Jupiter. So, when you are 12 years old, you have your first Jupiter Return (like the concept of a Saturn Return, but it takes 12 years and not 29). Then, subsequent Jupiter returns at 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84 and 96. So, the time it takes transiting Jupiter to conjunct your natal Jupiter, move through all 12 signs and return again to your natal Jupiter.
  • Second, you can look at the 12 year cycle when Jupiter crosses your Ascendant, meaning when Jupiter moves into the first house of your birth chart. This 12 year cycle progresses from the first to the twelfth house of the zodiac when a new cycle begins.
  • Third, you can look at a Jupiter cycle from the point where transiting Jupiter conjuncts your natal Sun and look to the 12 years until this occurs again.
  • Fourth, you can look at the start date of any significant or life changing effort you begin and look 12 years out. In 12 years, you will have completed your first Jupiter Cycle.

In a transit forecast, Scott will always point out these important dates for those looking to start initiatives (new projects, a new business, a new job, new studies, introducing a new service, etc.). These dates (especially the first three 'starting points' listed above) act as 'starting blocks' or initiators. If you initiate action on one of these dates, you start your effort with the benefic, optimistic energies of Jupiter supporting you!


As an example, Scott and I had four Jupiter 'starting blocks' supporting us as we started The Traveler's Well in 2001 (12 years ago): my Jupiter Return, Scott's Jupiter Sun conjunction, Jupiter crossed my ascendant and then so did Scott's. So, as we began our business, we were blessed 4 times by Jupiter and all of those cycles are now culminating.


As I write this article, the first cycle to culminate is my fourth Jupiter Return at 29 degrees of Gemini, which occurred just before Jupiter transitioned into the sign of Cancer.  Around my last Jupiter Return in 2001, Scott and I made the decision to start The Traveler's Well. We decided that what we wanted for our future was to provide a service to people based on our passions and we were ready to set one income aside and begin the process of building The Traveler's Well.  Since 2007, the mid-point of this 12 year cycle, we have cast both incomes aside and we both work full time supporting The Traveler's Well. 


It has been said by a well-respected, dear astrologer, who is no longer with us, Robert Blaschke, that it takes a full Jupiter Cycle for an astrology practice to mature. So, it takes 12 years for a practice to mature. I assume you could essentially apply this to any client-based business.   The past 12 years have gone by so quickly and we can look back and remember the stages of growth we went through, but, after 12 years, our business has matured and it is now time to look ahead to the next 12 years. Thank you Robert for this excellent advice! Also, we send a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has allowed us to be of service!



The 12 Year Journey of Jupiter 


As Jupiter moves from sign to sign, he provides each of us the ability to mature or expand your personal philosophy or vision. Each sign of the zodiac builds on the others that precede it. Each sign provides a foundation or lesson for the sign that follows it.


With Jupiter now in Cancer, we each find that we are expanding our notion of home so that it is a better reflection of who we are becoming. The fourth house and the sign of Cancer relate to home, heritage, family, emotions, nurturing, inner security and our real identity. So, this aspect of life is being expanded or deepened in some way with Jupiter present in the sign. Also, Jupiter might be asking you how your home, your emotions and your heritage align with your personal philosophy and vision for the future. For us, since we are a home based business (and we started our business in 2001 with Jupiter in Cancer), we have had to make many adjustments to our vision of home over the years in order to have a happy life and successful business. If our notion of home and security did not evolve, we could not be doing what we are today. Those notions are continuing to expand for us and have been particularly inspired in the past few weeks with Jupiter in Cancer.


So, enjoy this time of Jupiter in Cancer and spend some time making sure that you give some attention to home, family, your emotions and inner identity. In Gemini, Jupiter helped to expand your ability to communicate and to gather information. Potentially, you were encouraged to expand and research some new ideas and thoughts or take a class. Potentially, Jupiter helped to bring you this new information so that you were better aligned with your personal philosophy and vision for the future.


Now, in Cancer, the clarity that came to your personal philosophy or vision of the future, can now be incorporated into your home so that your home and inner identity support you better. Does your home life support your vision for the future?   This can be thought of in terms of how much you spend on your home or it can be thought of in terms of you how you structure your daily life in your home or how nurturing your home is to you. Consider how you are being inspired to expand and grow.


Also, you might find that you expand your notion of family and heritage and it becomes more incorporated into your philosophy and vision. Or, potentially, you find that you expand beyond your family in some way.   When Scott last experienced Jupiter in Cancer, he stumbled across Wolfram von Eschenbach, the 13th century knight, poet and astrologer who lived just north of Munich. It was clear that this discovery expanded his sense of identity and heritage - his head "exploded"! Jupiter wants you to keep your 'eagle eyes' open, so that you can recognize where you are inspired regarding heritage.


You may also feel that you need more nurturing or want to nurture others more. Also, you can expand your understanding of yourself, your emotions and your inner identity, which can increase confidence and personal security.


In moving from Cancer to Leo in 2014, it is hoped that the increased inner security can help you to become more confident.   After all, Leo shines brightest and expresses creativity in the strongest way when it is confident. But, that is a year away...


Enjoy this time of expanding your notion of home, heritage, and inner identity. Enjoy exploring your emotions and connections with heritage and family. Enjoy expanding your abilities to nuture or to be nurtured. All, in the context of looking toward the future and bringing your life (in this case your home and inner identity) in greater alignment with your personal philosophy and vision for the future.



  My motto:  I enjoy a simple home and an uncomplicated life!



The Traveler's Well 
Business Updates

We wanted to communicate a couple of updates regarding our business and service offerings.


First, the price of all consultations that involve a global location search have increased. In May, we increased the price of our global location searches because the preparation time required for a global location search far exceeds that of a 1 continent search. This was not reflected in our initial pricing, which was set in 2007. So, here is the new pricing for global consultations:

  • 75 Minute Global Location Reading - $225
  • 2 Hour Global Combo Reading - $295
  • 90 Minute Global Reading for a Couple or Family - $395


Second, the prices for the US or 1 continent consultation has also increased slightly:

  • 75 Minute Global Location Reading - $185
  • 2 Hour Global Combo Reading - $255
  • 90 Minute Global Reading for a Couple or Family - $325


Third, we always appreciate receiving updates and questions from clients and we enjoy these opportunities to connect with you and bring clarity based on your questions! When questions are involved with an e-mail, we can easily respond to questions that require minimal research. However, the turnaround time on these emails tends to be 7 to 10 days (we thank you for your patience).   If questions are received that require more than minimal research, we will recommend a 30 minute consultation be scheduled.


Fourth, since we have strong bookings, if you are looking to schedule a transit forecast near your birthday, be sure to contact us well in advance so that we can secure a good appointment time for you.   Also, given the time zone differential between the US and Europe, our availability of time slots for the US Pacific time zone is very limited. So, for all of the West Coasters, contacting us extra early in advance of your birthday is extra important.


Finally, we always appreciate referrals, which are the life blood of a client based business. For any existing client of ours who refers more than 3 clients who pay for a service, we provide a $15 credit per referral, which can be applied to future services. If you think you qualify and we do not mention it, just let us know that you think you qualify and we will check our records. Also, please do keep in mind, for one reason or another, people do not always indicate who referred them. So, it may take us some time to piece the information together.


Building The Traveler's Well has been joy for us and  

we treasure all of our wonderful clients!  


Thank you for being a part of our journey!  


If there are any questions about these updates,  

please do let us know.




Travelers Well No Text



Full Moon Themes - July 22, 2013

There is a full moon on Monday, July 22, 2013 and here some themes you can meditate on during the full moon if you wish. This full moon is a fun one with the Sun at zero degrees of Leo and the Moon is at zero degrees of Aquarius.  


So, there are three key themes:

  • The goal is to 'Know thyself' - a new beginning. The quote 'Know Thyself' appears at the Temple of Delphi. With the sun and moon at zero degrees, we truly have a new beginning. On our journey at this time, we might be asking, what is the next step. I imagine myself standing before the Delphi Temple and asking to have the doors opened so I can walk into the temple, which is the temple of the self. So, we have this invitiation to open the doors of the temple, to walk in and to know ourself better.
  • There is a journey to 'knowing thyself' follows a path liberation. Liberation from what?   Aquarius liberates us from the things in life that the world asks us to do, but that are not important to us. So, liberate from expectations (those that are not our own) so that we can each discover our own highest potential in life.
  • The energizing of action and embracing our willpower. The full moon will ignite the energy to assert our willpower so that, once we understand what is emerging from us and we energize it, this is strengthened.

In summary, this is a new beginning, a new opportunity to enter into the temple of ourselves, to choose our duties wisely and to be inspired and to energize using our will power.





Swan Update - Five Babies This Year!
2013 Swans
2013 Swans

RelocateRelocation Checklist & Tips

We gathered our thoughts about the process of checking out a location and the things to consider before you go, while you are there and after you return.  Then, also thoughts about the actual relocation.


This will grow and change over time.  Anyone who uses this and has feedback or suggestions, plese do pass those along!


Check it out!


Relocation Checklist



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