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Greetings Members
Hi Everyone! Hope you are all having a great summer, welcome to the August 2018 RoadRunner Newsletter!

We had a really great time at the Sutherlin Rally; a big THANK YOU goes out to Anne and Bill Dare for hosting this rally, you guys did an outstanding job!! Check out the details and fun pictures below!

We experienced incredible amounts of smoke from fires as we passed Weed, CA on our way to Oregon. The massive and heavy smoke continued until we reach Roseburg, Oregon. On our way home we had to cancel our reservation in Redding, due to its proximity to the Carr Fire.

Debbie and I had a tire blowout on our first day travelling to the Sutherlin rally, and on the 2nd day, were informed of a plumbing problem at home. In spite of everything, we had a great trip!! But here’s my cautionary tale, in two parts! 

I had replaced all 7 tires on our Destiny in August 2016 at Les Schwab Tires (LST). But as luck would have it, we had a blowout on the right front tire about 2½ hours (yes, that’s right!) into our trip on Sunday, July 22nd. Good Sam Roadside was there within about an hour and put the spare on to replace the front right tire. We got another tire at a LST in Sacramento the following morning, but it wasn’t exactly the same tire/tread pattern, so the tech said that we could get the correct one at the LST store in Phoenix, Oregon, since it was close to our 1st destination. Best news: this did not cost us anything, since the tire is guaranteed for the life of the tire. Not sure why it blew, but I suspect it was the extension I had put on the front tire so I could get a good reading. Needless to say, I will definitely buy our next set of tires in 2019 from LST. Oh yeah, you can get Michelins there too. They have a few shops down here in Southern California, and they have expanded to a number of Western U.S. states. 

Recommendation: Visually check your tires often before, during and after an RV trip. When checking, remove the valve cap, then spray a little water or Windex on the exposed valve. If you see bubbles, you have a leaky valve, or valve extender. Get a good digital air pressure gauge - I like this one from Amazon. .
We own a two-story home. We’ve lived there for just over 39½ years. On Monday, July 23rd, the second day of our trip, our neighbors noticed a leak in the kitchen while taking care of our two cats, Freckles and Frannie. The plumber came out that afternoon and advised us to shut off the house water and to wait until after we got back. We set up the appointment while on the road for the day after we got home. On Aug 2nd, we turned on the water, and the plumber found the leak in an upstairs bathroom under the sink; a pinhole leak was occurring. He didn’t know how extensive the damage was, even after cutting a large hole in the kitchen ceiling. At our plumber's recommendation, we had Emergency Restoration Services come out the next day to inspect. Long story short, just a few days ago, August 24th, our home is back to functioning normally, but we will be dealing with paperwork for months to come.  

Recommendation:  Please have someone you know and trust, with access to your home check periodically while you are traveling, as you never know when disaster will strike. 
If we didn’t have our cats, we would have come home to an utter disaster, and that I don’t even want to contemplate. Side note: We have good homeowners insurance so most of the damage is covered.
Dave Shehane sent me an email and link to share about a new “concept” Tesla electric Motorhome. Several companies are tentatively entering the space. Here’s the link to it - tell us what you think:

Welcome New Members
It’s my privilege to welcome the following new members. Thank you so very much for joining our club, and we hope to see you at future rallies!

  • Wendy Weaver - Livingston, Montana
  • Gale Robison - Dewey, Arizona
  • Joanne Fitzgerald - Sisters, Oregon
  • Charles and Jean Keegan - Missoula, Montana
  • Bobb Partridge - Midway, Utah
  • Roger (Larry) Keiser and Barbara Marquette - Sedona, Arizona

Also, check out all the current news about our upcoming rallies in 2018 and 2019!

~ Bob Shetland, President
>>> Dues! Dues! Dues! <<<

DUES DEADLINE: September 30th!!!
It would be really nice to have the season close on time, so Dave can get the new Membership Directory out in a timely manner.

Please send your
$35.00 check to Chinook RV Club
c/o Dave Shehane
2280 Country Lane
Auburn, CA 95603

Please advise Dave, our V.P. Membership, of any changes in email and mailing addresses. The format will accommodate two email addresses in the directory, 
so if you would like an additional email listed, let Dave know.

Effective July 1, 2018 via an Electronic Board Meeting: "New members joining in July August or September will be considered paid to the next year."
Upcoming Rallies Snapshot
  • Las Vegas, NV (15th Annual) - In October 17, Out October 21, 2018 - Las Vegas KOA at Sam's Town,, hosted by Debbie & Bob Shetland. (see article)

  • JUST ADDED: Lake Pleasant, AZ - March 2019 - Hank Raymond Lodge, hosted by Mary & Bob Coleman. (see article)
  • Quincy, CA - In May 16, Out May 19, 2019 - Pioneer RV Park,, hosted by Debbie & Bob Shetland.

Please Consider Hosting a Rally in 2019 or 2020
We sure would like to have another Mini Rally, as well as an Annual Rally in 2019, and 2020 is wide open at this time. Hosts have a budget to help with rally expenses, which includes paying for the host's site. It's fun to host too!

Contact me at
I'll send you a checklist, walk you through it, and help you along the way.

~ Debbie Shetland, V.P. of Rallies
Held July 26 - 29, 2018
At the Hi-Way Haven RV Park - Hosted by Anne & Bill Dare
We've been to lots of places for rallies - some quiet and peaceful where we just sit around and visit, some with lots to do in the area; and then there's the Hi-Way Haven RV Park, where we got to watch classic movies, play horseshoes, shoot pool, attend a cheese and butter making class, and enjoy free wine tasting . . . oh yeah, we had plenty of time to sit around and visit as well. Our sincere thanks to Anne and Bill Dare for hosting our Sutherlin Rally at a truly unique RV park!

We had a good turnout:14 rigs (7 Concourse, 3 Destiny, 1 Glacier, 1 Summit, 1 Winnebago Vista, and 1 Airstream Flying Cloud) with 27 Chinookers.
Thanks for the help!
I want to send out a special thanks to everyone who took pictures, so we could have a great photographic history of our Sutherlin rally: Jane & Jerry Earley, Bill Dare, Darlene Warrick, and my hubby Bob.
(What a Fun Group!!!)
Our Hosts: Bill & Anne Dare
Albany, Oregon
Oleta & Doug Askerman
Prescott, Arizona
Diana & Marc Boswell
Fresno, California
Jane & Jerry Earley
Covina, California
Mary & Dale Frank (First Rally)
Lakebay, Washington
Gene & Marcia Johnson
Kennewick, Washington
Claudette & Nick Lestenkof
Silverdale, Washington
Marty Messina
Bakersfield, California
Jim & Monique Parsons
San Diego, California
Gail & Ralf Pentzek
Gibsons, British Columbia
Tony & Janet Schall
Tenino, Washington
Jerry & Kelli Schesse
Portland, Oregon
Bob & Debbie Shetland
Mission Viejo, Callifornia
Darlene & Dean Warrick
Salem, Oregon
Zoe & Abby Askerman
"Woof!" "Woof!"
Sammy Boswell
Sachi Eraley
Roofus Frank
Lilly Johnson
Stitch Messina
George & Scarlet Scheese
"Arf!" "Arf!"
THURSDAY: The first night we got together in the clubhouse for our Meet & Greet. Anne and Bill served up wine, croissant sandwiches, high rollers, salads, watermelon, and cheese and crackers - the perfect meal after a long, hot day on the road.

It was wonderful to visit with old friends, including Gail and Ralf Pentzek whom we hadn't seen since meeting them at the Victoria and Comox Rallies in 2016, and new friends Nick and Claudette Lestenkof (met them at the July McMinnville Rally) and Mary and Dale Frank (their first rally).

After dinner Bob and I sat outside with the Earleys and the Boswells. Thankfully, it had cooled down, and we even had a breeze; the high that day was 98 degrees.
FRIDAY MORNING: We had our usual Book/Audio Book/DVD Exchange and Tech Talk where lots of great info was shared.
~~ Chinook TechTalk ~~
A Few of the Things We Discussed
  • WARNING!!! Don't install a tankless water heater in your Chinook. It will burn up the wiring in the rig.
  • Shower Drying Tip: Use a ShamWow to wipe down your shower curtain and shower area. It holds lots of water, and you can wring it out in the sink. Anne Dare says it works great, but accept no substitutes - they don’t perform as well. You can get ShamWows on
  • Recommended App: RV Parky - the most complete collection of RV parks, camp grounds, rest areas, gas stations, and stores.
  • Recommended App: USA Rest Stop Locator - finds the nearest rest stop on US Interstates, US highways, and state highways. Shows traditional rest areas as well as welcome centers and service plazas on turnpikes.
  • Window Shades: Members also recommended putting a large window shade under your front snap-on window covering to reduce heat. You can get them at Walmart, Amazon, etc. The picture is one from the Lestenkofs that you can have made to fit.
  • Side Window See Through Shade: You can also get side window sun shades for UV, sun and glare protection while driving.
  • Compact Products: Jane Earley likes to get compact products to use in the RV. She got many of them at Daiso Japan stores, but they're also available elsewhere. Check out the info and links below.
  • Non-Slip Mats: She uses non-stick, non-slip mats silicon mats on her table to keep things from sliding around. Jane got hers at Sur La Table, but these links are to Silicone Baking and Countertop Mats
  • Bar Mats: She recommends bar mats for draining dishes. You can get small ones from Bed, Bath & Beyond and Diaso Japan (picutured), but you can also get small and larger ones at Bar Mats.
  • PackTowls: Jane also showed us her PackTowl that you can get from Amazon, REI, other sporting goods stores, and Walmart. These microfiber towels are great! They're really absorbent and wring out easily. Bob and I love them!
FRIDAY EVENING: A few of us made good use of the pool table, but I'm pretty sure Jerry's a Pool Shark! He never lost.
FRIDAY POTLUCK: We all wished Marcia a very Happy Birthday.
Marc surprised us with a Margarita Station that he cheerfully manned, and we very much enjoyed. We all had a great time visiting, and the potluck was so tasty it was hard not to each too much.
FRIDAY MOVIE: Around 9:00 a bunch of us ventured over by the big screen with our chairs and drinks and watched the 2006 movie RV with Robin Williams. Bob and I had seen it before, but got a real kick out of seeing it again - it means so much more now that we've been RVing so much longer.
SATURDAY: We started the day out with a Cheese and Butter Making Class. Gene wore his goat-milking hat (I think he had fun even though we didn't have a goat), and Ralf wore his Canadian shirt . . . just because he can.
That afternoon we did Wine Tasting right in the clubhouse, which was really convenient. We enjoyed the wine so much nobody thought to take any pictures.

SATURDAY MOVIE: Only a few of us ventured down by the big screen that night to watch the 1954 movie The Long Long Trailer with Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez. There were a few funny moments, and I enjoyed remembering Lucy and Desi when I was a kid, but it didn't hold a candle to RV!
SUNDAY: Alas, it was Sunday morning and we had to say goodbye, until the next time. Thanks again to Anne and Bill for a super job! I think Anne was sad to see us go.
LAS VEGAS, NV (15th Annual Rally)
In October 17 - Out October 21, 2018
Las Vegas KOA at Sam's Town ~ Premiere RV Campground & Casino
Guests of the Las Vegas KOA at Sam's Town are just steps away from one of the largest Casino resorts on the Boulder Strip, Sam's Town Hotel and Casino. While staying with KOA, campers are privy to utilize the free Sam's Town shuttle service to the world-famous Las Vegas Strip and Downtown Las Vegas.

The KOA also offers guests all the amenities of the casino. Enjoy your favorite games in the 133,000 square-foot casino, or catch a flick on one of 18 screens at the in-house movie theater. Other amenities include a 56-lane bowling alley, indoor gardens and waterfall park with daily laser light show , live Vegas entertainment at Roxy's and Sam's Town Live, and more! Dining options range from an award-winning steakhouse to a Mexican cantina, Firelight Buffet, and casual dining options, including T.G.I. Fridays and quick bites at the food court.
LOCATION: Las Vegas KOA at Sam's Town, 5225 Boulder Highway, Las Vegas, NV 89122 
HOSTS: Debbie and Bob Shetland
RESERVATIONS & CONTACT:  Contact Debbie Shetland at or (949) 300-5231
SITES RESERVED: 26 - Just one left!
COST: Single $203.00, Double (2 people) $260.00
DEADLINE: We just had a cancellation, and I will hold onto that site until 9-15.

DINNER and ANNUAL MEETING: Friday, 10-19, at Sam's Town Casino. Buffet dinner with cash bar.

Let me know right away if you're interested in our one available site.

Debbie Shetland

March 2019 (Exact Dates TBD)
Hank Raymond Lodge at Lake Pleasant is a private facility on the lower lake.  It is dry camping with a twist.  The lodge is like a two master bedroom house with a large meeting room. Showers and bathroom facilities are available 24/7. There are two 30 Amp and/or two 50 Amp service, plus lots of 110 outlets available. There is no limit on the number of rigs, only access to electric. Fill water is available. No dump station.
  • Helena and Monte Gorden have offered to bring their pontoon boat for cruising on Lake Pleasant.
  • Fishing on the lower lake does not require a license.

LOCATION: Hank Raymond Lodge, Lake Pleasant, AZ
HOSTS: Mary and Bob Coleman
Chinook History Since 1938
Check out the complete history of Chinooks from the beginning in 1938 and see how they evolved over the years. It's a great story!
Chinook RV Club
Vehicle Name Plaques Available
    Available to Members for Just $35.00  
These plaques are durable engraved plastic, so they will not fade or wear out, and come with a chain to hang on your Chinook. Club members proudly display them at rallies to identify their coaches.

To order send your check for $35 directly to Barbara Jensen, 1255 S. Sandy Hill Drive, West Covina, CA 91791. Include the names as you would like them displayed on the plaque, including your city, state. 
  Club Officers 2018
    Bob Shetland
V. P. Membership:
    Dave Shehane
V. P. Rallies:
    Debbie Shetland
    Patsy Shehane 
    Mary Coleman
    Bill Dare and Jim Geleszinski
Immediate Past President:
    Dave Shehane
Other Club Positions
    Dave Shehane
    Debbie Shetland
Club Historian:
   PURPOSE: This Club (Chinook RV Club) exists to promote social, recreational & informational exchange activities that provide for the enjoyment and pleasurable use of all its members. Our club functions primarily in the western and central US, although it is open to qualified members from the Eastern club (Chinook Camping Club).
   DUES : Our dues are $35.00/year. Our fiscal and membership year is October 1 through September 30. Prompt payment not only helps Treasurer in budgeting expenses, but also helps the V.P. Membership to produce our Membership Directory. Please advise V.P. Membership of any changes in e-mail and mailing addresses.