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Greetings Members
Hello Fellow Chinook Members,
A lot has happened since I wrote my message for our April Newsletter.
Firstly, our beloved friend Bob Coleman passed away on April 25th. Bob and Mary were always outstanding hosts at the Hank Raymond Lodge at Lower Lake Pleasant, Arizona. When the lodge no longer would allow rallies there, Bob and Mary hosted our first Rally for 2021 in Casa Grande, AZ. They always provided all the food we could eat, and we always (including other members) would take home leftovers! And Bob’s Fish Fry was always a treat! So long, our wonderful friend. We miss you, Bob. Fish on in Heaven!! 
We will always remember his kind and giving personality. Debbie and I are so sorry we didn’t get to see him and Mary at the March rally one last time. We’re so very happy that Mary is staying with the club, and we will see her at our Annual Rally in Heber City, Utah.
Earlier in the year, we found out that our Daughter-in-Law Meghan, married to our 2nd Son Brian, was going to have a new baby sometime in May 2021. At some point in April, she asked us if we would be willing to help them when they needed to go to the hospital to have the baby, so of course we said yes!
So on Sunday, May 30, it was time for the new baby to be delivered. We arrived early in the morning to take care of their first child Chloe, our second granddaughter, and their assorted animals. They are strong Rescue people, and they have more than a few animals to take care of, so we had our hands full. To make a long story short, our 3rd grandson Owen Campbell Shetland-Turner arrived on May 31!!   
On The Road Again 
We were excited to hit the road again to attend our first rally since Lake Pleasant, Arizona in March of 2020. It was our pleasure to host the July rally in Canyonville, Oregon. We were driving to the Canyonville Rally and Willie Nelson’s song “On The Road Again” started! That’s when we both realized how much we missed traveling in our Rig!
So the Canyonville Rally was a total success, we met new members, great to see old friends again, and amazingly, there wasn’t a fire close by and the sky was blue! And the Canyonville RV Resort is absolutely beautiful!
The drive home was uneventful until we got to the dreaded Grapevine, at the end of the San Joaquin Valley. The Rig was doing fine, until about halfway up the mountain I noticed I needed to push the accelerator to the floor! We made it to the top and barely made it to the Frazier Mountain Park Road offramp where the Rig motor died in the parking lot next to Flying J. What happened was the Oil Pump (which is inside the engine) failed. 
By the time we figured out we needed to have it towed, waited for the tow truck, made the 120-mile trip to our mechanic’s, and got a Lyft ride home, it took us about 10 hours. So in the end we had to replace the engine. But the new engine has a 100,000 Mile Warranty at any Chevrolet Dealership.
We are really looking forward to our September Annual Rally in Heber City, Utah hosted by Sue and David DeMartini. They’ve planned a lot of great activities. It’s going to be a terrific rally!!
Our first heroes for 2022 are Dale and Mary Frank, who will be hosting the August rally in Hoodsport, Washington! We thank them so much for stepping up to host a rally!! So, who’s next? Debbie and I had a lot of fun hosting the Canyonville Rally, and we’ve hosted quite a few rallies over the years. But it's great for different people to host rallies because they bring something unique to the event, adding their own special touches and interesting activities for us to enjoy. Wouldn’t you like to be the next hero?
It’s my privilege to welcome the following new members. Thank you so very much for joining our club, and we hope to see you at future rallies!

  • Mark and Suzie Hurston - Bothel, WA
  • James and Donna Stampfle - Boulder, CO
  • Katherine Quinby and Sara Myers - Portland, OR
  • Charlotte Van Zant-King - Goldendale, WA
  • Jim Scharff and Sue Prichard - Montara, CA
  • Tom and Elizabeth Schwartz - Mountain View, CA
  • Patricia McAndrews - Lakewood, WA
~ Bob Shetland, President
>>> Dues! Dues! Dues! <<<
DUES DEADLINE: September 30th!!!
It would be really nice to have the season close on time, so Dave can get the new Membership Directory out in a timely manner.

Please send your
$35.00 check to Chinook RV Club
c/o Dave Shehane
2280 Country Lane
Auburn, CA 95603

Please advise Dave, our V.P. Membership, of any changes in email and mailing
addresses. The format will accommodate two email addresses in the directory,
so if you would like an additional email listed, let Dave know.

Effective July 1, 2018 via an Electronic Board Meeting: "New members joining in July August or September will be considered paid to the next year."
CRVC Directory Status
The new directory is in the mail! You should have it in your hands before the end of August! Meanwhile the latest pdf file of the new directory has been uploaded to the club google drive folder.  Here is a link: Sorry for the delay, hopefully no more pandemics will get in the way!

~ Dave Shehane, V.P. Membership and Webmaster
  • Heber City, UT (18th Annual) - In September 19, Out September 23, 2021 - Mountain Valley RV Resort,, hosted by Sue & David DeMartini. (see article)

  • Hoodsport, WA - In August 18, Out August 21, 2022 - Glen Ayr Hood Canal Waterfront Resort,, hosted by Dale & Mary Frank. (see article)

Please Consider Hosting a Rally in 2022
It Would Be Great to Have One Each Quarter!
Our club is all about getting together at interesting places where we can visit with old friends, get to know new ones, talk about our Chinooks, share all the wonderful places to see on our travels, and do all sorts of fun stuff together. In order to do that we need our fellow Chinookers to step up and volunteer to host a rally.

Hosting A Rally Is Great Fun!
  • You choose the location! It could be close to your home, somewhere you've always wanted to visit, a favorite location you'd just love to share with others.
  • Have your own ideas about some fun activities? Well now is your chance.
  • Save $$$! Have your site paid for during the entire rally. You can even arrive a day early and leave a day after.
  • See your name in lights! Just kidding, but in our minds you'll be the star of the show.

If you're thinking about it, and please think about it,
you can give me a call at 949-300-5231 or reply to this email.
I'll send you a helpful checklist and guide you through the process,
providing as much or as little help as you would like.

~ Debbie Shetland, V.P. Rallies and Newsletter Editor

<<< TRAVEL LOG >>>
I want to send a Big Thank You out to Lyn and Roger Erickson for sharing some of their recent adventures! Lyn sent this to me back in April, soon after she and Roger joined the club.
Hello Everyone in the Chinook RV Club.

Roger and I are new to the club and to owning a Chinook RV. We are excited to share our adventures with everyone and learn some new tips and perhaps places to go. I will enclose some pictures of our recent adventures.
We were driving with a group called PNW Drives, that are enthusiasts of interesting and exotic vehicles. We usually accompany them in our 33 Factory Five Coupe, but weather was only in the 30s and 40s, and the 33FF has no windows nor heater, so we drove the Chinook, aka “Nookie “ .

We started in Fairhaven park in Bellingham Washington, circled through Cap Sante recreational area, down Chuckanut Drive, through Edison.
We then drove to Anacortes, across Fildago Island and circled Washington Park. From there we drove onto Whidby Island, over Deception Pass Bridge. What a spectacular view of the San Juan Islands and this narrow stretch of water.

Important for boaters to know the tide tables coming going through Deception Pass as the currents are very strong both in and outgoing. You want to go with the tides or have lots of horsepower to push against the current.

We then drove south down Whidby Island , past Whidby Island Naval Air Station, through Oak Harbor, to Fort Casey ending at the Keystone Ferry where there was a choice to take the ferry to Port Townsend and drive home, which would be a very long drive, or retrace our path but took a detour through Coupeville. That was a charming little diversion that’s worth a revisit at some time.

We chose to retrace and eat at the Shrimp Shack just on the other side of Deception Pass Bridge. This was a day trip of about 120 miles which we experienced a meriad of sites in a short distance.

We look forward to meeting the Chinook folks and creating new friendships.

Happy Trails,
Lyn & Roger
Want to share an interesting and fun Chinook travel experience?
Forward your short write-ups on some of the great trips you've taken in your Chinooks to -- and don't forget some photos!
Held July 15-18, 2021
At the Seven Feathers RV Resort - Hosted by Debbie & Bob Shetland

Kneeling (l to r): Ray Blackburn, Bob Shetland, Jim Scharff
Others (l to r): Lyn Erickson, Roger Erickson, Sharon Primm-Dayot, Ben Dayot, Jim Donald, Nancy Donald, Mark Hurston, Dale Frank, Mary Frank, Suzie Hurston, Linda Blackburn, Tom Hendrycks, Linda Hendrycks, Judy Scollay, Sue DeMartini, David DeMartini, Rich Scollay (peaking behind David), Debbie Shetland, Jan Pavia, John Colabella, and last but not least, Jody Jory and Bill Jory.
When we arrived at the Seven Feathers RV Resort in beautiful Southern Oregon, we were so happy to finally be able to attend a rally, and especially at such a gorgeous location! We were looking forward to getting to see a bunch of old friends, and getting to knows lots of members who were attending their first Chinook RV Club rally.
Thursday: Just as we were getting settled, new members Mark and Suzie Hurston, who joined in May, came by to say hello . . . and the excitement began! As soon as we could, Bob and I were out the door to meet Bill and Jody Jory who joined the club last August, and then Roger and Lyn Erickson who joined in May. Later on, as others arrived, we met Jim Scharff who just joined in June, and finally Ben Dayot and Sharon Primm-Dayot who joined in November 2019!

Even with meeting so many new people, Bob and I still managed to get around to say hello to all our old friends, and before we knew it, we needed to get things set up at the Barbecue Pavilion for our Meet & Greet Wine and Abby's Legendary Pizza Party. Many thanks to everyone who helped out!
The wine flowed, the pizza was yummy, and everybody was having a good time. Somebody started talking about the Chinook Song . . . next thing I knew Lyn, Bob and I were leading the group in a rousing rendition! What fun! We need to do this at every rally!

by Al Enriquez 9/17/2003
(Sung to the tune of On Top of Old Smokey)



Friday: Bill & Jody Jory and Roger & Lyn Erickson had to leave this morning because they had family obligations, but we sure loved getting to spend Thursday with them.

Mid-morning a lot of us gathered for our Book/Audio Book/Video/CD/Puzzles/You Name It Exchange (four tables worth!) and Tech Talk, where a lot of great information was exchanged. I hate to admit it, but I leave the technical stuff to Bob while I enjoy going from table to table shopping!
Then Bill and Anne Dare showed up with a carload of Chinook Destiny stuff, and it was just like Christmas, especially for our newer members! It was really wonderful to see them too!
That night when we gathered for our potluck, we were still talking about all the great stuff Bill and Anne brought.

We had such a fun time eating, drinking and visiting that we only ended up with one picture from that night. There was a lot of wine, beer, tequila and whiskey, so that might have had something to do with it.
Saturday: Although we did a lot of visiting during the day, the only planned gathering was a casual get-together for Happy Hour in the late afternoon. Well, we ended up with lots of drinks and food to share, and our Happy Hour lasted until about 9:30 that night!
Thanks so much to everyone who contributed to this fantastic finale to a fabulous rally! (I got carried away with my "Fs"!) Also, a special thanks to Tom & Linda Hendrycks who gave us all cool plastic food trays with utensils, Mark Hurston who gave me a beer at the end of the evening that came in really handy on our last day traveling home, and Judy Scollay who gave us a little blue knitted cap for our new grandson.
Link to All the Pictures
Thanks to Mark & Suzie Hurston, David & Sue DeMartini, Roger & Lyn Erickson, Jan Pavia & John Colabella, Ben Dayot & Sharon Primm-Dayot, and my hubby Bob, the pictures above are but a small representation of those taken at the rally. Check out this link to view all the pictures: Canyonville Rally - July 2021.
HEBER CITY, UT (17th Annual)
In September 19 (Sun.) - Out September 23 (Thurs.), 2021
Mountain Valley RV Resort, located in beautiful Heber City, Utah, is one of the finest RV resorts in the Western United States and the highest rated park in Utah with a 10/10/10 Good Sam rating. The resort is just off HWY 40 in Heber City, located in Northern Utah just 45 minutes east of Salt Lake City, 20 minutes south of I-80 (Park City) and 30 minutes east of I-15 (Orem). It is sheltered by the stunning Rocky Mountains of the beautiful Heber Valley that is home to blue ribbon fishing on the Provo River and over 90 holes of championship golf.

The resort has two swimming pools (one for families and one for adults), two pickleball courts, basketball, volleyball, shuffleboard, and a dog park. It also has a new clubhouse featuring conference room with kitchen, small game room, indoor/outdoor fireplace, exercise room, large foyer with large screen TV and pool table.
List of Attendees:
  • Blackburn, Ray and Linda
  • Jensen, Ole and Barbara
  • Boswell, Marc and Diana
  • Chavarela, Mary Esther
  • Colabella, John and Jane Pavia
  • Coleman, Mary
  • Davidson, Mike and Judy
  • DeMartini, Sue and David
  • Frank, Dale and Mary
  • Shetland, Bob and Debbie
  • Tyler, Doug
  • Weidmaier, Jim and Marnie
  • Earley, Jerry and Jane
  • Erickson, Roger & Lyn
  • Donald, Jim & Nancy
  • Jim Scharff
  • Room for one more Chinook
LOCATION: Mountain Valley RV Resort, 2120 South Hwy 40, Heber City, UT 84032
HOSTS: Sue & David DeMartini
SITES: 17 - We have one site available for a short time due to a cancellation.
RESERVATIONS: Please notify David and Sue ASAP if you are interested in the last site at, or call or text Sue at 252-940-8887. After we confirm we can get you that site, then we'll give you the information for making your deposit.
CANCELLATION POLICY: Deposits are refundable minus a $10 cancellation fee if reservation is canceled at least 8 days prior to the scheduled arrival date. If you cancel within the 8 days of your arrival you forfeit the deposit amount. No-shows will be charged full rental charges for time reserved.
DEPOSIT: $63.49
  • SUNDAY - Our Meet and Greet will include a hot dog and hamburger BBQ and wine. We will also be doing a Mystery Picture Board!
  • MONDAY - We will have our Tech Talk in the morning. The evening will include dinner from a pizza truck, and then a 90-minute round trip on the Heber Valley Cowboy Train. 
  • TUESDAY - We will have a Treasure Trail in the morning, walking from rig to rig, selecting treasures others no longer need. That evening will be our Annual Meeting, with a catered Mexican Fiesta. Since we are in the wild, wild West, let’s bring cowboy hats for our Group Picture!
  • WEDNESDAY - Day of rest with a Potluck Dinner that evening.
RALLY COSTS: After deducting the amount the club provides toward Annual Rally expenses, we only need to ask for $25.00 per person to help pay for all our activities: Clubhouse and Pavilion Rentals, our Meet & Greet, catered dinner, train ride, and transportation. Please send your check ($50 for a double, $25 for a single) payable to David DeMartini, 102G White Pine Canyon Rd, Park City, UT 84060.

~ Sue & David DeMartini
In August 18 (Thurs.) - Out August 21 (Sun.), 2022
The Glen Ayr Hood Canal Waterfront Resort offers cottages, townhouses, motel rooms, and 36 RV Sites. Over 700 feet on private beach with boat moorage. The RV park offers a perfect place to relax and enjoy a nice BBQ or just watch a beautiful sunrise or sunset. All sites have full hook-ups with electric, water, septic and cable TV. Each has a picnic table and plenty of parking. Guest laundry and showers nearby. Maximum 6 guests per site, no tent camping. Pets welcome on leash. The grounds at Glen Ayr offer trails, lawn areas, covered picnic dining area in the gazebo, BBQs, creek, dock and beach access. Whatever your pleasure, you're sure to find it here in this beautiful natural setting, overlooking Hood Canal.
LOCATION: Glen Ayr Hood Canal Waterfront Resort, 25381 US 101, Hoodsport, WA 98548
HOSTS: Dale & Mary Frank
SITES RESERVED: 15 sites are reserved; they will try and put us as close as possible to each other so reserve your spot as soon as possible!
RESERVATIONS: Call Glen Ayr Resort at 360-877-9522 and make your reservations through Lynette or Stephanie. Tell them that you're with the Chinook RV Club and that Dale Frank is the Wagonmaster. Please notify Dale Frank when you've made your reservation at
DEADLINE: You must reserve prior to 30 days before the rally, preferably sooner than later.
DEPOSIT: There are five 30/50 Amp Sites (four of which are Deluxe Creekside Sites) at $50 per night, and the remaining 30 Amp Standard Sites are $40 per night. A first night's deposit will be taken by the resort upon reservation.
ADDITIONAL COST: When you check in, you will pay for the remaining two nights (less a 15% group discount, plus tax) using cash or credit card.
CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancellations are subject to a minimum $10.00 cancellation fee. In addition, Cancellations made within 72 hours of scheduled check-in are subject to a penalty equal to one (1) days reservation fee. Please contact the property for Cancellations or to make any Changes to your Reservation.
RV CHECK-IN: No earlier than 1:00 pm
RV CHECK-OUT: No later than 12:00 pm
Great Forum for Technical Questions
A valuable resource that is not a part of the club is the free group site ChinookRVOwners, which I run and moderate. Most all members of the club are members of the site as well but there are many that are not part of the club. This forum is mostly technical – troubleshooting, problem solving, references and questions. Link is This site was at Yahoo Groups for nearly 15 years and is now moved to
~ Dave Shehane, V.P. Membership and Webmaster
To Join the Chinook RV Club Facebook Page
Our Facebook Page is private and hidden, so if you haven't already joined, there's a little process you need to follow:

  1. If a club member wants to join our club's FB page they must first be signed up with Facebook.
  2. I can only send invitations to FB Friends, so send me a friend request.
  3. I will then issue an invitation to the club's FB page, which the member must accept to complete the process.
  4. Then, I will “unfriend” the member in my personal FB account. Please do not take this as a slight! Our friendship will still exist at the Chinook RV Club page, but there is no telling if our social media preferences align, and I do not want to take a chance that our individual preferences would in any way endanger our Chinook related relationship!

Invited members can use this link to access our club Facebook page:, or enter Chinook RV Club in the Facebook search window.
~ Dave Shehane, V.P. Membership and Webmaster
Chinook History Since 1938
First Generation
1971 Chinook 18 Plus
Second Generation
1988 Chinook Concourse 18+
Third Generation
1998 Chinook Concourse XL
Check out the complete history of Chinooks from the beginning in 1938 and see how they evolved over the years. It's a great story!
Chinook RV Club Vehicle Name Plaques Available
   Available to Members for Just $35.00
These plaques are durable engraved plastic, so they will not fade or wear out, and come with a chain to hang on your Chinook. Club members proudly display them at rallies to identify their coaches.

To order send your check for $35 directly to Barbara Jensen, 1255 S. Sandy Hill Drive, West Covina, CA 91791. Include the names as you would like them displayed on the plaque, including your city, state. 
 Club Officers 2019-2021
   Bob Shetland
V. P. Membership:
   Dave Shehane
V. P. Rallies:
   Debbie Shetland
   Patsy Shehane
   Mary Coleman
   Dale Frank and Jane Earley
Immediate Past President:
   Dave Shehane
Other Club Positions
   Dave Shehane
   Debbie Shetland
Club Historian:
   PURPOSE: This Club (Chinook RV Club) exists to promote social, recreational & informational exchange activities that provide for the enjoyment and pleasurable use of all its members. Our club functions primarily in the western and central US, although it is open to qualified members from the Eastern club (Chinook Camping Club).
   DUES: Our dues are $35.00/year. Our fiscal and membership year is October 1 through September 30. Prompt payment not only helps Treasurer in budgeting expenses, but also helps the V.P. Membership to produce our Membership Directory. Please advise V.P. Membership of any changes in e-mail and mailing addresses.